Red Skills Quick Guide


Welcome to the master guide featuring all the Red Skills currently available in the game. The purpose of this guide is to give every Red Skill a bullet point overview. That way, readers can quickly and intuitively assess the value of a Red Skill at just a glance. Red Skills are only available to certain Heroes, and each one demands an astonishing amount of resources to invest in. I will also give each skill a personal score between 1-3 stars depending on how useful or easy it is to invest in the skill. The higher the score, the better the Red Skill is in complimenting the Hero in question. By contrast, the lower the score, the more situational the Red Skill actually is.

Key Notes
  • DISCLAIMER: while it’s true that some Red Skills make a character much better, they do not necessarily make a character OP.
  • The stat bonuses listed assume the maximum increments in relation to the maximum level cap. These relationships in numbers should remain relatively consistent as level caps continue to rise.
  • This guide assumes the Hero in question is at max level, max stars, and max rank.
  • Only Red Skills that have been released and now available will be listed. No Spoilers here.
  • 1 star: The Red Skill is relatively situational or underwhelming; the stat bonuses tend to be more useful.
  • 2 star: The Red Skill remains effective even when not fully leveled; good value relative to cost.
  • 3 star: The Red Skill significantly improves the Hero upon unlocking; amazing value even when not fully leveled.



Gotta Keep Up
  • +130%~ Bonus damage to Magic Carpet Ride against enemy Control heroes
  • +200%~ Basic Damage
  • +55%~ HP
  • Aladdin is unaffected by Disables that are longer than 3 seconds
  • May fail to block Disables when under-leveled

Score: :star:


Keeping The Beat
  • +18%~ Basic Damage
  • +40%~ Skill Power
  • +20%~ Basic Damage (relative to Animal’s Basic Damage stat) to all allies
  • In The Groove slows enemies’ movement speed by 20% for 3 seconds
  • The first 2 regular attacks of all allies will knock back while In The Groove is active
  • May fail to knock back when under-leveled

Score: :star: :star:


Not Toying Around
  • +60%~ Armor per KO’d ally
  • +95%~ Reality per KO’d ally
  • +10%~ Bonus damage by Billy, Goat, and Gruff
  • +5%~ HP
  • +25%~ Skill Power
  • Skill has no level restrictions

Score: :star: :star:


Pirate Parry
  • +50%~ Basic Damage
  • +10%~ HP
  • +80%~ Armor (affected by Skill Power)
  • Enemies sapped from any source lose X amount of Basic Damage and Y amount of armor
  • Hooked will also sap enemies nearby the original target for 7 seconds
  • May fail to sap nearby enemies when under-leveled

Score: :star:


Order's Up
  • +20%~ Bonus damage per second to Onion Blind
  • +230%~ Basic Damage
  • +85%~ Skill Power
  • Carrot Chop removes buffs active on target
  • Regular attacks will slow target’s attack and movement speed by 25% for 2.5 seconds
  • New effects of Carrot Chop and regular attacks may fail if under-leveled

Score: :star:


Aw, Phooey
  • +40%~ Bonus damage to Hopping Mad
  • +10%~ HP
  • +100%~ Basic Damage
  • Donald gains 75 Energy when he blocks a debuff
  • Heal 16%~ HP (relative to Donald’s HP; affected by Skill Power) to the affected ally if Donald fails to block the debuff
  • Energy gain less effective when under-leveled

Score: :star: :star: :star:


Yes I Can-ada!
  • +30%~ Bonus damage to Stunt Double
  • +135%~ Skill Power
  • +20%~ HP
  • +30% Bonus Damage to Stunt Spectacular
  • Damage boost for Stunt Spectacular less effective when under-leveled

Score: :star:


Frosted Over
  • +30%~ Bonus damage to Snow Strike
  • +80%~ Basic Damage
  • +50%~ Skill Power
  • The enemy with the highest Basic Damage stat is frozen for 8 seconds in the beginning of battle
  • Elsa gains 75 Energy every time an enemy is frozen or slowed
  • Enegy gain less effective when under-leveled

Score: :star: :star:


Unparalleled Power
  • +200~ Bonus damage per shot to Ion Blaster
  • +45%~ HP
  • +120%~ Skill Power
  • Ion Blaster deals 50% more damage per shot
  • Maximum 300% until channeling is stopped or interrupted
  • 50%-300% damage modifier may fail when under-leveled

Score: :star: :star: :star:


Done Deal
  • +15%~ Bonus damage to Thief’s Opportunity
  • +15%~ HP
  • +60%~ Basic Damage
  • Roguish Strike lowers 35% Basic Damage (Relative to Flynn’s Basic Damage stat; affected by Skill Power) to any enemies hit for the rest of battle
  • Allies receive 40% Energy stolen by Thief’s Opportunity
  • Receiving Energy is less effective when under-leveled

Score: :star: :star:


Gaggle of Gadgets
  • +55%~ Skill Power
  • +5%~ HP
  • +90%~ Armor
  • Signal Boost grants shields with 30%~ HP (relative to Gizmoduck’s HP) to allies in front of Gizmoduck
  • Allies are healed by 200% of Gizmoduck’s Armor stat if his HP goes below 50%.
  • The healing and shields may fail when under-leveled

Score: :star:


Talent Search
  • +10%~ HP
  • +150%~ Armor
  • +125%~ Reality
  • Gonzo heals 7%~ HP per second while Raise The Stakes is active
  • Gonzo applies Most Wanted status on the enemy doing the most damage; every 3rd regular attack stuns the Most Wanted target for 4 seconds
  • Stun may fail when under-leveled

Score: :star: :star:


Almighty Flame
  • +145%~ Immediate bonus damage from Burning Rage
  • +5%~ HP
  • +155%~ Skill Power
  • Hades becomes invincible for 8 seconds when he reaches 1 HP
  • Hades gains invincibility once before activating Lord of the Dead and once after
  • Reduce 50% of incoming damage for allies while invincible
  • 50% damage reduction may fail when under-leveled

Score: :star: :star: :star:


Spring The Trap
  • +35%~ Bonus damage to Woodchuck Trap Badge
  • +15%~ HP
  • +45%~ Skill Power
  • Enemies lose X Basic Damage and Skill Power (affected by Skill Power) for 12 seconds each time they are stunned by a trap
  • Can stack up to 4 times
  • No level restrictions

Score: :star: :star:


Sound Of A Scream
  • +300%~ More damage over time (affected by Skill Power) for Master of Fright
  • +200%~ Basic Damage
  • +160%~ Skill Power
  • Do X Fantastic damage (affected by Skill Power) if Jack or his allies scare enemies that are already scared
  • Jack’s regular attacks will scare enemies for 5 seconds
  • Scare from regular attacks may fail to apply when under-leveled

Score: :star: :star: :star:


Striking Out
  • +15%~ HP for Rajah (Excluding Tiger Boost)
  • +10%~ Bonus damage to Tiger Strike
  • +35%~ Skill Power
  • Jasmine blocks the first 3 Disables in every fight
  • All instances of damage cannot exceed more than 20% of Rajah’s HP (Rajah only)
  • Rajah’s 20% HP defensive threshold is less effective when under-leveled

Score: :star: :star:


Increased Broadband
  • +150%~ more shield HP for Data Shield
  • +50%~ HP
  • +220%~ Skill Power
  • Power Cleanse extends all presently active buffs on allies by 5 seconds
  • Data Shield pauses the timers on all presently active buffs until Data Shield expires or is destroyed
  • New effects of Power Cleanse and Data Shield may fail when under-leveled

Score: :star:


Flying In To Fight
  • +45%~ Bonus damage to Fiery Crash
  • +10%~ HP
  • +60%~ Skill Power
  • Grant invincibility for 5 seconds to the ally with the lowest HP when using Flare Up
  • All other allies gain 85% Basic damage (relative to Launchpad’s Basic Damage stat) and 60% Skill Power (relative to Launchpad’s Skill Power stat) for 8 seconds after using Flare Up
  • Invincibility may fail when under-leveled

Score: :star: :star:


Helping Hands
  • +20%~ More healing from Bon Appetit
  • +40%~ Armor
  • +50%~ Skill Power
  • All allies are healed X HP (affected by Skill Power) per second for 5 seconds at the beginning of every fight
  • Heal X HP (affected by Skill Power) whenever a stack of Hardy is removed
  • No level restrictions

Score::star: :star: :star:


Magnificent And Marvelous
  • +10%~ HP
  • +150%~ Armor
  • +30%~ Skill Power
  • Madam Mim and her allies start every fight with 130 Energy
  • Bonus starting Energy less effective when under-leveled

Score: :star:


Bright Idea
  • +40%~ Bonus damage to Electric Charge
  • +150%~ Basic Damage
  • +85%~ Skill Power
  • Apply 2 stacks of Charged to enemies being affected by Shock Absorber every 3 seconds
  • Stun enemies for 5 seconds and deal X Fantastic damage (affected by Red Skill’s level) whenever an enemy reaches 5 stacks of Charged
  • Stun may fail when under-leveled

Score: :star: :star:


What About Moi?
  • +15%~ HP
  • +65%~ Basic Damage
  • +95%~ Armor
  • Miss Piggy heals 30% HP relative to the damage she deals with every attack
  • Self-healing less effective when under-leveled

Score: :star:


Unfair Play
  • +5%~ HP
  • +60%~ Skill Power
  • +130%~ Armor
  • +2%~ Artificial HP increase when Snake Eyes succeeds in damaging an enemy
  • 25% Damage reduction from scared enemies
  • Damage reduction less effective when under-leveled

Score: :star: :star:


Winds Of Change
  • +30%~ Bonus damage to Scream Selection
  • +35%~ Basic Attack
  • +5%~ HP
  • +30% Attack and movement speed while Randall is invisible
  • If Randall is hit by an attack with damage that exceeds more than 25% his max HP, he becomes invisible for 5 seconds
  • Becoming invisible from attacks may fail when under-leveled

Score: :star: :star:


Golden Glow
  • +15%~ More healing with Healing Hair
  • +50%~ Skill Power
  • +45%~ Reality
  • Healing Hair cleanses allies from all negative status effects
  • Sun’s Gift grants 100 Energy to front-most ally
  • Sun’s Gift bestows +50%~ Skill Power (Relative to Rapunzel’s Skill Power stat; affected by Skill Power) for 9 seconds to front-most ally
  • Sun’s Gift applies 2 stacks of Hardy to front-most ally
  • Stacks of Hardy may fail to pply when under-leveled

Score: :star: :star: :star:


Fog Juice
  • +160%~ Basic Damage
  • +140%~ Skill Power
  • +200%~ Reality
  • Once every 8 seconds, if Sally if hit by an attack with damage that exceeds more than 10% of her max HP, she reduces damage taken from that attack by 80%
  • In that instance, Sally releases a toxic cloud that travels across the screen, dealing X Fantastic damage per second (affected by Skill Power) to enemies within that cloud and applying 1 stack of Poison every 2 seconds
  • 80% damage reduction is less effective when under-leveled

Score: :star: :star: :star:


Pile 'O Gold
  • +25%~ Bonus damage from Working Overtime
  • +160%~ Basic Attack
  • +100%~ Skill Power
  • Every coin Scrooge collects from Coin Collection permanently increases his attack speed by 10%
  • Scrooge’s regular attacks will bounce to hit nearby enemies if his target is Disabled
  • No level restrictions

Score: :star: :star: :star:


Round 'Em Up
  • +1300%~ More Basic Damage bonus given to allies when using Giddy-Up
  • +45%~ HP
  • +200%~ Skill Power
  • Enemies affected by Bullseye cannot gain buffs
  • New Bullseye effect may fail when under-leveled

Score: :star:


Total Relaxation
  • +65%~ Bonus damage from Body Odor
  • +30%~ HP
  • +200%~ Skill Power
  • Enemies lose 500 Energy if they reach 900 Energy while being affected by Body Odor
  • Energy denial may fail when under-leveled

Score: :star:


Wardrobe Change
  • +20%~ Bonus damage from Llama Drama
  • +80%~ Basic Damage
  • +50%~ Skill Power
  • Yzma’s regular attacks now have splash effect, dealing X Fantastic damage (affected by Red Skill’s level) to enemies nearby the main target
  • Enemies hit by the splash may also be afflicted by negative status effects from Alchemy
  • Status effects from Alchemy may fail when under-leveled

Score: :star: :star: :star:



Best way to start up

I’ll be posting all the info related to these Skills at a later time.


I don’t want to take your time
But I love to see new heroes guide !

Really appreciate this. Thank you!

Really great post, keep it up!

Update: added Red Skills for Hades, the Duck Triplets, Jack Skellington, Jasmine, Kevin, Launchpad, Linguini & Remy, Madam Mim, Megavolt, and Miss Piggy!


When he reaches 1 HP


“With” Tiger Strike


UPDATE: everyone is here! Skimmed through whatever errors I may have made. I also added everyone’s names. This list was already done alphabetically, but apparently not that obvious when the names are missing lol.


Well, I think you’ve done an excellent job detailing the main aspects of Red skills and just in time for players on all servers to do a little research before choosing their first heroes.

Only thing I find strange is that Yax and Woody’s Red skills are rated 1 star. They sound epic but then I haven’t seen therm in action.

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There is an extra 0 here


Haha… that’s not a mistake.

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Both of their skills are relatively situational. Because their skills are unreliable unless fully leveled, it’s not too practical to prioritize them. The stat bonuses are always amazing to have, but if that’s all we’re getting after working so hard to unlock these skills, then we might as well put more effort on skills that give more value than that.


Update: added Rapunzel and Flynn Rider.

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Remy and Rapunzel work really well together with their Red Skills!

This isn’t the actual guide. Just a quick review

Re-word scrooge, lasts one wave of a fight

Update: So… remember when they said they’re making changes to Captain Hook’s Red Skill? Well, yikes. I looked at the numbers again, and it’s quite different indeed. Map study also no longer removes active buffs, which was a huge bummer. I had to demote the Red Skill from 3 stars, to only 1. On the bright side, at least Hook’s “OP-ness” is not as bad. I guess.

This is the “Before” just for reference.

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