Stealth Elf (unlikely concept)

Silent but Deadly!

Role: Damage

Position: Front

Stars: :star2: :star2:

Trial Team: Red

Entrance: Stealth Elf teleports into the battlefield

Victory: Stealth Elf does a twirl in place

Defeat: Stealth Elf drops her blades and sits down

Basic attack: Stealth Elf slashes her blades


White Skill: Elf Jitsu
:sparkles: Fantastic Damage

The player chooses one of the three combos for Stealth Elf to perform when “Elf Jitsu” is activated.

Combo 1: Stealth Elf slashes at the closest enemy doing X damage and knocking them back.

Combo 2: Stealth Elf releases a poison cloud that travels through the enemy team doing X damage for 10 seconds.

Combo 3: Stealth Elf jumps to the closest enemy doing X damage for 3 seconds.

On auto, Stealth Elf switches between all combos.

Green Skill: Pook Scarecrow
:fist: Normal damage

Stealth Elf teleports behind a random enemy doing X damage and returns to her normal position. After she does damage, a scarecrow takes her place with X max hp and does X damage to nearby enemies when KO’d

Blue Skill: Arboreal Acrobatics

Stealth Elf dodges an incoming attack and gains X basic damage and her attack speed is increased by 50% for 5 seconds.

Stealth Elf can dodge an attack every 6 seconds.

Purple Skill: Blade Dancer

Stealth Elf’s combos from “Elf Jitsu” gain the following bonuses.

Combo 1: Stealth Elf gains X basic damage after she knocks back the target enemy. If the enemy is shielded, she steals that shield.

Combo 2: Enemies damaged by the poison cloud are sapped for 15 seconds.

Combo 3: Stealth Elf removes X armor from the target enemy.

The sap has a chance to fail on enemies above level X.

Red Skill: Sylvan Regeneration

Stealth Elf regenerates X hp for every 5% hp she’s missing.

Stealth Elf also takes 75% less damage when she has a healing effect applied to her.

This skill is less effective from enemies above level X.

Additional stat boosts

  • +Z max hp
  • +Z basic damage
  • +Z damage from “Elf Jitsu”



Stealth Elf - Slinky Dog
Toying Around
More Scarecrows

  • skill power
  • max hp to scarecrows

Stealth Elf can now summon 3 scarecrows with “Pook Scarecrow”
“Pook Scarecrow” does 15% more damage to Tank and Damage role enemies.

  • +15% per star


Stealth Elf - Manticore
Hero Amulet
Buff Damage and Support allies

  • Damage role allies gain X basic damage
  • Support role allies gain X skill power

Stealth Elf increases the basic damage and healing of all Damage and Support role allies by 10%.

  • +10% per star

Stealth Elf/Slinky Dog Friendship Campaign Concept

Stealth Elf/Manticore Friendship Campaign Concept

I hope you enjoy!


I really love it! Sounds good :wink:

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