Rudy Gillespie (Kickin’ It Hero Concept)

Rudy Gillespie

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Rudy Gillespie was sensei at the Bobby Wasabi dojo; now he’s out to fight every creep that threatens to harm the innocent.
Trial Team: Yellow
Role: Frontline Support
Stars: :star::star:
Quote: “I swear by the light of the dragon’s eye, to be honest and loyal, and never say ‘die!’”

Entrance: (Rudy) Rudy steps in, bows to the enemy, and tightens his belt before posing for battle.
(Wasabitron 3000) See Wasabitron 3000 skill.
Victory: (Rudy) Rudy performs the stance used to recite the Wasabi Code.
(Wasabitron 3000) Wasabitron 3000 stands up straight and bows to the enemy.
KO: (Rudy) Rudy frustratedly scoffs at the enemy.
(Wasabitron 3000) Wasabitron 3000 sparks and malfunctions.

Basic Attack: Rudy roundhouses enemies from close-range.

White Skill - Wasabitron 3000
The Wasabitron 3000 lands into the battlefield to attack an enemy of the player’s choosing. Wasabitron 3000 has X HP and will deal X damage.

Green Skill - Explorer Scout
Rudy ties a length of rope into a knot, making himself immune to debuffs for 6 seconds.

Blue Skill - Action Business
Rudy charges through enemies while spinning a bo staff, stealing X energy and splitting it evenly among all allies.

Purple Skill - Best of the Mall
Rudy’s Wasabitron 3000 self-destructs upon reaching 0HP, dealing X damage to all nearby enemies.

Red Skill - One Hundred Percent Me
Any time Rudy, Wasabitron 3000, or an ally hits a silenced enemy, Rudy gains X energy.

Rudy Gillespie + Miss Piggy
Campaign: Meet Your Bacon Maker - Rudy catches sight of Miss Piggy’s fighting expertise, and decides to incorporate it in the dojo.
Disk: Occupational Hazard Patrol
Disk Memory: Wasabitron 3000’s damage increases by 10% after each successful hit.
Disk Power: Z shield power
Allies: Mickey Mouse, Oogie Boogie, Dr. Bunsen Honeydew & Beaker

Rudy Gillespie + Hiro Hamada
Campaign: Wasabi Seven - Rudy asks Hiro if he can join the Big Hero 6, but he must undergo some training sessions in order to become an official member.
Disk: Honorary Defender
Disk Memory: All enemies hit by Rudy or Wasabitron 3000 are slowed down by 15% for 7 seconds.
Disk Power: Z HP gain
Allies: Tigger, Buzz Lightyear, Li Shang

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Imagineer hate to be rude but I thought it was good

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