Silencing and can't explain

How are you going to just randomly start monitoring PRIVATE messages. You have been absolutely ridiculous for what you are silencing people over. You should give people a bit of time to get used to. Not silence people over stupid things . Then you don’t have the decency to talk or explain to anyone . Just rather send automated copy and paste messages.
I want to actually talk to a person and not a automated response.


They aren’t monitored, there’s just an automated filter that checks messages against a predefined ‘rude words’ list.

If anyone believes they have been silenced or had a chat censor in error, a support ticket is the way to go


It’s definitely not just automated. I was silenced and wrote in a ticket to support. They couldn’t explain anything I asked the too. Then threatened me with" this

So they will open and automatically close my ticket for anything related to the topic? Please explain it to me why they can’t talk like an actual adult instead of trying to shut people up??

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I agree just stating pre written responses and copying and pasting responses hoping that it answers the ticket and closing it is not the right thing to do. Actually makes me feel being ignored more, why created this thread before Example of support ticket.

I understand some things are automated monitored and what have you, but that doesn’t mean it should be the only line of defense or reply. Like a dam might be automated to pour water out from beyond it if there is a flood… still need someone beyond the desk to monitor it/fix it/ and explain why something goes wrong and how to avoid it in the future. Not knowing what exactly is wrong in the automated eyes to the users is exactly the same thing as there is no post saying “these are the words we find rude” or explaination when people ask why. Just “our automated services silenced/banned you and nothing we can do to explain why or change it”. I think that’s the point of this post topic… why can’t things be explained and we just have to accept what is?

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This is beyond a joke so basically we can’t do anything now because per blue says so. Whats guild chat and pms got to do with per blue? Vip etc has to do with per blue not pms or guild chat. I want a detailed reason for these ridiculous changes @Loutre. Its not acceptable for elliot and you to avoid a players questions!!! Without us you have no game i think you forget that!!!

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They tell you off for lmao basically laughing what a complete joke. This games for adults not kids why treat us like kids. Its crazy!!!

Agree game more of adults then kids, unless kids got jobs and time to pay for it :thinking:. Even which kid can do that, bill gate’s son?

But seriously do agree things should be explained more. Not saying they don’t have a right to do things since their game, but to make the player always seem at fault instead of taking responsibility for lack of communication or basically saying everything is rude in form of the tos, well almost seems nothing can be done except either quit or just deal with it (which isn’t good either but what else can we do, when our frustrations seem to go unanswered)

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There silence is a joke. We all are asking why and get rubbish unacceptable responses!!!

This has always been in the rules for ALL chat channels which includes private messages.


As @Pipsqueak said above, we are not monitoring your private messages we have just added the chat filter to private messages.

I was able to find what I believe is the correct support ticket and I do not see any issues with how the support team member responded. They explained to you that when players agree to our Terms of Use, they are also agreeing to the chat and community rules as well. The chat rules are for all chat channels and how it is intended behavior.

The chat guidelines were not changed the only change made was adding the filter. This has ALWAYS been the ingame chat rules.

I see you then complained that your guild name was not inappropriate, but we deemed it was and I stand by that decision. Our agent had no more to say on the subject as it had been answered and I agree that they had no more information to share with you and appropriately closed the ticket and any further tickets will be closed if they are complaints regarding the addition of the filter.

This does not mean that if you write in to support to say a silence was wrong or you are being harassed that it will be automatically closed. Only the tickets you send in that are complaining about the addition of the chat filter will be closed as our agent has already given you the answer which I have also provided above.


Looking into this players tickets I do see that they received appropriate responses from our support agent. The team has prewritten macros that they use to respond to as many tickets as they can faster, but all tickets are answered and read by real people.


I think the point was trying to make answers should sound more to be something like this….

“According to our records, you wrote the word “xxxx” as part of your conversation (in global, vip, etc) on date and time, which according to our chat monitors is a word that violates our tos which can be seen (provide link). As such this is why you have have silenced/banned. This is all the information we can provide to you and thanks for playing “

Instead of just “you were silenced because you violated our terms. This all we can say and will close ticket”

It’s about details in differences. 1st answer makes it seem it’s looked into as it’s explained detailed what, when and why. As oppose to the generic macro answer. I get you use macro answers to speed up the amount of ticket responses, but just saying it doesn’t ALWAYS seem to be answering the question is all. I am not saying it didn’t in the case above, just stating the approach of answer shouldn’t always be the same.

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Yes, the team should be giving the top answer for when a player is silenced. They cannot always give such exact details as date/time as I do not believe it stays in our system forever, but the chatlog will still be there.

For this specific thread it appears this player was complaining about adding the filter to private messages and gave a screenshot of only the ending portion of their messages with our support agent. The support agent did give them an appropriate response regarding the addition to the chat filter. In the support ticket I found they were not asking about themselves being silenced.


Even if this is the case sorry but this should of been from the start its pointless doing it now. You are also the only game I’ve played where you cant talk in guild or pms as you see fit. I think its a step to far.

You agreed to the terms and conditions which means you also agreed to the chat and community rules.

We are not forcing you to continue to play Disney Heroes if you do not like the addition of chat filter to private messages then you have the choice to stop playing if you wish.

If a person reports issues its down to you to act. However my experiences of you is in the past you silenced me for defending myself and the bullies on game got away scot free not banned and can still talk. Its totally unfair but I let it be. So why now?

I’m sure people who’ve received unsolicited sweary PMs would welcome the filters :face_with_monocle:

As someone in another channel pointed out, it seems strange to complain about not being able to be rude to each other :man_shrugging:

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You do realise that the amount of unhappy people there are of we all left loutre youd be out of a job? As Disney heroes would not exist anymore?

You are allowed to stop playing Disney Heroes at any time.

Oof those are some strong words, mate.

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