Solider (Unlikely Hero Concept)

Solider (from Team Fortress 2)
Description: This deranged man is one heck of a solider in the battle field, comparing to the likes of George Washington. I think?
Quote: “If God would have wanted you to live he would not have created me!”
Stars: 1
Trial Team: Red
Entrance: Solider will rocket jump out of a tele-porter as tons of loaves of bread will fly out behind him before the tele-porter glitches out of existence. Once Solider gets to his position, he’ll mockingly solute as seen in the picture above
Victory: Soldier will yell very loudly and bang his shovel on his head multiple times
Death: Solider will pull off two grenades from his sash and then will explode, causing him to disappear. This will also deal X splash damage to any nearby enemies
Role: Frontline Damage


Basic attack: Solider will hit the enemy with his shovel

White skill: Rocket Jump Waltz: True Damage
Soldier will rocket jump through the enemy line, dealing X damage and knocking back all enemies

Green skill: Shotgun Of America!: Fantastic Damage
Solider will pull out his shotgun and shoot it three times, hitting any enemies in his way and dealing X damage to them. The enemies hit will be stunned for 10 seconds

Blue skill: Buff Banner
Solider will play the buff banner, giving himself and all allies attack speed increased, and basic attack power increase by 50% for 12 seconds

Purple skill: Duped Shovel
After using “Rocket Jump Waltz” Solider deals fantastic, normal, or true damage crits for 15 seconds

Red skill: Real Good, Maybe Even The Best
Soldier’s basic damage is increased by 30% for every KO’d enemy on the battle field. This resets at the end of each wave


Solider and Mickey Mouse
Disk: America’s Number 1 Mouse
Soldier’s attack speed will increase at the start of each wave by 20% for 5 seconds
Solider is honored to meet the most American cartoon star of all stars, Mickey Mouse, Mickey finds this rather absurd but to make Solider happy. He gives him a tour of the “studio”
Allies: Goofy Donald Duck Minnie Mouse

Solider and Buzz Lightyear
Disk: Space Ranger Solider
Solider will gain 5% skill power for every enemy he’s KO’d. This resets at the end of each wave
Solider wants to join Star Command and asks Buzz to be recruited. Buzz takes a look at his background and find Solider to be literally insane. Buzz then turns him down but Solider still treats himself like a Space Ranger and follows Buzz around, which doesn’t go well at all
Allies: Pleakly Jim Hawkins Zurg

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