Sally Carrera/Jackson Storm (Cars Hero Concepts)

Sally Carrera

Lawyer, head of the Cozy Cone Motel, and lover of Lightning McQueen, Sally Carrera takes action against the creeps infesting the City using all her resources, including her friend Red’s firefighting skills.
Trial Team: Blue
Role: Midline Support
Quote: “Figure that one out on your own, did ya?”

Entrance: A Cozy Cone room materializes in the battlefield, opening its garage doors and allowing Sally to drive out and into the fight.
Victory: Sally laughs.
KO: Sally gasps in shock.

Basic Attack: Sally targets enemies to be sprayed with water by Red. Red has X HP and will deal X damage with his water.

If Red reaches 0HP, he leaves the battlefield sobbing.

White Skill - Do Not Disturb - Fantastic Damage
A Cozy Cone room appears. Sally takes the ally with the least HP and gives them the room, allowing them to restore their HP completely. While inside the room, that ally cannot take damage or be given debuffs from enemies.

Green Skill - Power Wash
Sally tells Red to hose down the enemy with the most HP, dealing X damage, removing X energy, and pushing them into the backline, all within a 6-second time frame.

Blue Skill - Mud Puddle
A puddle of mud materializes in the enemy zone, and Sally drives through it, splattering mud on surrounding enemies and slowing their attack speeds by 65% for 8 seconds.

Purple Skill - Customers!
Each time Sally performs her “Do Not Disturb” skill, allies also gain X energy. Her Basic Skill power is increased to X.

Red Skill - Holy Porsche!
Each time Sally performs her “Power Wash” skill, Red deals X additional damage and steals X Skill Power from enemies when they are hit by his water hose.

  • +X max HP
  • +X Basic damage
  • +X healing to Do Not Disturb

Sally Carrera + Lightning McQueen
Campaign: Taking a Drive - With a lot of quality time on their tires, Lightning and Sally decide to take a drive around the City streets and see what joyous adventures the day may bring.
Disk: Just the Two Of Us
Disk Memory: Sally’s “Mud Puddle” skill removes X energy from each enemy covered in mud.
Disk Power: Z Green Skill power, Z energy gain
Allies: Cinderella, Bo Peep, Dr. Bunsen Honeydew & Beaker

Sally Carrera + Shank
Campaign: a Real Intense Upgrade - Sally finds that the City is a much bigger and much deadlier place than Radiator Springs, but luckily there are people there like Shank who know how to manage the constant creep attacks.
Disk: Scorching Cylinders
Disk Memory: Red reduces enemies’ armor to X with Sally’s Basic Skill.
Disk Power: Z reality
Allies: Mayor Bellwether, Rex, Gadget

Jackson Storm

Hail the next generation! Jackson Storm flies past the competition and knocks them away like a shock. Imagine what damage he can do in the City and its cascading roadways.
Trial Team: Blue
Role: Frontline Control
Stars: :star:
Quote: “I think I touched a nerve.”

Entrance: Storm’s truck backs into the battlefield with music blasting, and he slowly exits.
Victory: Storm poses for a photo, surrounded by camera flashes.
KO: Storm becomes furious.

Basic Attack: Storm races through the enemy lineup, dealing X damage to enemies.

White Skill - Zero Effort - True Damage
Storm zooms through enemies at incredible speeds, dealing X damage and removing X reality from enemies.

Green Skill - Aerodynamic Movement
When an enemy performs a skill that knocks back heroes in the player’s lineup, Storm is immune, and instead gains X HP.

Blue Skill - Racing Simulator
Storm uses the racing simulator to grant himself X HP and X energy over time. While using the simulator, Storm cannot perform other skills.

Purple Skill - Renegade Rookie
Storm is invincible for 6 seconds after he performs his “Racing Simulator” skill. His evasion is increased to X.

Red Skill - the New Age of Racing
Storm’s “Zero Effort” skill knocks back enemies, including enemy Storm that are performing their “Aerodynamic Movement” skill.

  • +X max HP
  • +X Basic damage
  • +X damage to Zero Effort

Jackson Storm + Zurg
Campaign: Technology Trove - Storm aims to improve himself using newer City technology to make himself faster than Lightning McQueen, and Zurg wants to use it to take over the City. At first, they agree to work together, but neither of them understand how badly their plans would go if executed simultaneously.
Disk: the Real Deal
Disk Memory: Storm steals X energy from enemies hit by his “Zero Effort” skill.
Disk Power: Z Blue Skill power
Allies: Hamm, Kida, Kermit

Jackson Storm + Vinny Santorini
Campaign: Going Out With a Blast - Determined to be the top dog at any and all costs, Storm aims to blow Lightning away with Vinny’s explosive expertise. Vinny, however, is secretly not onboard with Storm’s motives, and plots to sabotage Storm’s efforts.
Disk: T-Minus Right Now
Disk Memory: Storm’s armor is increased to X while his “Aerodynamic Movement” skill is unlocked.
Disk Power: Z max HP, Z max energy
Allies: the Horned King, the Underminer, Nick Wilde

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These are great concepts. Good job! :+1:

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We you Do Anymore cars characters concepts because I would really like to see filmore or Jack

Mack or not chuck

Or Jerry recycled batteries or game beaufort love you’re concepts keep doing more

Agree withyou buddy

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