Questions for PerBlue: December 2020

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I think if it was limited to cosmetics and similar things, it would be good.


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A bit too long lead up to the question to be in the community Discord’s question file, so I guess I do it here.

I wonder why Disney Heroes doesn’t have any difficulty scaling as in the sense of older badges becoming easier complete, as you yourself get stronger and progress further in the game?

Like in normal RPGs as you get stronger the earlier challenges become easier like if you can take down an Orc then taking down an Goblin should be pretty easy, even if taking down a Goblin were hard for you before now that you are stronger the Goblins aren’t as hard as they was. That’s the point I think Disney Heroes need to address as now is the fact that a fair amount of Purple Badges cost the same bit wise as Red badges does as in 50 bits, which is overall quite a lot.

Rank color represented by typical RPG monsters typical difficulty curve:
White: Slime.
Green: Rat.
Blue: Large Spider
Purple: Goblin.
Orange: Orc.
Red: Devil/Demon
Gold/Yellow(?): Dragon

So yeah, I wonder why a Goblin would be as strong as a Devil/Demon, as both of them costing 50 bits in many cases.

As such I wondered if it is possible to have a gradual reduction in terms of badge bit cost as you reach new Color tiers, like when you get to Orange the Purple 50 badges get reduced to 35 or 40 bits, and at Red the once 50 bit cost Purple badges costs 25 bits for example.
In terms Gold/Yellow(?) reduction if decreasing the cost even further I assume maybe from 25 bits to 20 or 15 bits as I am not sure if they would decrease the costs much further.

I think something like this would be what Disney Heroes right now needs as the older badge costs are competing with the newer badges in a unhealthy way I think. I think everyone are fine with newest full badges costing more than the old ones, so the gradual badge bit cost scaling would be to make backtracking and badging up lower ranked characters more streamlined.

The best scaling would probably be if it was through Guild perks as then everyone in the guild benefits from the badge scaling, but if a bit too much to ask for I think at least general progression reduction as you hit new Color Ranks and such, it being something you earn as you have gotten as far and as strong as you have.

So yeah, if possible it would be really appreciated if Badge Bit Scaling could get implemented into Disney Heroes, that way feeling like you have actually gotten stronger as you progress through the game.


Either reducing the bit amount cost or increasing the free stamina would be 2 ways to go about the current overwhelmingly high costs the newest badges have these days.

So yeah, thank you for doing the stamina calculations Numi and hopefully they can be an inspiration for PerBlue :-).

So yeah, would it be possible for you at PerBlue to increase free Stamina gain to what Numi suggested or close to Numi suggested?

Personally, I feel like the Stamina gain increased to roughly my suggestion combined with the decrease of 30, 40 and 50 bit constructed Purple badges to 20 bits, Orange badges reduced to 30 bits and Red as they are could help the players flow more easily through those lower ranks.

Additionally, a guild perk that could reduce stamina used in earlier chapters would make the flow even better. I suggested:
“Campaign Chapters cost 1 less stamina” for Chapters 1-30, costing 100k guild influence per one
“Campaign Chapters cost 2 less stamina” for Chapters 1-24, costing 150k guild influence per one
“Campaign Chapters cost 3 less stamina” for Chapters 1-18, costing 200k GI for one
“Campaign Chapters cost 4 less stamina” for Chapters 1-12, costing 250k GI for one
“Campaign Chapters cost 5 less stamina” for Chapters 1-6, costing 300k GI for one

Chapters 31, 32, 33, … till MAX-4 (now 35) would be the only to cost 6 stamina in older servers.

For S22, the amount of chapters that cost 6 stamina atm would be divided by 6.
Now there are 21 chapters that cost 6 stamina, so 21/6 = 3.5.
So, the perks would be for:
Chapter 1-18 for “1 less stamina”
Chapter 1-14 for “2 less stamina”
Chapter 1-11 for “3 less stamina”
Chapter 1-7 for “4 less stamina”
Chapter 1-4 for “5 less stamina” = so Raids in Chapters 1,2,3,4 would cost 1 stamina only.

Similar perk would be for Elite Campaigns so that they would cost exactly 2x of Normal Campaigns.

Having no raid tickets should be decreased from costing +2 stamina (8 rn) to costing +1 stamina.


This thread should really just be for questions. It is starting to get into things that are drowning the really great questions out…


Well not really, because it goes further into depth in what is the biggest concern of (i think) most players: the cost of badges being way too high. In essence we would like to know what the devs think of these different proposals to ease it a bit for us

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Sorry if you feel like our more lengthy posts are drowning the other questions out Imaginelf_V ;^^, but yeah like FestiveLucas2020 is saying it is to go into depth about the stamina and badge cost issues.

I know my post here as in this one is a bit long, but it is to give a reason and explanation to why PerBlue should reduce the bit amount per Badge.

My question whether it be through Guild Perks like Numi suggested or through individual progresjon like I more suggested, Badge Bit scaling as in difficulty scaling is something PerBlue should address as the badge bit cost is starting to become too much for most players i think.
I wonder why Disney Heroes doesn’t have any difficulty scaling as in the sense of older badges becoming easier complete, as you yourself get stronger and progress further in the game?

Big change can partially help bring more players or those that left a long time ago might find the game more promising overall. :slight_smile: And I like to consider all pros and cons in depth. Raising free stuff has barely any effect on how much would players that spend… well… spend.

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Important questions like “Who is your favourite hero?” or “When will be next update?”??
Guys, don’t you understand that such questions

  1. Useless
  2. Won’t be answered by PB
  3. Really drown many more important questions
    So please, don’t ask such questions

Actually questions like “Who is your favorite character” and such are questions that might more likely be answered in the sense that kind of questions don’t actually reveal anything in terms of upcoming content or QoL features PerBlue can’t necessarily promise.

So while it may not increase our knowledge per say in the sense of the game and how they are thinking about dire issues, but no one should be discouraged from asking fun casual questions :-).

Questions like this kind are probably the most likely to get answered as it is in terms of gameplay and already in the game things:
“How does it get decided what skills have level requirements vs those who doesn’t have a level requirement? Many crowd control skills have level requirements, but some doesn’t so wondered how it gets decided”.

I would say that is a real question from me to PerBlue :-).


Actually, devs add characters they like. So if they mention any character not in the game that they like… there is a chance they may come to the game :eyes:

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To be clear, I agree 100% and even though I think those are fun questions to ask, I did not ask such questions and never will ever again. You can see the questions I asked above. My first Q&A I did questions that were pretty poinless.

Fixed the sentence to reflected more I meant, as I meant the “they” as in the question type and not PerBlue ;^^. Sorry about the confusion and have fixed the sentence in my comment.

Anyway we should get back to more so focusing on asking questions than talking between each other, and that I mean to everyone so that it easier for PerBlue to catch the questions :-).


When is ralph getting a hero refresh?
And when is hamm getting add to rest of servers?

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Is Jafar gonna be refreshed by a little bit?

Will our questions be answered?

Here are my questions for what they’ll think about.

  1. Will they add characters from chronicles of narnia since Disney bought the films?
  2. Do you think will add some characters that appeared in DSA but haven’t added yet in the game?
  3. When will Ralph Mickey and basil is going to be refresh?
  4. For princess in 2021 how many will be dose it count for the unofficial as well?
  5. Why do they release one hero in every patch notes this fall?

I just have one question: Do y’all plan on adding any characters from Disney Junior? I know a lot of people think that this is a bad idea to do this, but I see no problem in doing it. Tron already breaks the timeline of heroes in the game, so I don’t see a problem with adding characters like Kion or Sophia. Also, “The Mark of the Guard” is already a badge in the game from The Lion Guard so is this telling us that it’s acceptable to add Disney Junior characters to the game?

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