Questions for PerBlue: December 2020

Well sorry Polaris isn’t going anywhere.

You didn’t say it but you did imply it :neutral_face:

You could have asked if there could be more forums moderators to watch the forums while Polaris is away :man_shrugging:

And you act like Polaris moderates the forums whenever they want to. They moderate the forums for the same hours that PB office is open.


Still gonna advocate for forum moderation on the weekend :raised_hand:


Ok I’ve stocked up A LOT of questions since July.

  1. As per tradition, “What Happened To Captain Salazar”?
  2. How is the 2022 roadmap coming along?
  3. Last Q&A I asked if you were planning on doing Cars Characters and you said no, I feel like asking if that’s changed.
  4. Lightning R.O.B.?
  5. Thoughts on Disney Investor Day announcements?
  6. We finally got Kim a few months ago. How does it feel to not have update comments filled with “It’s bad because Kim isn’t here” and other such phrases?
  7. Any updates Anna? I’m sick of people complaining already.
  8. Also as per tradition “What can you tell us about scrapped heroes and other features”?
  9. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! (Wait that wasn’t a question was it…)
  10. I’m a HUGE fan of all things obscure and unknown. Any chance a more obscure Disney property, like The Black Hole or The Black Cauldron could get in?
  11. If you don’t mind answering… what is the cause of the recent diamond crate errors that have allowed us to see heroes early?
  12. Who is your favorite character who’s not in the game, who’s from a property you have represented in the game.
  13. Mind telling us a little about who we can expect next year?
  14. I’ve asked questions relating to Datamined information before so… what happened to Lumière? He had a skill set back in September of 2018 but disappeared never to be seen again. What’s the story here?
  15. We need help. This forum is overwhelmed by trolls spammers and other similar people every day. Do you have any plans to make this better?
  16. Might seem like an odd question/request but… I grew up with some Buzz Lightyear of Star Command Episodes my older siblings taped on VHS, and I think it would be awesome to see some Star Command characters come out around the time of Lightyear in 2022. I know that might not be possible, but I just wanted to ask.

Some questions besides the Q and A document Kira mentioned:

  1. Will you PLEASE add 1,000 to the stamina cap in the old servers? Considering 1 stamina refreshes every 25 seconds, it is full for new players in less than an hour (can confirm from a newly made S2 account).

  2. Could the scaling of Tiers in Surge be capped somehow? I have an idea:
    Tier 1: 2x Team Power of a guildmate with highest Team Power
    Tier 2 and beyond: 1.1x of a previous tier.
    Say, my guildmate has 8M Team Power and is the highest. Tier 1 would require at most 16M points, Tier 2 would require 17.6M points, Tier 3 would require 19.36M etc.

  3. Can you please refresh Jack Sparrow and Barbossa.
    For the former, I am very saddened about how Red Skill didn´t boost his Purple Skill, when Basic Damage on all the team is better than a selfish one.
    For Barbossa, the BD gain on Tia disk is tragic. And overall he was only used because of the DoT boost on Red. Which reminds me, are you going to cap the DoT boost (so it can exceed like… 200% overall?)

  4. Are you planning to change the properties of badges someday so that older characters can get better? I can again come up with Jack Sparrow, who has 29 Armor Negation since R6. Has no Evasion or Tenacity, which is fairly common for Damage heroes even those with a counter move (like Mulan).
    Same with Basil, his tragicness comes up from no Armor Negation (offense) or no Evasion or Tenacity (defense)

  5. (Regarding Deals) Can you focus more on 5 to 20 dollar worth deals? I am pretty sure that most people refrain from buying anything over 50 dollars in a video game. Unless you have some data saying otherwise.

  6. Do you plan to give us more Orange and Red items (as is XP for example)?
    Triple Normal/Elite Drops (orange), Quadruple Normal/Elite Drops (red)
    Emerald Credits (orange), Diamond Credits (red)
    Stamina Recharges 8x (orange), Stamina Recharges 16x (red)
    Triple Gold/Hero XP/Team XP (orange), Quadruple Gold/Hero XP/Team XP (red)

This is a great question to ask. I loved hearing all those announcements. Also the spammer one.


A bit long question lead up for the community Discord question file sheet probably, so I guess I do it here.

I wonder if you at PerBlue could bring back the refreshes where a few other characters got smaller buffs, that way keeping the characters a bit more viable, so yeah wondered if you at PerBlue could bring the Refreshes with smaller Buffs combo back?

The 1.12 patch notes/update is a good example in my view.

Here Sulley got a good refresh across all himself, while Dash, Judy and Yax got smaller buffs to help them keep up a bit more. I don’t remember if Judy or Yax became that much more viable, but I think Dash actually became more useful after this buff.

Given the current high Power Creep curve in the game I think the Refreshes with Buffs should be brought back, even the buffed characters aren’t helped to become meta characters the more important thing is that we players can find more usefulness in characters we like and maybe have grown up with.
I am not asking for small buffed characters to be as strong as Cheshire Cat, Maximus and Bunsen and Beaker, but rather at least as Nick, Sulley and Wall-E characters who are good enough to be useful and with luck can win over an meta team even if just 1 in 5 or 10 battles.
(As for Nick and Sulley specifically I think if they aren’t power buffed, it would be appreciated if their animation speed could be increased as both of their attack animations are pretty slow).

I understand if it is a bit much during the Corona times to make room for the smaller buffs, but I hope the small buffs can be reintroduced after the Corona is over at least when it is easier for you all at PerBlue and maybe back in the office. And on that, I hope all of you at PerBlue are safe and doing good :-).

So yeah, if possible it would be appreciated if the Refreshes with smaller Buffs combo could be brought back and that way help characters be good enough to be useable again even if not meta :-).


Yax back then didn’t even receive a stat boost, only his purple skill slows 5% more.
Would be nice if Yax receive a full refresh in near future, as well returning smaller buffs, few beta heroes were never improved; Ralph, Vanellope and Woody, and well, Yax as well.
Joy on other hand needs HP boost, so it definitely will be welcome.

Also, few old red skills are on ASAP need of getting improvement, as first red skills are really weak; Bo Peep, Yax, Madam Mim, Woody, Kim Possible (it’s from 2019, it does a way worse job than Robin’s Nick disk), Mad Hatter, Jack-Jack, Aladdin and one of the newer - Mushu.

Basically, both Woody and Yax never had a boost of stats and have bad red skills, it would be amazing if they were refreshed, as well to point out that across 20 refreshes only one was support-role hero, and it wasn’t even a healer, and overall game lacks of supports heroes.


Mother Golther?

And Jack Sparrow and many others… Basil´s lol.

Tron exists, Shang exists, 2 new supports exist, Timon and Pumbaa exists. That´s five. Out of 22.

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Wreck it ralph needs a hero refresh make his stuns last 3 secounds longer his green skill from 2 secounds to 5 secounds

He also needs more HP and needs to do more damage

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Can you add piglet

If any dev that answers this could have hero from dinsey not in, what would it be?

Better question, if the devs could have any non-disney character in the game. What would it be? (Hypothetically speaking of course)

You shouldn’t be asking that question here.

This is Q&A DHBM, not a suggestion box.

Here’s a question for the devs:

Will you be able to take our suggestions on improving the game? (For example buffing Kim and nerfing Cheshire.)


That’s literally what they said 🤦

This is not for requests either. I do agree that the original characters need buffs. Some exceptions though.


Actually, good question yeah…

Is there any Disney character you hold a personal grudge against? But please all answer individually. :smiley:

Hum… Probably a bit big question lead-up as well for the community Discord question file sheet.

Would it be possible if Kingdom Hearts could get some badges even if getting a playable Kingdom Hearts character is a bit much?

I understand if getting Sora or any of the other Kingdom Hearts characters is a bit much and remember in an earlier Q&A that it was said that getting Kingdom Hearts and such would be hard, but since Tarzan has badges and as far as I know Disney doesn’t have the rights to Tarzan right right now, I wonder something similar could be possible for the possibility of Kingdom Hearts themed badges?

Another option to get Kingdom Hearts themed badges could maybe be to make a collaboration with Kingdom Hearts Union X if not Kingdom Hearts Dark Road, having Ralph and Vanellope’s special designs from Disney Heroes as Medals in Kingdom Hearts Union X or as Cards in the case of Kingdom Hearts Dark Road.
In return Disney Heroes could get some Kingdom Hearts themed badges, although how many I don’t know, but I imagine at least 3-5, even though I hope 5-10/20 if possible that way having a wider variety of Kingdom Hearts designs and characters.

Even just simple designs such as the Kingdom Hearts crown would still be something.

So yeah, if anything I would overall mainly like an answer to if having Kingdom Hearts themed badges is possible, or if something like a collaboration with Kingdom Hearts Union X or Kingdom Hearts Dark Road would be needed for it to be possible or not for Kingdom Hearts themed badges to come to Disney Heroes.

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