Self-proclaimed human expert (contest entry)

this is my submission for the animal kingdom concept contest hosted by @disney_fan


1 star, frontline control

Trial team: Blue

“It’s a dinglehopper!”

Scuttle uses dinglehoppers, snarfblatts and other discoveries to see what they do


Entrance: scuttle flys down to his position and pulls out a dinglehopper

Victory: scuttle combs himself with the dinglehopper

Defeat: scuttle falls to the ground face first

Basic attack: Scuttle pokes the nearest enemy with his dinglehopper, dealing x damage


White: Squawking seagull

Scuttle squawks loudly which deals X damage to all foes but silences the foe nearest to scuttle for 8 seconds when he squawks.

Green: Snarfblatt

Scuttle pulls out his snarfblatt and blows it but it launches seaweed and sand at the most wanted enemy, this deals X damage to the foe while also blinding the foe for 5 seconds.

Blue: The fork

Every third basic attack, scuttle combs his hair with the dinglehopper which heals him for X amount while also cleansing two random debuffs that he currently has on him.

Purple: human expert

Scuttle takes 50% less damage from silenced and blinded enemies.

Red: Eccentric seagull

Scuttle gains X max HP and X armor for each time he defeats a silenced enemy.

Scuttle prefers to attack enemies with the highest amount of buffs on them with his basic attack.
+X damage to “Squawking seagull”
+X skill power
+X reality

Hunt for human stuff
more damage per health

Scuttle deals 30% more damage per amount of HP he has in battle.

Voice stealer
shorter disables

All disables inflicted on scuttle are now 4 seconds shorter per star.


Thank you for submitting this concept

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