Stealth Elf/Manticore Friendship Campaign Concept

Here’s the second friendship campaign for Stealth Elf!

Campaign name: Summon a Hero

Stealth Elf/Manticore


Allies: Swedish Chef, Honey Lemon, Buzz Lightyear

Friend Dialogue Level 1

Stealth Elf and Manticore are now friends!

Manticore: So, Hugo told me you’re a Skylander, right?

Stealth Elf: Yes, and what about you?

Manticore: Well I’m more of an adventurer type of hero.

Manticore: Anyway, if you ever want to seek out adventure, or if you want a meal. Swing on by my tavern.

Stealth Elf: O.k., I’ll keep that in mind.

Campaign Story: The Manticore mistakes Stealth Elf for coming out of her Hero Orb.

Manticore: What you know! It’s my old Hero Orb, haven’t seen this in a long time!

Manticore: I just hope it doesn’t end up like my Dragon Amulet.

Chapter 1: Calling a Hero

Chapter 1-1: To make sure it works, Manticore takes the Orb with her on her patrol.

Chapter 1-2: Once she finds a horde of creeps, she raises the Hero Orb high.

Chapter 1-3: But unfortunately nothing happens. Now she has to face the creeps alone.

Chapter 1-4: Manticore slashes the Curse Crusher and breathes fire. But it doesn’t slow them down.

Chapter 1-5: But before she could retreat, Stealth Elf gains the drop on them and makes them scatter in a fury of blades.

Manticore: Wow! Now that was impressive, sister!

Stealth Elf: Well, just what I do back in Skylands.

Manticore: Then that means my Hero Orb works after all!

Stealth Elf: Wait, what?

Chapter 2: Out of the Orb

Chapter 2-1: Manticore explains to Stealth Elf the effects of the Hero Orb.

Chapter 2-2: The chosen hero sticks to the summoner to aid them in their quest.

Chapter 2-3: If the hero has fallen or has completed their mission, they return to the orb, to heal.

Chapter 2-4: Stealth Elf gets the sense that Manticore is a Portal Master.

Chapter 2-5: Manticore gets confused by that statement and tries to counteract it.

Manticore: I’m pretty sure, if I were a Portal Master, I’d have to learn how to use a portal.

Stealth Elf: How else was I able to come out of your Orb?

Manticore: The magic where I’m from works different than in this Skylands place.

Chapter 3: Creep Magic

Chapter 3-1: Before Manticore can explain further, creeps get the drop on them.

Chapter 3-2: Stealth Elf fends them off with blade slashes and scarecrows.

Chapter 3-3: Manticore swings her Curse Crusher, reducing the horde.

Chapter 3-4: Once the horde was smaller, Manticore grabs Stealth Elf and flies away.

Chapter 3-5: They manage to lose sight of the creeps from the rooftops.

Stealth Elf: Whether the magic in your world is different or not, I get the feeling that orb of yours is kinda like a portal.

Manticore: It’s not a portal. Look, you don’t have to worry about it, you can continue what you were originally going to do. I only just slowed you down.

Chapter 4: Orb Dud

Chapter 4-1: Manticore begins to fly away, leaving Stealth Elf baffled.

Chapter 4-2: She eventually finds her down in the Subway Tunnels.

Chapter 4-3: Manticore reveals that another one of her magic relics turns out to be a dud.

Chapter 4-4: Stealth Elf begins to put two and two together, and realizes that Manticore wasn’t a Portal Master, neither was she from Skylands.

Chapter 4-5: But she does know that the Hero Orb had one good outcome.

Stealth Elf: You know, if it makes you feel better. When you raised the orb high, I saw the shine of it.

Stealth Elf: So in some way, it did work.

Manticore: I guess you’re right. Thanks, Stealth Elf.

Judy: Stealth Elf! I’m so glad I found you!

Stealth Elf: Is something wrong, Officer Hopps?

Judy: There’s a giant blue slug gulping all the soda in the Covered Market!

Friend Dialodue Level 7

Manticore: So how did you think the cadets felt about my speech of seeking adventure?

Stealth Elf: I’d say they liked it.

Stealth Elf: But I think some of their types of adventures are different than yours.

Chapter 5: Gotta Gulp

Chapter 5-1: Soon as Stealth hears the words, ‘Blue Slug’, and ‘Soda’; she knows who’s behind this.

Chapter 5-2: Wasting no time, she and Manticore rush to the Covered Market District.

Chapter 5-3: They even have no choice but to evade any groups of creeps.

Chapter 5-4: they make it to the Covered Market District, only to be greeted by a flying barrel.

Chapter 5-5: When the heroes look up, they see that it was a giant blue slug. Stealth Elf recognizes him. The Gulper!

Gulper: Ha ha ha! Me want soda!

Manticore: Wait, he said he wanted soda. What’s wrong with that?

Stealth Elf: Trust me. You do not want to give him any soda.

Chapter 6: Adrenaline Assalut

Chapter 6-1: Stealth Elf explains that the Gulper grows enormous if he drinks any soda.

Chapter 6-2: Without thinking, Manticore swoops into the sky to try to knock the Gulper down.

Chapter 6-3: She tries breathing fire, and stinging him with her scorpion tail. But nothing happens!

Chapter 6-4: The Gulper, annoyed with Manticore’s attacks, swats her away like a fly.

Chapter 6-5: Manticore comes crashing down into some market stalls. Stealth Elf comes to her aid.

Stealth Elf: Are you alright? You took quite a crash there.

Manticore: I’ve been better. How are we going to take that slug down?

Stealth Elf: You know, I might have an idea, that’ll bring him down to size.

Chapter 7: Shrinking Soda

Chapter 7-1: Stealth Elf tells Manticore that the way to bring Gulper down is to shrink him.

Chapter 7-2: The Manticore gets an idea and heads back to her tavern to grab a vat of soda.

Chapter 7-3: Stealth Elf asks why she would do that until Manticore adds some of her scorpion poison to the vat.

Chapter 7-4: The Life SKylander catches on and decides to add more things to make sure, the soda tastes gross.

Chapter 7-5: WIth the soda vat ready, Stealth Elf calls out to the Gulper.

Gulper: SODA!!! I must have SODA!!!

Stealth Elf: Hey, Gulper! We got some soda for you!

Gulper: Yyyuuuummm!!!

Manticore: This one is special, we hope you like it!

Gulper: * spits it out * Yuck!!! What did you make me-

Gulper: * sees he’s starting to shrink * Huh?! Nooooooooo!!!

Friend Dialogue Level 10

Stealth Elf: Thanks for helping me and Spyro out with that greeble problem.

Manticore: Don’t mention it. But you sounded a bit surprised.

Stealth Elf: Well, it’s just I’ve been used to having be us Skylanders that save the day.

Stealth Elf: It’s still taking some of us to get used to being around more heroes.

Manticore: I get you there, sister.

Chapter 8: All Gulped Up

Chapter 8-1: Just like that, Gulper shrunk back down from the heroes’ soda bait.

Chapter 8-2: Soon, Stealth Elf and Manticore have Gulper surrounded.

Chapter 8-3: Once Judy arrived with backup, Stealth Elf turned the Gupler to her.

Chapter 8-4: Judy thanks her and Manticore for their help and she takes Gulper to the station.

Chapter 8-5: Satisifed with their victory. Stealth Elf and Manticore head to the Manticore Tavern.

Manticore: Now that’s what I call anadventure!

Stealth Elf: I hope this was the closest thing to summoning a hero from your Hero Orb.

Manticore: The orb may not have worked, but I still got an adventure out of it.

Manticore: Anyway, I better get back to my tavern now. You hungry by chance?

Stealth Elf: To be honest, I’m starving.

Manticore: Then let’s have some heroic meals, on the house!

Campaign “Summon a Hero” complete.

“Hero Amulet” unlocked.

I hope you enjoy!

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