An unexpected turn of events!

Breaking News! An unexpected turn of events: eye witnesses claim to have spotted the mysterious Phantom Bleu within the digital city. What might this elusive figure be up to?

Roguefort Cookie

“Only I can see your true worth!”

The mysterious phantom thief Roguefort cookie controls the flow of the battlefield, stealing hearts and jewels in a blink of an eye.

Star Level: :star:
Role: Control
Position: Front
Trial Team: Red
Entrance: Drops in as spotlights shine in on them.
Victory: Winks at the player and disappears into the night
Defeat: Bows and disappears, leaving a calling card behind
Attack: Throws a calling card at the enemy

White Skill: Into The Night (TRUE Damage)
Passive: Rougefort is immune to charms and will turn invisible during the charm’s duration.

Active: Roguefort becomes untargetable and infiltrates the enemy lines. They steal one active buff from enemies, if possible X armor, X reality, dealing X damage to each enemy, and granting it to themselves. Rougefort then becomes invisible for 6 seconds after this.

True damage ignores armor and reality. Stealing buffs, armor, and reality have a chance to fail against enemies above level Z.

Green Skill: Smoke Screen (Normal Damage)
Lord Crumbles III, Rougefort’s pet, jumps out of their hat and pounces at the closest enemy and creates a smoke screen, dealing Y damage and sapping the initial target for 6 seconds and blinding all other enemies for 9 seconds.

Sapped enemies gain 50% less energy from all sources.

Blue Skill: Heart Stealer
Roguefort steals hearts from the 3 closest enemies, charming them to fight on their side for 8 seconds. While charmed, enemies gain 40% of Rougefort’s skill power. When the charm expires, the skill power redirects back to Roguefort for the rest of the wave.

The charm has a chance to fail against enemies above level Z.

Purple Skill: Grandiose Suspense
Roguefort increases the duration of allies’ disables and debuffs by 35%.

This effect is reduced on allies above level Z.

Red Skill: True Value
Roguefort gains a 45% chance to dodge skills or debuffs from enemies level Z or below. If they successfully dodge an attack, they gain Z basic damage and 200% attack and movement speed for 7 seconds.

“Into The Night” also transfers all of Rougefort’s active debuffs onto enemies damaged.

Rougefort’s chance to dodge attacks is further reduced against enemies above level Z.

Additional Stat Boosts:
+Z Skill Power
+Z Evasion
+Z Damage from “Smoke Screen”

Friendship Disks:

Rougefort-Darkwing Duck
Disguise The Limit
Invisibility at Combat Start
+Z Max HP
• Roguefort becomes invisible at the first 7 seconds of combat.
• While invisible, Roguefort’s attack and movement speed are increased by 40% (+40 per star level).

Rougefort-Flynn Rider
Royal Heist
Share Stolen Buffs with Allies
+Z Reality
• Allies gain 20% (+20 per star level) of the skill power, armor, and reality gained from “Heart Stealer” and “Into The Night”
• Roguefort also grants each ally a random buff that was stolen from “Into The Night”

Requires to Charge: 3 Active Skills are performed
Stat Buff: +Z Skill Power
Lineup Based Buff: +Z Reality per Control role ally
Effect Buff: Invincibility for 5 seconds


So, would you like to see more?

  • Sure!
  • Nah!
  • I don’t know what this is.

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It’s ok if you don’t know what they are from.
They’re from a game called “Cookie Run”
If you want to learn more, check it out!

I think others have said this to you on other topics but can you leave variables as a single letter? It just makes the concept look cleaner.

Ok then. I put multiple Xs because it shows how much “value” it is. Like how much armor is stolen or how much damage it deals. I’ll change it if necessary.

But the number of digits is gonna increase beyond the number of X’s. A single X represents everything.

That is true, I’ll use one X next time.

I think sure and I don’t know what this is.

This character is from cookie run.

Most people may not recognize it, but I’m sure a few would.

Feedback is wanted for improvements on my concepts!

I mean, do you like it? Because if not, I’ll stop making them.

I like it but i don’t know what it is.

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Glad you liked it!
I’m worried nobody will like it though. :frowning:

very creative! just because someone does not know something or care about it does not mean you have to stop making concepts of that thing!


I know I’ve already told you that the concept is amazing, but I’m also still really happy I’m not the only Cookie Run fan who plays DHBM.

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Thanks for the feedback guys!

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Apologies for the revive, but this concept got refreshed! Here’s what I changed:

  • Polished a few things of the concept to make it more align with my recent ones
  • White now steals armor and reality
  • Blue skill grants charmed a percent of Ro’s skill power; they’ll still gain it when the charm expires.
  • Completely redid the Red Skill
  • Added the friendship campaign with Darkwing Duck
  • Removed the outro (but I’m keeping the intro)
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