Spending boycott


Harry you cant run around and call ppl Names…I know its hard but calm down. The best way is to lower your spending budget on the game - a lot of my friends quitted today and its a das day for me…:disappointed_relieved:


Who thought whales would consider ducks in the deal as disgrace and argue about it for 5 posts with literally no point.
Well, whatever. I’m hardly reaching top 200 btw, but it wasnt about me, right?

That’s actually sad. Would be even sadder if all mine hadn’t left before all this nonsense. People are constantly dropping the game, firstly about badges, then stars, some are leaving because they can’t keep up with all the routine.

I’d even bet, rant is the reason people leave, not the actual politics.


Whale is term for big spender fact the person attitude is such that he’s arguing at length with someone means he must be a whale.


I know hat a whale is ! :grinning:

Butpls stop it - We need to think for a Solution


Wow even after explaining so much I am the one who has no point. Okay. Was not me who came and started spewing his knowledge😂


Solution? Leave.
I tried for long talking about balance issues and it took half a year to do their thing. Better not to try anything imo.


I will pause the game - my game keeps crashing constantly on my iPhone anyways


Rofl balancing what a fool. Come on now darkwing duck can break all shields a 2 star 19k duck with a 1 star lol 13 disk. And yet they make shield heroes worse balancing? You haven’t got a clue!!!


Darkwing does not break all shields. His friendship with Nick is a 25% chance to block an enemy’s shield (similar to how Ursula blocks ults). With each successful block, the enemy’s move and attack speed are reduced by 5%. Probably increases by 5% with each star level.

Look man, I absolutely hate this update and I’m boycotting PerBlue as well but I’m not making ignorant claims or disrespecting the devs who run the forum. You don’t come into someone else’s home and disrespect them. If it were up to me, you would be banned or at least muted on the forum for insulting the devs who allow you to be here and access THEIR forum.

This is not the place for that behavior. It’s a Disney game but you’re an adult. Act like it.


Actually the Disk is broken it looks like. Ran Kevin Flynn, Baymax and Violet against it in a spar and either I was really unlucky or the disk is broken.

Agree with everything else that you said just wanted to let you know that it does seem like the disk is broke.


I’ve even tried double shields I’m dead in seconds. A 2 star duck and 1 star lvl 13 disk should not be that powerful sorry you are wrong!!! Ty very much


Ban me for what stating facts? Please!!! It’s fact the duck is OP and does break shields as it stands I’ve tried double shields the lot. So you can’t say I’m wrong I’m not. They encourage us to spend spend spend then mess us up on gold pots etc and nerf characters that realistically dont need nerfing and I bet wont correct darkwing for an age. If 1 to 8 is fortify again whats the bet as a final insult another cap raise comes in a week.


Also ever considered that people are being rude as nothing we have have asked nicely about has been answered. That’s not how you run a forum.


Hey guys just had an idea I am on server 7 and I have now change my name to “F2P Caspa J” I am asking others to take a stand and join in by also putting F2P in front of there name.


I’m just not going to spend money anymore. No need for the F2P tag


It’s just an idea but respect your decision. It stands out in the game if a lot of people had it in front of there name though.


Yah sorry I have had the same name since i started and I do not plan on changing it


I havent purchased a single deal today and there has been a lot of good ones. Passed up at least 3 badge buster type deals. Normally I’d buy all of them.


Sadly, you guys can keep crying PerBlue a river and nothing will change.
We’ve seen this with 6*, we’re seeing this now. It won’t work.


Well, if they see on there “DATA” (probably next month), more whales quit on every server, and hopefuly they realize there mistake, but damage have been done and many whales already quit… our top whale in server7 already quit and many more player in challenger stop playing( about 30% maybe)… and the top3 guild became top 7 now bec there mate already quit… @Polaris

I’m a f2p player… bec many p2w players quit, this happen

Hope you can still save some whales before its too late… again, @Polaris