Putting Things into Practice 2

Here is another breakdown of using themed teams in competitive environments. Using a freeze team just isn’t what is used to be… but in Coliseum, there are more chances to put the teams that you like into practice. Always look for opportunities to exploit the enemy’s team compositions by using game knowledge.

Round 1: Olaf(Mo), WALL-E(Da), Merida(El), Joy(Ol), Elsa(Fr)

  • This is one of my personal favorite teams. Elsa and Olaf are the star players here, especially Elsa’s magical strength.
  • The fact that there are three frontline heroes opposing me made it easy for Olaf to freeze more than half the enemy team!
  • With both Ducky & Bunny and Jafar(Sc) causing tremendous amounts of damage, Joy was KO’d very quickly–but not before leaving lots of Happiness stacks to protect everyone.
  • WALL-E’s utilities were used really well here, especially Solar Power and Dash’s disk to extend the duration of the freeze.
  • Joy’s protection gave both Elsa and Merida the opportunity to keep Jafar frozen. This was crucial because Olaf can’t reach him!
  • Bo Peep’s Evasion stat kicked in several times, and this allowed her actually start spinning that deadly staff of hers! Fortunately, Deflection spin can only negate damage, so Merida’s arrows are still able to freeze Bo Peep.

Round 2: Maui(Ge), Bo Peep(Wo), Hercules(Ma), Timon & Pumbaa(St), Animal(Go)

  • Talk about brute force! This team takes full advantage of the three chosen Tanks’ synergy together!
  • Bo Peep was lucky enough to evade the Forest of Thorns. If she didn’t, things might’ve turned out differently.
  • Timon & Pumbaa’s protection was to soften the Beast’s offense by denying him critical attacks.
  • Animal’s speed boosting was crucial. This allowed the Tanks to KO beast just barely before he used his rage. Again, things might’ve turned out differently if he did.
  • This round was done very quickly. All three Tanks pushed everything into the corner, leaving the enemy team helpless against Bo’s deflection spin.

Round 3: Goof(Mi), Peter Pan(Al), Rafiki(Ja), Alice(Qu), Kevin(Ba)

  • This was the most difficult round out of the three. The Miss Piggy had Gaston’s disk, so it was risky to even use Goofy and Rafiki to begin with; the blind and stun were easily blocked by Miss Piggy and only used it to make herself stronger.
  • I didn’t have other heroes available that could match her power without leaving my team open to being shut down in the process. So, I had to be unorthodox with this round’s team. It took me a lot of tries, but I was able to find just the right heroes to handle the final round.
  • My final team completely took advantage to the fact that, unlike in Arena or in Guild Wars, simply surviving until time runs out is just enough to count as a victory!
  • This is why I chose Goofy and Rafiki, despite the risk of empowering Miss Piggy. I knew that, if they managed to survive her merciless onslaught, then my team will have the fighting chance to survive everything else.
  • I was hoping to use Peter Pan as a way to slip into the backline and KO someone, but luck just wasn’t on his side. Since he failed to dodge Miss Piggy’s most devastating hits, he was KO’d almost immediately at the start of the fight. Luckily, this actually meant that Goofy didn’t end up taking all those hits.
  • Alice was using Quorra’s disk to help provide a little more Armor for the team as it stacks with Rafiki’s defenses. I was hoping to take advantage of her generally reliable survivability to help stall, but she ended up getting KO’d anyway because she got too close to Miss Piggy. The Armor and shields she provided still helped along the way, at least.
  • With both Peter Pan and Alice out of the picture, it was simply a matter of survival–the remaining heroes stood no chance of doing enough meaningful damage to surpass Joy’s healing.
  • Kevin was absolutely vital here. Without him, Goofy and Rafiki would’ve been disabled and completely unable to use their healing.

Lessons Learned:
This is Coliseum, folks. You have to account for 3 teams opposing you, so you have to build teams that can overcome each hurdle to achieve victory. Keep in mind that there are different rules at play depending on the PvP format. This particular fight shown in this video highlights how to take advantage of those rules. The first and second rounds were relatively easy victories–round 1’s enemy team had no solid answers to a freeze team, and round 2’s enemy team was simply out muscled through sheer force. Round 3 showcases the other side of Coliseum fights. Sometimes, you just don’t have the right heroes (because they’re still locked or maybe uninvested). Sometimes, you just can’t earn a real win. Sometimes, the only thing to do is survive. You cannot win like this in Arena or in Guild Wars. But in the Coliseum, you most certainly can. The only reason I was able to win against this player is because the game allowed me to win in a cheesy way. Exploit any opportunity you see in front of you. If you think that what you have available to use isn’t enough, just think a little more carefully–there might be another way to win in a method that isn’t immediately obvious to you.

I’ve actually posted another topic like before, breaking down a different match. Check it out, if you want.

So miss piggy is a huge threat

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