RJ (Unlikely Hero Concept)

RJ (from Over The Hedge)
Description: This clever raccoon will use is street smarts and his various human equipment to show the creeps who’s boss
Quote: “If a human spots you lay down roll over and lick your junk, humans love it.”
Stars: 1
Trial Team: Yellow
Entrance: RJ will ride in his wagon, along with his golf bag and he will wield a golf club
Victory: RJ will open a can of chips and eat a few of them
Death: RJ will face palm
Role: Frontline Control

Basic attack: RJ will hit the closest enemy with a golf club

White skill: Chip Bag Explosion: Fantastic Damage
RJ will open a chip bags causing the dust to create a large shock wave, dealing X damage and blinding all enemies for 15 seconds

Green skill: Dino Grip
RJ will pull out his dinosaur puppet and use it to pull the furthest enemy to the frontline, snaring them for 15 seconds

Blue skill: Soda Shot: Fantastic Damage
RJ will shake a bottle of soda and then fire it, any enemies hit by this will be dealt X damage and also will blinded for 10 seconds

Purple Skill: Heist: normal damage
If a blind enemy is snared by “Dino Grip” they will be dealt X damage. Along with this, the amount of time that enemy is blinded is increased by 5 seconds

Red skill: Another Humans trash is a Racons treasure
Allies will deal 30% more damage to blinded enemies. Along with this when an ally is KOd, RJ will gain X energy and the cooldown for his blue skill will be reset. This can only occur once per wave


RJ and Nick Wilde
Disk: Sly Pals
RJ will have his green skill cooldown reset after he KOs and enemy with “Chip Bag Explosion”
Nick needs RJ’s help with a new con he’s been working on
Allies: Finnick Judy Hopps Chief Bogo

RJ and Walugi
Disk: Stolen Equipment
RJ has 20% chance to blind enemies with his basic attack
RJ steals all of Walugi’s sports equipment and this tarnishes Walugi’s reputation, if it hasn’t been tarnished enough
Allies: Duff Giligan Pete Scrooge Mcduck

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