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Nope! But, good guess! Might do it in the future.

Fries I’m right

Nope! Closer, but not quite!

Moldy/Charlotte added to the list!

Elise Wims-Harris added to the list!

Michael added to the list!

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Yeah… I’m going to wait until the 29th to do another concept. I’m kind of tired from my long flight and I don’t want to use any of my off time doing a concept. Sorry, guys…

That’s fine! It’s good to have a break now & then.

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Ok I can wait. (I hope it’s donut)

This part wasn’t necessarily :neutral_face:

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Hey guys, I don’t really want to do a concept over Donut right now. Is it ok if I do somebody else? I’d rather do a character I’m more… invested in. I’ll do donut, it’s just not time yet. Hope you guys understand.

Edit: My hiatus is over, by the way. I’ll make another concept today or tomorrow.


That’s fine! You never did have to do a concept about Donut, in the first place.

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Thanks. I just hope Geniedingwall doesn’t get mad or anything…

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Oh he will get mad.

I’m bracing for impact… :grimacing:

Oh, don’t give that guy the time of day. You can make a concept of anybody you want. If it’s not the character they want then they can go kick rocks.

Mute them if you’re so worried about it.


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See sholadow told you he was gonna be like this

Provoking him/pointing out his behavior like this does not help the situation, either…


Yeah what he said

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