Rabbit/Sally Friendship Campaign Concept

Here’s Rabbit’s first friendship campaign!

Campaign name: Oogie Boogie Bust



Allies: Tia Dalma, Oogie Boogie, Gadget

Friend Dialogue Level 1

Rabbit and Sally are now friends!

Rabbit: Oh, confound it. Those bugs can never get off my prized tomatoes-

Rabbit: Aahh! Those aren’t bugs! They’re… hands?! They’re coming towards me!

Sally: Oops, sorry. Wasn’t trying to scare you. * sews her hands back on *

Rabbit: How did you?

Sally: Sew my hands back on? It’s normal for me.

Rabbit: Normal?! Do you call that normal?

Sally: I understand your confusion. Most of those who come outside of Halloween Town don’t understand some of us.

Sally: Anyway, my name is Sally it’s nice to meet you.

Rabbit: Well… I suppose some of my plans can be unusual too. It’s a pleasure to meet you, Miss Sally, I’m Rabbit.

Campaign Story: Rabbit turns to Sally to help save Winnie the Pooh from Oogie Boogie.

Rabbit: Sally, I need your help. Pooh Bear is in trouble!

Sally: Trouble? What kind?

Rabbit: The Oogie Boogie kind.

Chapter 1: Return to the Scene

Chapter 1-1: Once Sally hears Rabbit mention Oogie Boogie, she knows it can’t be good.

Chapter 1-2: She asks Rabbit to take her to Pooh’s house to see if she can find anything.

Chapter 1-3: But as they head there, they are halted by creeps.

Chapter 1-4: Sally throws a jar of Frog’s Breath to slow them down.

Chapter 1-5: By the time they got to Pooh’s house, they find it crawling with bugs. Knowing first hand what Oogie Boogie is capable of, Sally asks Rabbit what happened.

Rabbit: Well, I was simply stopping by to bring Pooh some honey, when I found his house like this.

Sally: Usually when Oogie Boogie wants someone in his lair, he sends Lock, Shock, and Barrel instead.

Rabbit: You mean those mischievous children in scary masks? Perhaps finding them could be a start.

Chapter 2: Three's a Crowd

Chapter 2-1: Sally knows where Lock, Shock, and Barrel usually hang around.

Chapter 2-2: She takes Rabbit to where they are a lot in the Park.

Chapter 2-3: Fortunately for them, they spot the trio. But they are ambushed by creeps.

Chapter 2-4: Rabbit lobs a melon, splashing the creeps in a sticky mess. Giving the trio a chance to turn the battle in their favor.

Chapter 2-5: When the battle is over, the trio turns to Rabbit and Sally.

Sally: Do you kids know what you did to a bear?

Shock: Bear? All we’ve been doing was pulling pranks.

Barrel: Yeah, we just pulled a good one on some cranky duck!

Rabbit; So, you’re telling us that you don’t know anything?

Lock, Shock, and Barrel: No!

Chapter 3: Alternate Plan

Chapter 3-1: Sally suggests they ask around if anyone saw where Oogie Boogie took Pooh.

Chapter 3-2: Rabbit like the plan and they head towards a residential area.

Chapter 3-3: But most of their encounters turn out to be dead ends. Some even mention others going missing too.

Chapter 3-4: However, they overhear Judy Hoops talking to Elastigirl and Mr. Incredible

Chapter 3-5: As soon as they heard the words, bugs and missing. That could only mean one thing. Oogie Boogie has kidnapped more people!

Sally: Did you hear that, Rabbit? It sounds like Oogie has now kidnapped Violet, Dash, and Jack-Jack!

Rabbit: Dear me, this appears to be more serious than I thought.

Rabbit: It sounds like now, we’ll have to put together a rescue operation.

Chapter 4: Search of the Boogie Man

Chapter 4-1: Rabbit heads back to his home to prepare to face Oogie Boogie.

Chapter 4-2: Once prepared, he and Sally head to Oogie’s Lair.

Chapter 4-3: Along the way, creeps try to stall them, but they were no match for our heroes.

Chapter 4-4: After disposing of the creeps, they continue their journey to save their friends.

Chapter 4-5: But little did they know, Jack Skellington, along with Judy Hopps, Elastigirl, Nick Wilde, and Mr. Incredible were following behind them.

Nick: How much longer are we to Oogie Boogie?

Jack: Not long now. But we must be careful.

Jack: That bungler Oogie Boogie has many tricks up his sleeves.

Elastigirl: I just hope we’ll save the kids in time.

Judy: Don’t worry, we will.

Friend Dialogue Level 7

Sally: Rabbit, don’t you think you were being a little hard on your friend?

Rabbit: Togger had it coming, all he could ever think of was bouncing!

Sally: Like Halloween is what Jack is about, Bouncing is what Tigger is about.

Rabbit: I… I suppose you’re right.

Chapter 5: Best Laid Plans

Chapter 5-1: Rabbit and Sally made it Oogie Boogie’s lair and carry out their plan.

Chapter 5-2: Sally uses one of her legs to distract Oogie, while they free his captives.

Chapter 5-3: Pooh sees Rabbit and tries to call to him. But Sally’s hands tell him to keep quiet.

Chapter 5-4: Rabbit quickly unties their ropes and Sally lowers the ladder down.

Chapter 5-5: But unfortunately, at the same moment, Oogie Boogie catches on to their plan as he discovered the leg was a ploy.

Oogie Boogie: WHAT?! You tryin’ to make a dupe out of ME?!

Rabbit: AH! He saw us. Hurry!

Oogie Boogie: * starts inhaling them back *

Pooh: Oh, bother!

Chapter 6: Caught

Chapter 6-1: Before Rabbit and Sally know it, they are now caught by Oogie Boogie.

Chapter 6-2: Oogie Boogie decides to test their luck first, as payback for trying to free his captives.

Chapter 6-3: Rabbit is at a loss for what to do now, he didn’t plan this part.

Chapter 6-4: Oogie Boogie is stoked to have two extra lives on the line.

Chapter 6-5: Ready for a wager, he pulls out his dice.

Sally: This isn’t over, not by a long shot!

Rabbit: Yeah, just you wait till our friends come and save us, you’ll be lucky if-

Oogie Boogie: Oh, I’m sure I have all the luck I can get right here. * rolls his dice *

Oogie: Boogie: Starting with… eight! Looks like it’s Oogie’s turn to boogie now!

Chapter 7: Friends to the Rescue

Chapter 7-1: As Oogie Boogie enjoys seeing Rabbit and Sally panic in fear, Jack Skellington and the others sneak inside the lair.

Chapter 7-2: Judy and Mr. Incredible quietly free Pooh, Violet, Dash, and Jack-Jack.

Chapter 7-3: Oogie throws his dice again, but gets snake eyes.

Chapter 7-4: But since he doesn’t play fair, he slams the dice and gets eleven. He then drops Rabbit and Sally into the lava pit.

Chapter 7-5: But before he knew it, Nick and Elastigirl catch them in time as Jack makes himself known.

Jack: Hello, Oogie.

Oogie Boogie: J-J- Jack, what a surprise.

Sally; It’s over Oogie, you’re outmatched!

Friend Dialogue Level 10

Sally: You said you lived in the woods, right? There must be some excellent Worm’s Wort there.

Rabbit: I’ve never actually tried it before. I don’t have any intentions to in fact.

Sally: Then surely there must ve something like Deadly Nightshade there.

Rabbit: Course not! The name itself makes sound dangerous to me mind you.

Sally; Oh, yeah, right.

Chapter 8: Turning the Tables

Chapter 8-1: Once Jack gives the signal, the other heroes fall in.

Chapter 8-2: Oogie tries to escape, but he’s blocked off by all corners.

Chapter 8-3: Soon Rabbit and Sally join in to confront the Boogie Man.

Chapter 8-4: Oogie is furious by the outcome, but he realizes little ole him won’t do. He claims he’ll get his revenge, just not today.

Chapter 8-5: Satisfied with the outcome, our heroes journey back home.

Pooh: Thank you Rabbit, for saving me from that Heffalump.

Rabbit: That wasn’t a Heffalump, Pooh. It was Oogie Boogie.

Sally: I’m just glad your friend is ok.

Rabbit: You know, Sally, I do believe thanks are for you too.

Sally: You’re welcome, Rabbit. But I am curious about one thing.

Rabbit: What’s that?

Sally: What’s a Heffalump?

Campaign “Oogie Boogie Bust” complete.

“Odd Essence” now unlocked.

I hope you enjoy!

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