Shadowman16’s Concept Contest!

Hello! It’s me, Shadowman16, and after looking at some past concept contests, I decided to create my own! There are some rules that you will need to follow in order to qualify for judging.


  • Make a concept related to the Theme (Summer)

  • Include skills, animations, friendships, a quote, and a picture.

  • I take both Unlikely and Likely concepts, but NO original characters.

  • No previously made concepts allowed.


So, now that the rules have been stated, when the post is released, you can start working on your concepts! I will take about 5-10 good concepts to judge, and some might not be judged. Due date is June 25th.

As I said in the rules, the concept has to be related to Summer, (I can see an entry for a certain duo in here) since it is right around the corner! I hope you enjoy the contest!


Looks very good! The only thing is that Pluto is already in Minnie’s white skill, but nevertheless very good!


Oh, sorry, i didn’t knw

Here is my submission

Suzy Johnson Hero Concept

Wow! That one looks really good! I love Phineas and Ferb!


Here is my submission btw

Pluto Concept (Already in minnie’s skill) (unlikely)


Does Uncle Grandpa count? Is him related to the summer? Because I’m planning right now his concept and its fun and his objects can be related to that.


So, here is my submission. If you notice something wrong, don’t worry: this is only my 4th hero concept. I hope you like it!

Uncle Grandpa’s Hero Concept

UPDATE: There are now in the concept the Skills Images! If you want to check them, you can! I didn’t do so well the Blue Skill because of the Background, not effective with the Chroma Key.

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i know i’m late

Pinocchio Concept #1

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