Rework the Game Part I: Login & Introducing

Hey everyone,

in the last month the game realy stuck in his development.
The only thing we get, new Heroes, in mass.
And now after 2 years asking, a filter and new sort.

So i made my own thoughts about “what the game need”

I will collect all my Topics here to find
and hope @Loutre give the good ones to the team.
And Maybe we can made this game even better.

Upcomming links:
Part II: Rework the Game Part II: Heist
Part III: Rework the Game Part III: War
Part IV: Rework the Game Part IV: Guilds

First i wanne start with "a reworked Login"

The Login is from 2018 so i think there are some good new thinks to add

Old Login
Day 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Content 5000 Gold 20 Diamonds 1500 XP 2 Micro SD 3 Hero Chips 15000 Gold Free Hero
Day 8 9 10 11 12 13 14
Content 4500 XP 4 Micro SD 4 Hero Chips 20000 Gold 60 Diamonds 7500 XP 2x Mini SD
Day 15 16 17 18 19 20 21
Content 5 Hero Chips 40000 Gold 80 Diamonds 10500 XP 4x Mini SD 7 Hero Chips 50000 Gold
Day 22 23 24 25 26 27 28
Content 100 Diamonds 13500 XP 2x Ultra SD 8 Hero Chips 100000 Gold 120 Diamonds 16500 XP
Day 29 30 31 excluding VIP
Content 4x Ultra SD 9 Hero Chips 100000 Gold
In Sum
Gold 330000 Micro SD 6
XP 54000 Mini SD 6
Hero Chips 36 Ultra SP 6
Diamonds 380

The rewok could look like this “Show what the game has to offer”

New Login
Day 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Content 50000 Gold 10000 XP 50 Diamonds 5x Invasion Stamina 10 Ultra SD 50000 Mod Power Free Hero
Day 8 9 10 11 12 13 14
Content 100000 Gold 20000 XP 100 Diamonds 5x Friendship Stamina 2x10 Memory Disc 100000 Mod Power 10 Hero Chips
Day 15 16 17 18 19 20 21
Content 200000 Gold 50000 XP 150 Diamonds 30x Stamina Batterie 20000 Disc Power 50 Tier 1&2 Mod Fragments (for Login Hero) 20 Hero Chips
Day 22 23 24 25 26 27 28
Content 500000 Gold 100000 XP 200 Diamonds 50x Stamina Batterie 50 RS Token 20 (random) Mod Upgrade 30 Hero Chips
Day 29 30 31 excluding VIP
Content 10x Diamond Crate 1x Haven & Trail reset 10x BB Crate
In Sum
Gold 850.000 Ultra SD 10 INV Stamina 5x60 Diamond Crate 10
XP 180.000 Mod Power 150.000 Friend Stamina 5x60 Haven & Trail reset 1
Hero Chips 60 Mod Fragments 2x50 Stamina 80x60 BB Crate 10
Diamonds 500 Mod Upgrade 20 Memory Disc 2x10 RS Token 50

So this is like a

Monday is “Goldday”

Friday is “Friends Day”
Saturday is “Invasion Day”
Sunday is “Hero Day”

Day 29 - 31 are special and rare because of the content.

So what changed in the Login

New Stuff:
Mod Power
Mod Fragments
Mod Upgrade
INV Stamina
Friend Stamina
Memory Disc
Diamond Crate
Haven & Trail reset
BB Crate
RS Token

small “Balancings”

Gold 330.000 850.000
XP 54.000 180.000
Hero Chips 36 60
Diamonds 380 500
Micro SD 6 0
Mini SD 6 0
Ultra SD 6 10

i think this are easy changes which makes the login more powerful and interesting

Next “rework” is Heist, stay tuned


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I like this idea, though eventually I’d really like to see the login rewards modified so they scaled with the player’s level. Using your gold rework as an example, new players (say, level 40 and under) would get 850k gold over the course of a month; a player at level 250 would see that increased to, just as a guess, maybe 10 million gold per month from logins.


Yeah, i had the same thoughts, but i decided against it.

  • It would only work with Gold an XP. So yes, maybe it is possible, but its easier to balance clear values.
    Instaed adjusting a scaling System.

  • It is more prone to errors and has to be revised more often

So thsi was the easiest way to change it.
And Gold (& XP) are not everything :slight_smile:

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Here is a poll were you can vote for the next rework

The next “rework” is?
  • Invasion
  • War
  • small optic and balancings
  • Citywatch
  • Guilds

0 voters

So, next rework is “war”

Maybe i can finish my ideas in this weekend.

I know u give the good ideas to the Team.
But it would be realy nice, if we can get a little Feedback
from the team for our ideas :slight_smile:

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What is the next “rework” about?
  • Guild
  • Market & Crates
  • Invasion
  • Citywatch
  • New Modes

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Note, by Guild there I mean we finally getting Guild Level 6 as well as giving Guild Leaders and other administrative guild roles more tools to more easily see if a player is active and how to best help them.

Guild Level 6 could bring new Perks that allows us to have a higher chance at getting 2x drops, lowering the shop prices more than just a few percent and actually be like a 10%-20% reduction and lower the stamina cost per chapter by a little bit like from 6 stamina to 4 or 3 for the early chapters.

So yeah, that would be what I want or otherwise getting back the Friendship Mission Stories and similar :-).


I think, the Guild “rework” will be another great Part.
there wasn’t made anything since a year ago.
The whole “guild” system with all its facets lends itself to revising it.
(Structure, Perks, Overview, etc.)

I am not sure if the guild functions need a rework per say, but and update definitely and especially Guild Level 6 since it is nearly 1 and a half year since Guild Level 5 came.
Personally, the guild I am in have have finished all the interesting perks and just have smaller perks left.

But yeah, what do you have in mind Herzog_Eule if Guilds were to get a bigger rework?

The Poll said “Guilds”
so lets see.
I think i finished the “rework” Ideas aon Mon / Tue

Have a nice Weekend everyone


A little Update.

I’m sorry that i can’t finished my ideas today.
It was a little more extensive than expected.
Tomorrow we can see the result.

small preview:

  • New Perks (Guild LV 6 & 7 and a lot more)
  • rework on Merc
  • rework on Check In
  • New Chat mode / Guild Wall (& Friendlist)
  • Guild Management System (GMS)
  • Player Management System (PMS)

see you tomorrow, hope you enjoy it :slight_smile:

The next “rework” is?
  • Invasion
  • Market & Crates
  • City Watch
  • New Modes

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How have I not seen this until now?
This is great! Sign in is definitely really behind in scaling to the current in game resource climate. It really needs to be reworked and this would be great!


You can find the whole rework on Part IV link is on top :slight_smile:

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