Prince Tamatoa Tips (Part 2)


With the new updates, many guilds are competing to reach legendary and get the best rewards at the end. (Including the red skill chip crate item) Here’s the strategy of planning your guild structure for war.
Use at least 2 of your guild’s strongest players to defend per car.

When sabotaging, if you’re the tactician or higher rank, plan for the weakest car. Scroll through the whole car and see which car is best to attack. When sabotaging, go for OP skills, energy gain, HP or defense stats (ie. Armor). It will affect the enemy’s performance as they will KO fast because they are prevented from using their best moves. Decide carefully and do not waste tokens on other cars if you are not targeting them.

When attacking, the Roller Diva is the best target as majority of your opponent’s guild war points originate from that car.

For your own defense, if you have guildmates with a total power of less than 1 million, putting them at the Off Roader is the best option as enemies targeting the Off Roader don’t lose many points. As such, I say that it is a “Useless” car. In a way. But do not put weak guildmates at Roller Diva, your opponents may be tempted to KO that car instead and your points will be instantly reduced by a lot. Unless your guild somehow managed to KO your enemy’s Roller Diva, your guild will most likely lose. If you are in battle phase but left with less than an hour before the war ends, here’s the best solution of possibly winning. Say for example, your opponent is leading by 20 points in war. But the car that your guild is targeting has only 3 lineups left before it is KO’d. Make a last minute attack. That will leave the enemy shocked and you’ll most likely be able to win.

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