Spyro/Mushu Friendship Campiagn Concept

Here’s the second friendship campaign for Spyro!

Campaign name: Lost Cri-Kee




Allies: Mulan, Alice, Quorra

Friend Dialogue Level 1

Spyro and Mushu are now friends!

Spyro: Are you sure you’re a dragon, Mushu? you look more like a lizard to me.

Mushu: Course I am! I’m just travel-sized for your convenience.

Mushu: Now if I was around your size, some of your skylander friends would run scared.

Spyro: Uh-huh, sure.

Campaign Story: Spyro helps Mushu and Mulan save Cri-Kee from the Golden Queen.

Mushu: Spyro! Mulan and I need your help!

Spyro: What is it?

Mushu: That crazy woman made of gold has kidnapped our friend Cri-Kee!

Spyro: Golden Queen? Perhaps we can put a stop to her plan for taking over the City.

Spyro: Where’d you see her go?

Chapter 1: Return to the Scene

Chapter 1-1: Mulan and Mushu take Spyro to their place to where they last saw Cri-Kee.

Chapter 1-2: It wasn’t long before they get ambushed by creeps.

Chapter 1-3: Spyro and Mushu easily take them out with some fireballs.

Chapter 1-4: After disposing of the creeps, they make it to where Cri-Kee was bugnapped.

Chapter 1-5: Solid gold was found there, was clear the Golden Queen was behind it. It continued to lead outside.

Spyro: Golden Queen is behind it, no doubt about it.

Mulan: Where does the gold lead to?

Spyro: If we’re lucky, it’ll lead us to the Golden Queen’s hideout.

Mushu: Hope so. When I get my hands on her, I’m turning her into molten gold!

Chapter 2: Path of Gold

Chapter 2-1: The trio begins to follow the gold that the Golden Queen left behind.

Chapter 2-2: They eventually find it ending at the Black Market.

Chapter 2-3: Interestingly, any stalls that the Golden Queen went to had at least something turned to gold.

Chapter 2-4: Unfortunately, no sign of Cri-Kee.

Chapter 2-5: But before all hope was lost, Bo Peep approaches them.

Bo Peep: Hey, Mulan. You and your friends looking for your lucky cricket?

Mulan: Yeah, how’d you know?

Bo Peep: I saw some lady made of gold holding something similar to what you brought last time.

Mushu: That’s gotta be the Golden Queen.

Spyro: You saw where she’d went next?

Chapter 3: Golden Creeps

Chapter 3-1: Bo Peep tells them she saw her mumbling something about taking over the City.

Chapter 3-2: Spyro thinks she might be heading to City Hall. But as they head there, they’re ambushed by creeps.

Chapter 3-3: Spyro charges through some Brutes, knocking them down.

Chapter 3-4: Mushu casts a shadow scaring any creeps that survived.

Chapter 3-5: After the battle, they regroup.

Mushu: This might sound crazy. But do you think the Golden Queens trying to use Cri-Kee’s luck for her plan?

Spyro: I’m not sure how this cricket of yours works, but it’s a possibility.

Mulan: I hope Cri-Kee can hang in there a little longer.

Chapter 4: Fool's Gold

Chapter 4-1: The trio hurries to City Hall if the golden Queen is going to strike there.

Chapter 4-2: Sure enough, the entire City Hall is golden.

Chapter 4-3: But Mulan also sees some of the Golden Queen’s minions attacking the people there.

Chapter 4-4: Once they gained the upper hand, Spyro interrogated them into telling them where the Golden Queen is.

Chapter 4-5: They learned that the Golden Queen is planning her next move at her lair.

Mushu: How exactly are we gonna find her now? Her lair can be anywhere.

Spyro: I might have an idea where to look.

Friend Dialogue Level 7

Mushu: You know, I’m somewhat close to a Skylander too.

Spyro: Oh, really?

Mushu: Yeah, for one thing, I was a figurine just like you.

Spyro: So how did you get free from it?

Mushu: It was also by magic from the Fa family ancestors.

Spyro: Mushu, I think you’re missing the point. To be a Skylander, you have to do some kind of heroic deed.

Mushu: Well, does helping Mulan save all of China count?

Spyro: Definitely!

Chapter 5: Black Market Underground

Chapter 5-1: Spyro leads Mulan and Mushu to the Black Market.

Chapter 5-2: Before Mushu could ask why Spyro discovers a secret passage where they found more solid gold.

Chapter 5-3: As they head down, it starts to get darker.

Chapter 5-4: Mushu spews a few flames for light, and so they could see.

Chapter 5-5: Suddenly, they hear faint sounds of chirping, Mushu realizes that could be Cri-Kee.

Mushu: I hear Cri-Kee!

Spyro: He’s gotta be close!

Mushu: That queenie is so in for it now!

Chapter 6: Lost Cri-Kee Found

Chapter 6-1: The sounds of Cri-Kee get louder and louder the further they’re down.

Chapter 6-2: It didn’t help that they were ambushed by creeps.

Chapter 6-3: Mushu takes care of them by scaring them with his shadow.

Chapter 6-4: When they finally reach the Golden Queen’s lair, they find Cri-Kee in a cage.

Chapter 6-5: Mulan quickly frees him before the queen returns.

Mulan: Cri-Kee! I’m so glad we found you!

Spyro: So, he really is a cricket.

Mushu: Course he is. Did you really think he some guardian like me?

Spyro: Kinda. But what did the Golden Queen even want with him?

Golden Queen: That lucky cricket is mine!!!

Chapter 7: A Shiny Face-Off

Chapter 7-1: The Golden Queen strikes her scepter at Spyro, who barely dodges.

Chapter 7-2: Cri-Kee tries his best to get away from the Golden Queen safely to Mulan.

Chapter 7-3: Spyro shoots fireballs, but the queen reflects them with her scepter.

Chapter 7-4: Eventually, the Golden Queen plunges into melted gold.

Chapter 7-5: She then emerges enormous in front of the heroes!

Mushu: Spyro… What’s the plan?!

Spyro: The plan is we run from here, really fast!

Friend Dialogue Level 10

Mushu: So this Gnorc dude went crazy all because one dragon mocked him, and then took it out on the others?

Spyro: Pretty much. I guess it was thanks to my small size that I wasn’t targeted.

Spyro: But he was still no match for me either way.

Mushu: And I though Shan Yu was crazy.

Chapter 8: Golden Escape

Chapter 8-1: The trio quickly escape from a rampaging Golden Queen now big.

Chapter 8-2: Spyro and Mushu had to clear debris that got in the way.

Chapter 8-3: A few times they nearly lost Cri-Kee along the way.

Chapter 8-4: By the time they reached the entrance of the hideout. The Golden Queen was stuck.

Chapter 8-5: Mushu bangs his gong, making the pillars collapse onto the Golden Queen.

Mushu: Now that’s what I call ringing the gong!

Mulan: You could say that again.

Spyro: Thanks for your help you guys, I’ll wait here for the authorities.

Mushu: Glad I won’t have to deal with that crazy gold lady anymore.

Spyro: You know, there’s always the usual patrols, you guys can join me on.

Mulan: I would be honored to join you, Spyro.

Mushu: Well, if you put it that way, we’ll be seeing each other often.

Campaign “Lost Cri-Kee” complete.

“Dragon’s Fire” unlocked.

Hope you enjoy!

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