Animal Kingdom Concept Contest!

(JK :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)




The voting is about to begin, please read over the guidelines below

Voting Guidelines 

After the submission are closed, all concepts will be put through a bracket style elimination. You will vote for your favorite and the one for the most votes moves on to the next round. PLEASE NOTE: YOU CAN NOT VOTE FOR YOURSELF . If you do, your vote will not count. This will continue until we have a winner.

The rewards are ultimate bragging rights and some congratulation gifs :grin:.




Disney can has been typing for a while :eyes:

Yes. Disney Can.


Please vote based on the concept, not based on how much you like the person. Please read over the concepts before voting. Vote in every poll. I wish everyone good luck! Let the voting begin!

Vote Below

Giosphere - Flash Slothmore (Likely Concept)

Tragic-Magic - The Quiverwing Quack (Contest Submission)

  • Giosphere
  • Tragic-Magic

0 voters

C-Train - Self-proclaimed human expert (contest entry)

Bruiser - Hopper's "Pet," Thumper (Animal Kingdom Contest Entry)

  • C-Train
  • Bruiser

0 voters

Irrer_Minnie - Pegasus Concept (Concept Contest Submission)

Filadae_Djaq - The Greatest Criminal Mind

  • Irrer_Minnie
  • Filadae_Djaq

0 voters

Champion_David - Animal Contest: Jungle Book Vultures

Scarlet_Captain - Courtesian Melody - Sebastian Likely Concept

  • Champion_David
  • Scarlet_Captain

0 voters

Defender_Momo_LV - Hook's worst nightmare (tick tock probably likely concept)

The-Pumpkin-King - Dumbo & Timothy Q. Mouse Concept

  • Defender_Momo_LV
  • The-Pumpkin-King

0 voters

Imagineer_V - Maid Marian Concept (Contest Submission)

Fellow_Piglet - Piglet | Likely Concept

  • Imagineer_V
  • Fellow_Piglet

0 voters

Hoho-its_gonzo - The henchmen vultures animal kingdom concept submission

Grim_Grinning_Ghost - You, me, and fifi (animal kingdom contest entry)

  • Hoho-its_gonzo
  • Grim_Grinning_Ghost

0 voters

LetsGetDangerousBro- A hungry circus bug (Heimlich character concept)

MissingLure - Gazelle and Tiger Dancers Hero Concept

  • LetsGetDangerousBro
  • MissingLure

0 voters


That’s my name, don’t wear it out :wink:

Thank you for saying this!


Some of these are really tough tbh


And make sure you vote in every poll

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Can we vote in the one we’re in.

Yes, but it can’t be for yourself


I’m surprised I’m not getting shut out.

Pushing this up so everyone can vote

Vote to keep or eliminate?

Vote for your favorite

Make sure you have voted in every poll!

Even if you’re in the poll?

I think you have to vote for the other person.

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Yep. Since everyone has to vote though in every poll, your votes neutralize and actually do not matter. This only applies to polls you are in. It is just for a fair contest.

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