The Most Hated HK Contestant (UNLIKELY CONCEPT)



“I’m still the same Elise who really doesn’t care what people think. It’s okay, You can hate me."

Team: Red
Role: Control
Position: Front

Description: “Elise wreaks havoc on the battlefield with her loud voice! After all, it is her way or the highway. BOOP!”


Entrance: Elise walks in with a red carpet, and she then gets into position to fight.

Basic Attack: Elise shouts at an enemy, dealing X Damage.

Victory: Elise flexes both of her arms like the show off she is.

Defeat: Elise crosses her arms and looks away, before starting to cry.


White Skill: Boop!

Elise “Boop”s an enemy, which deals X Damage, snares, silences, and stuns the enemy booped. Boop!

Green Skill: Combative Comebacks

Elise argues with an enemy, which silences the enemy, as well as decreasing their attack speed by 20% and debuffing their armor. They just can’t handle Elise’s ego!

Blue Skill: Flexing It

Elise flexes her arms, increasing her attack speed by 30%, cleansing her armor, and giving her a shield for 4 seconds.

Purple Skill: The Problem

Elise now deals X damage to the enemy she argues with during “Combative Combacks”.

Red Skill: Who’s Weak?

When Elise flexes during “Flexing it”, she now heals X HP afterwards, and she now is able to give a shield to an ally as well.


Elise/Queen Of Hearts
“Temperament Troubles”
Allies: Anger, Hades, Yzma
“Combative Comebacks” now slows down the enemy’s attack speed by 30%, not 20%.

“Own the Kitchen”
Allies: Jared, Jackie, Linguini & Remy
“Flexing It” now provides a shield for 6 seconds, not 4.


Yes, I’m well aware that I was supposed to do donut, but I wanted to take some time to do a concept I wanted to do. I’ll do donut next, just give me some time. Anyways, I hope you enjoyed my latest HK concept! Stay tuned for Donut in the near future!

Also- I would like to note that I will be absent from the forums from 6/10-6/28. Hope you understand!


Ok sure I can understand.

I hope Donut comes in the near future.

Probably this week

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Ok sorry if I am being rude. But by meaning of “this week” do you mean like. Uhhhh, this weekend or next week of the June the 2nd? Sorry if I might be unintentionally offensive.

Good concept :+1:

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6/2-6/9 is what I mean.

Thanks, dude!! :smiley:

Can you leave him alone


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looks like I got a case of the “yesss spammer raid”

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Just ignore them. Plus this reply wasn’t necessarily.


I get it. Thanks for the advice!

Dude. Even I am not that impatient.

I just asked them like twice for donuts and not give the, like that far of a request.

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Thanks for letting us know? But why say this on Shadowmans concept?

At first I was in an infernal rage that it wasn’t donut but then I read the bottom and I was like “Sure i am glad he technically didn’t betray my trust”

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