Spyro/Violet Friendship Campaign Concept

Here is Spyro’s first friendship campaign!

Campaign name: City Skylanders



Allies: Robin Hood, Elsa, Mr. Incredible

Friend Dialogue Level 1

Spyro and Violet are now friends!

Spyro: So tell me, skylander to skylander. How did you get free from your figurine imprisonment?

Violet: Skylander? Figurine Imprisonment? I don’t understand.

Spyro: Oh! You’re not a Skylander, my bad. Where I’m from, power like yours comes from the magic of Skylands.

Campaign Story: Spyro and Violet gather heroes all over the City to take down Kaos.

Spyro: Violet! There’s a giant robot destroying downtown. We need to stop it.

Violet: A robot? That doesn’t sound good. Wonder if Syndrome is behind it?

Chapter 1: Trouble Downtown

Chapter 1-1: Spyro and Violet get word that a robot is causing destruction downtown.

Chapter 1-2: But as they rush down. they are ambushed by creeps.

Chapter 1-3: Spyro shoots fireballs at some mages. Giving Violet time to shield them.

Chapter 1-4: Spyro then runs in the shield, bowling over any creeps that try to attack them.

Chapter 1-5: They made it downtown to find a huge robot shooting everything in sight. The heroes try to make a plan to take the robot down.

Spyro: Vi, use your shields to block any incoming projectiles, and protect any civilians. I’ll try to knock it down with my fireballs.

Violet: That’s a good idea- Wait who’s that?

Spyro: Is that? No… it can’t be!

Kaos: Behold! Long have I waited for this day to take my revenge! Soon this entire City will kneel before me!

Kaos: Kaos! K! A! O! S!

Spyro: Vi, we got to get out of here. Now.

Kaos: Going somewhere? Skyloser?

Violet: We have to stop him!

Spyro: Violet. He’s too dangerous for just the two of us. We’re gonna need more help to take him down.

Kaos: HA! Tough luck with that! You’re not in Skylands anymore!

Chapter 2: Regroup

Chapter 2-1: Spyro and Violet were able to retreat to regroup.

Chapter 2-2: Spyro suggests that they try to find heroes that fit each of the elements of Skylands. Air, Water, Earth, Life, Tech, Undead, Fire, and Magic.

Chapter 2-3: Before they could brainstorm. They find Alice being ambushed by creeps, they rush in to assist.

Chapter 2-4: Violet shields Alice, while Spyro charges through robots and brutes.

Chapter 2-5: Alice then turns enormous and stomps away the remaining creeps.

Alice: I really appreciate the help you two.

Spyro: Don’t mention it, kid. Although, how did you get so big?

Violet: When Alice eats one of those “Eat Me” cookies, she grows big.

Alice: It’s true. Since you saved me, there has to some way I can repay you.

Spyro: Actually, there is. Do you think you can also grow small?

Chapter 3: Intel Gather

Chapter 3-1: Spyro explains the situation to Alice. And she decides to join the group.

Chapter 3-2: Spyro thinks Alice is a perfect candidate for the Air Element. Alice remains curious.

Chapter 3-3: Violet suggests that they try to find out any weaknesses of the robot Kaos controls.

Chapter 3-4: Carefully making their way, Spyro and Alice take care of any creeps or any of Kaos’s minions. Violet sneaks her way to the robot.

Chapter 3-5: Using her invisibility, she gets a good view of the robot. Only to find Syndrome talking to Kaos.

Violet: Spyro! I saw him! Syndrome!

Spyro: Syndrome? Isn’t he the guy that tried to destroy your family?

Violet: Yeah! The same one!

Alice: Please, Violet! Keep it down. We can’t let him hear us.

Syndrome: Huh? Oh, if it isn’t the daughter of Mr. Incredible and Elasticgirl. And it looks like you brought some friends, this is too good!

Syndrome: Robot of Doom. Destroy them!

Spyro: Quick! We have to get out of here!

Chapter 4: Incredible Help

Chapter 4-1: Spyro knows they’ll need more help to stop the robot.

Chapter 4-2: But now that they know Syndrome is helping Kaos, Violet suggests that they get her dad to help. After all, Mr. Incredible does know Syndrome best.

Chapter 4-3: Before they look for him. Spyro asks Alice to find Moana, saying she could be a hero of the Water Element.

Chapter 4-4: Alice agrees to this and goes to find Moana. Spyro and Violet head out to find Mr. Incredible.

Chapter 4-5: They find Mr. Incredible at the Parrs residence. Only to see him ambushed by creeps. They rush in to assist.

Mr. Incredible: Perfect timing guys! Violet, what’re you doing back home so soon?

Violet: Dad, that man with the S on his suit is causing havoc on the City with another robot.

Mr. Incredible: Just when I thought Syndrome had to go play ‘hero’ again. I’m in.

Spyro: I guess not only do you know what he’s capable of. But you’re probably a Skylander yourself.

Mr. Incredible: In some way, Spyro.

Friend Dialogue Level 7

Violet: Sorry about what happened with Jack-Jack, the other night. He gets excited when he sees someone new.

Spyro: Don’t worry. I’ve dealt with many baby dragons before I even became a Skylander.

Violet: You were a babysitter?

Spyro: Not exactly. But me and my old friend Hunter had to save a bunch of baby dragons from an evil sorceress.

Chapter 5: Assembling the Heroes

Chapter 5-1: Alice meets up with them, telling them Moana is in on the battle.

Chapter 5-2: Spyro tells Mr. Incredible that he’s a potential hero for the Earth Element.

Chapter 5-3: Violet thinks of two heroes for the Life and Tech Elements, Tigger and EVE.

Chapter 5-4: Spyro thinks that’s a good idea and head to the Park.

Chapter 5-5: When they enter the Park. They don’t see EVE. But they find Tigger trying to get Pooh out of a honey tree.

Tigger: Hello! What brings you to our part of the Park?

Violet: Tigger, we were hoping you could help us with forming a team of heroes.

Tigger: Say no more! I’m in!

Spyro: Wow. You’re pretty stoked about this.

Tigger: Well, the Hundred-Acre Wood needs a hero out there. And I’m the only one.

Chapter 6: The Team is Formed

Chapter 6-1: Soon after finding Tigger, they hear EVE blasting away some hover bots.

Chapter 6-2: After persuading her, she agrees to join. Now they need to find heroes for the Undead, Fire, and Magic Elements.

Chapter 6-3: Alice thinks Jack Skellington and Mushu are the best candidates for the Undead and Fire Elements.

Chapter 6-4: They find Jack Skellington and Mushu down at the Covered Market.

Chapter 6-5: After explaining the situation, Jack and Mushu agree to help.

Violet: Alright! Now, all we need now is a hero of the Magic Element.

Spyro: Actually, I’ve already found that hero for the Magic Element.

Spyro: You.

Chapter 7: Kaotic Battle

Chapter 7-1: Violet is surprised to think she would be of the Magic Element. Until Spyro mentions her force fields and invisibility.

Chapter 7-2: Now that they have a team. It’s time to face Kaos and save the City.

Chapter 7-3: They quietly make their way to the robot. Alice makes a distraction, while she, Moana, Mushu, and Jack Skellington fight Kaos’s minions.

Chapter 7-4: With the minions distracted, the rest of the heroes make their way to confront Kaos and Syndrome.

Chapter 7-5: Mr. Incredible decides to distract Syndrome so that EVE can disable the robot.

Mr. Incredible: Syndrome! How would you and your friend care to settle this?

Syndrome: Mr. Incredible! We’re kinda busy right now.

Kaos: Yeah! Busy, WINNING!

Mr. Incredible: Don’t you want to spare a few minutes, ‘buddy’?

Syndrome: Call me ‘Buddy’ again, and we’ll settle it alright!

Mr. Incredible: O.K., ‘Buddy’.

Syndrome: Oh, that does it!

Friend Dialgoue Level 10

Spyro: Violet, have you seen Dash anywhere?

Violet: Not recently. Knowing him, he’s speeding around somewhere. Why are you looking for him?

Spyro: Because I noticed he and Stealth Elf are equally fast. And I was hoping to time them to see who’s faster.

Chapter 8: Bringing Order to Kaos

Chapter 8-1: With Kaos and Syndrome distracted. EVE flies up to disable the robot with her ion blaster.

Chapter 8-2: Spyro, Violet, and Tigger take care of any minions that catch on to their plan.

Chapter 8-3: It wasn’t long before the rest of the heroes join in to assist.

Chapter 8-4: Mr. Incredible was able to take down Kaos and Syndrome, just as EVE disables the robot.

Chapter 8-5: Soon, when the villains get up, they find the heroes surrounding them.

Syndrome: Is that the best you all got?

Spyro: Not really.

Violet: In fact, why don’t you both take a look at your robot?

Kaos: OH! My robot! My beautiful robot!

Syndrome: Come on now. I’m sure we can work something out.

Mr. Incredible: After what you try to do to my family? Nice try.

Spyro: In fact, how about our new friends escort you and your friend to the City Jail?

Syndrome: Come on, is this really necessary?

Violet: Bye, bye, losers.

Tigger: Yes. TTFN. Ta ta for now, losers.

Campaign “City Skylanders” complete.

“Heroe’s Pedastal” unlocked.

I hope you enjoy!

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