Spending boycott


I’m exactly the same Fletcher, I’ve spent a few hundred on the game and still feel like a F2P compared to the mega whales out there. Just outside of top 100 on server 1.

I’m not spending anymore either with the current state of the game.

I’ve seen far too many in game friends quit recently due to the current grinding nature of the game; there is no way I’m financially rewarding this monster anymore unless some positives changes arrive. I feel like I owe that to my fallen comrades, plus my bank balance.


The whole idea of increasing the skill cost for everyone because a minority of players have more gold than they can spend is RODICULOUS! There are new players who can’t get caught up to the higher levels because they are literally priced out of gold.

If you’re going to make gold available for purchase…maybe that’s your problem right there. Don’t punish the players who haven’t been spending x amount of dollars for incredible amounts of resources. You’re the ones offering the bundles everyday of the week.


They literally are based out of Madison, Wisconsin btw. http://www.perblue.com There is something bigger going on behind the scenes for them to be making drastic changes like this, Its just hard to know when there is zero transparency between them and the player base, and its severely dissapointing. They feel like Blizzard at this point who only has discussions with its player base when its too late.


More and more people are talking about leaving for a Looney Tunes alternative, will be considering this myself I think, what a way to ruin a game.
Perblue, you really need to act soon or the idea that this update would increase overall revenue for you may backfire I’m afraid.


Server 3 update. VIP is pretty well devoid of conversation. I paid money to get out of global when I joined this game. Now I’m not getting any benefit for being VIP and the money that I have put into this game.

I have left my guild do to the constant war pressure. I also left because attrition is killing guilds. Having to hold onto players who quit without warning because of their power. Or those who just don’t attack in war or waste their attacks on purpose.

They’re killing their game but they don’t care. New servers should listen and join this boycott also because they’ll reach these problems in the near future.


Doing all the fyber deals that offer more than 500 diamonds and here i am at level 9. I like your fairytales bro.
So, according to your experience, whale is one who has VIP level above 13. And even then i question myself, because to be considered “that guy”, you need to put more than a average player. Getting 11-12 for the time this game exists is easy.

And all of these things make them earn more money.

Badge updates - check.
New heroes with OP mechanics that make them a powercreep of all the class they belong - check.
Guild wars as an incentive for people to be more competitive - check.
New gamemodes that create an interest in a game - check.
Heist kick - completely useless for everyone from top guilds as private lobbies exist and brings new hope for players who suffer from afkers.

Im saying it again, wait until everyone would have Maleficent and they nerf her stun to 3 seconds and tell me how they care about player experience. And if you had Quorra, enjoy her not being able to destroy Moana’s shield anymore.

You advice them what to do, but people have tried it for months and, you see, third of the hero roster is absolutely worthless to be even considered for leveling still.

Good luck trying to talk to devs tho, it all looks like smashing the face into the wall, but seems youre still believeing in rainbows and flowers and common sense, right?


There is a really nice badge deal for $4.99 x3 right now. Usually I jump on these. This time I’m not.


Looney tunes? Hmmmmmmmmm


I guess their strategy is to just ignore all the complaints and hope the problem goes away. @Polaris hasn’t said one thing about this


They have shown they could care less about the players. I’ve stopped spending and will most likely quit next update


Look at this now they’re offering green badges in deals. LMFAO…:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


To be fair, that green badge in particular is for some friend missions that I have had revently, and then I have had to soend stam farming it.

I still wont buy any of it but at least its not useless


Guys Polaris is listening!

They just flag first and answer later :upside_down_face:


Today is the best example, the deal today I would usually buy without hesitation.

But now? Nope, not happening.

I’ve also seen the Looney Tunes alternative to this and I think it’s time to check it out.

No response to the problems, just throw another cheap deal as us to suck as back in.

Ultimate greed.


Same, but now, not a chance.

I’d still like an answer as to why S1 gets better deals than other servers.


I’m already playing LT and very nice so far. At least you can farm better, and fights are funny


Yeah I can imagine, I was in fact more of a Looney Tunes fan as a kid than Disney; Disney instead has grown on my over the years due to my own kids.

Time for some nostalgia! I play games for fun after all, this isn’t fun anymore. It was once; now the addiction that must be broken. A new game is the easiest way to transfer it. :slight_smile:

I have iTunes credit I’m sitting on too which was previously committed to this, wonder if they are not as ridiculous with their deals…


It was the same with me, I always preferred LT, but with my daughters I gave Disney a second chance! :joy:


What lvl are you my friend? As for freind missions when you hit lvl 50 or above you have 100’s of those badges. So it’s still ridiculous to give them in a deal. And green badges are 100 times easy to farm than purple or orange ones. So I don’t know how you feel okay with it.


Well, they claimed they have millions of player… so i think they dont care about this thread :frowning: