Rockin' Roxy (Original Concept)

Here’s an original concept that I came up for. It’s the lead singer of a fictional band called X’s and O’s, named Rockin’ Roxy.


Name: Rockin’ Roxy
Stars: :star::star:
Description: With her tough attitude, loud voice, and blasting music, Rockin’ Roxy will pack a punch and rock the team!
Quote: “Y’know who I am? I’m our pride, I’m the strong, and I’m queen of rock! On with the tour!”
Position: Front
Role: Damage
Trial Team: Red
Collections: Damage, Stuns, Shields


Basic Attack: Rockin’ Roxy whacks the enemy with her guitar.
Entrance: A motorcycle drives onto the screen, and Rockin’ Roxy steps out.
Victory: Rockin’ Roxy throws on her sunglasses and gives a rock symbol.
Defeat: Rockin Roxy smashes her guitar and snares at the enemy.

White Skill: Rockin' Solo

Rockin’ Roxy screams and plays her guitar, Silencing, Knocking Back, and Snaring the closest 3 enemies for 15 seconds, and dealing X Fantastic Damage to them.

Green Skill: I Call The Shots

Rockin’ Roxy calls her agent on the phone and gains a duplicate of the last 4 Buffs gained by other allies for 6 seconds. Rockin’ Roxy also gains X Shield HP for 9 seconds.

The Buff duplication has a chance to fail when copying Buffs from allies above Level X.

Blue Skill: Amplified

Rockin’ Roxy amps up her speaker, granting herself and all allies Precise for 4 seconds. Rockin’ Roxy also Removes Invisibility from all enemies and deals X Fantastic Damage to each enemy per second for 8 seconds.

The Invisibility Removal has a chance to fail against enemies above Level X.

Purple Skill: On With The Tour!

Enemies who become Snared or Silenced deal 40% Reduced Damage. Whenever Silenced enemies are Knocked Back by any source, they take X Fantastic Damage.

Red Skill: Metal Master

When an enemy becomes invisible, the remaining cooldown of “Amplified” is reduced by 7 seconds.

For every enemy that is Snared or Silenced, Rockin’ Roxy applies 3 stacks of Weakness to them. Enemies with Weakness take 10% more damage per stack and enemies can have a max of 5 stacks of Weakness.

Applying stacks of Weakness has a chance to fail against enemies above level X.


Rockin’ Roxy/Animal- Sound of Musicology

Rockin’ Roxy sees great potential with Animal’s wild drumming skills. When she lets the Muppet to his own devices rockin’ out, she sees more to him than she could ever imagine.

Allies: Clawhauser, Jafar, Gadget

Silence Enemies who Stun

  • When an enemy would Stun Rockin’ Roxy or her allies, that enemy is instead Silenced for 1 (+1 second per star) seconds. This can happen to each enemy once every 10 seconds.
  • +X Armor
  • Enemies lose X Basic Damage while they are Silenced
  • Enemies lose X Skill Power while they are Silenced

Rockin’ Roxy/Shank- Girls with Attitude

While battling creeps for the day, Shank notices Rockin’ Roxy’s motorcycle with her loud music. Shank sees a great opportunity for the two of them to team up. What starts out as a friendly camaraderie soon turns into a bitter rivalry between the two.

Allies: Cindy Vortex/Pacha/Kiboko & Mina

Scare Silenced Enemies and Damage Scared Enemies

  • Rockin’ Roxy’s Basic Attacks deal an additional X Fantastic Damage to Scared enemies.
  • Whenever Rockin’ Roxy or her allies damage Silenced enemies, they have a 10% (+10% per star) chance to Scare them for 4 seconds
  • +X Skill Power
  • Enemies lose X Reality while they are scared

A couple questions:

What disk do you work on for Rockin’ Roxy?
  • Animal
  • Shank

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What tier do you rank this hero in?

What tier do you rank this hero in?
  • S-Tier
  • A-Tier
  • B-Tier
  • C-Tier

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