Short Tempered Duck

Donald Duck

“What’s the big idea?”

Donald is a front-line damage hero

Trial Team: Red

Stars : :star::star:


Entrance: Donald stomps into the battlefield

Victory Donald crosses his arms and smiles

K.O.: Donald throws his hat to the ground and stomps on it

Basic Attack: Donald punches an enemy, dealing X damage


White Skill: Short Temper
Passive: At the beginning of every wave, Donald starts with 20 stacks of “temper”. Donald looses a stack of temper whenever he is damaged by a basic attack

Active: Donald rolls up his sleeves, healing himself X HP for every stack of “temper” remaining. Donald is granted 5% attack speed and X skill power (seconds will not stack) for every stack of “temper” lost for 8 seconds. Whenever Donald uses his active, the stacks of “temper” resets to 20 stacks of “temper”

Green Skill: Quack Comeback
:fist: Normal Damage
Every 9 seconds, Donald dodges a melee attack and returns with a punch to the attacker dealing X more damage than the dodged attack

Blue Skill: Feathered Fist
:fist: Normal Damage
Donald swings his arm around, hopping on a foot, and punches the nearest enemy, dealing X damage, stunning them for 6 seconds. Stun may fail against enemies above level X. Like this:

Purple Skill: Unintelligible Speech
Whenever Donald uses “Quack Comeback”, he decreases armor and reality by X


Donald - Mickey
“Anger Management”
Allies: Goofy, Merlin, Duke Caboom
Donald now starts with 2 more stacks of temper

Donald - Goofy
“Duck Dance”
Allies: Mad Hatter, Scar, Quorra
“Feathered Fist” now stuns for 2 more seconds (increases by 1 second for every added star)


  • Damage
  • Stun

So next up is Soos Ramirez! Yes, I have done him before but I need to redo him. After him will be Della Duck and Lena

I thought it was good. A few thoughts/questions.

1.The Mickey friendship says he starts with 2 more stacks of temper, is that per star i’m guessing?
2. Guessing all of his kit is basic damaged based?
3. At first i didn’t like his white it didn’t make sense but after reading a few times i get that his losing his temper so he basically starts swinging wildly. Pretty clever lol =)
4. Only thing i don’t like about his white skill is having to get crit for him to lose stacks, outside of definite crits seems luck based part of the active might be underutilized
5. What stats does he get with friendships?

If you have seen previous concepts you will see that if the increase per star is different the note will be in parentheses

First thought: What the heck?! No! Then the point of the variables would be useless. And no hero is basic-damaged-based, not even Miguel!

Critical damage happens a little more often then you think. Also this is to help Donald not be so OP

Again, if you have seen my previous posts I do not add them because it takes some time to come up with them and I let PerBlue deal with that issue. After all, I do not work for them. I’m too young to get a job too

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Pip here is wondering if you’ve played Borderlands - apparently, Donald’s white skill is very similar to how Anarchy / Discord work in that game :slight_smile:

The white was pretty creative, good job on that. The green is stupid though, we have more than enough counters already and this one doesn’t even do anything with it. The blue is just Ralph’s blue but slightly weaker (without disk). Having watched a lot of old Donald Duck cartoons, I feel like this doesn’t really do Donald justice, but the white skill could be used for Anger and fit.

No. Honestly I have never played or heard of Borderlands (makes me think of the Mexican border, not be racist). But I like coincidences, especially the good ones


Well he does a bit more damage than the dodged attack (does not matter how much damage was avoided) so… it is technically a one of a kind skill

That was completely unintentional. I will see what I can do

Trying to decipher this message and am determining that you’re saying the skillset doesn’t fit Donald?

I have a Suggestion, that the blue skill stuns more seconds the more/less temper he has. So the skill can take use Donald unique mechanic.(If there’s Bad English, sorry i don’t speak it too much).

Because it’s off-topic.


Lol how do people that spam not understand what spamming is?

It actually is off-topic. Because in this topic there is absolutely no mention of Mickey

It’s off-topic because there’s zero context or explanation for saying it, so it isn’t of relevance.

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Buddy its in the relevant context to the arrival of Mickey in the game took half or an year so Donald would go through the same thing so its in context

No… just no

You are dense. Mickey’s arrival is not mentioned in the topic. There was no indication that was what you meant by “360 days to go”.

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This is off topic…

But you had to revive it didn’t you…


maybe a friendship with darkwing duck?