Growing Greener (UNLIKELY CONCEPT)


”After I win this excuse of a competition, I’m taking MY money that I earned MYself… to fix this stupid hunk of mold. I don’t need anyone else’s help doing so.”


Team: Yellow
Role: Tank
Position: Front

Description: “Moldy is ready to take the enemies down. She uses a combination of her favorite hobby and her own body to make sure they don’t stand a chance.”


Entrance: Moldy climbs down a wall with her camping equipment, then gets into position, getting out her pickaxe.

Victory: Moldy swings her pickaxe around and places it on her shoulder.

Defeat: Moldy throws her pickaxe to the ground and sits down in dissatisfaction.

Basic Attack: Moldy swipes her pickaxe, dealing X Damage.


White Skill: Mold Madness

Moldy spreads some of her mold with a random enemy, giving them two stacks of “Molded”. Each stack deals X Damage per second for 2-4 seconds.

Green Skill: Flashlight Fright

Moldy grabs a flashlight she would use for cave exploring and flashes it in an enemy’s face. This blinds the enemy, as well as doing X Damage. It also has a chance to stun the enemy.

Blue Skill: Practical Push-Ups

Moldy stops what she’s doing mid round to do push ups. While she does these push ups, she has a shield, and she heals X HP per second. The push ups last for 2-4 seconds.

Purple Skill: Compulsively Violent

When Moldy uses “Mold Madness”, she now adds one more stack of “Molded” to an enemy. “Molded” also now slows down their attack speed and debuffs their armor.

Red Skill: No Help Needed

When Moldy uses “Practical Push-Ups”, she now gains buffed armor and a 30% faster attack speed after doing her push ups.

  • +X Max HP
  • +X Basic Attack Damage
  • +X Damage dealt on “Flashlight Fright”


Moldy/Scenty (COMING SOON)
“A Duo Formed Through Pain”
Allies: Liam, Bryce, Airy (COMING SOON)
Moldy’s Basic Attack now deals twice the damage, and now knocks enemies back.

Allies: Meg, Tiana, Prince Phillip
“Flashlight Fright” now silences and snares the enemy damaged and blinded.


I’ve been pumping out a lot of concepts lately. I find making these very fun. I just got out of school, and I really have not much else to do in my freetime, so I enjoy making these. I’m probably going to take a 2-3 day break after this, mainly due to the amount of concepts lately. Aside from that, I find Moldy to be a very complex, complicated character who really has potential. I feel like this was way overdue (so is scenty but still). Well, I hope you enjoyed my concept, and you can vote for my next one down below! See y’all in the next concept!

Who’s next?
  • Scenty/Amelia (HFJONE)
  • Elise Wims-Harris (Hell’s Kitchen)
  • S, T, & R (PaS)
  • Donut (BFDI)
  • Fries (BFDI)
  • Michael & Sean (Love of the S*n)
  • Top Hat & Sketchpad (The Nightly Manor)

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Poll ends 5/28!


Question. Will you shorten the poll, until all the characters from this poll was chosen before a new poll?

Lucky for you, I have 7 days of middle school left

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@Wicked_Pete_V those comments make no sense.

It’s not my fault the comment restrictions are wack!!!

For the first time ever, I added a drawing of my own to this concept! Should I add these drawings to old concepts, or should I just add them to new ones?

  • Add them to old concepts!
  • Add them to new concepts!
  • Don’t add any more!

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Do you like the drawing?

  • Yes!
  • No….

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Very ver very good

Today’s my mom’s birthday so I won’t be as active on this wiki today as usual.

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Not yet. I’m taking a break for now, I’ll start tomorrow.

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Dude, leave them alone.

They can make concepts when they’re good and ready.


Dude, I am sorry,

Thank you for giving me a reminder at least you aren’t trying to bully me off the wiki.

First of all, this is not a wiki. It’s a forum.

Second of all, nobody is bulling you or making fun of your creativity. Criticism is suppose to be constructive but you decided to put a negative spin on it.

And if I recall correctly, you had a problem with this the last time you were here, spamming concepts and showing zero concern to what anyone has to say.

If you want a more positive experience, take the effort to actually listen to what others have to say or the whole ordeal starts all over again.


I started it, but I’m out doing errands rn, I’ll continue later.

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Stop stalking him


Sorry I was just asking him something.

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