Stealth Elf/Slinky Dog Friendship Campaign Concept

Here’s my first friendship campaign for Stealth Elf.

Campaign name: Dream Heroes

Stealth Elf/Slinky Dog


Allies: Belle, Wasabi, Magica De Spell

Friend Dialogue Level 1

Stealth Elf and Slinky are now friends!

Stealth Elf: What’s it like, having to live your entire life as a toy?

Slinky: Actually, where I’m from there are a lot of perks to being a toy. Are you saying you were a toy too?

Stealth Elf: Correct. But unlike you, I was unable to move from my figurine imprisonment.

Slinky: Golly, that sounds awful!

Stealth Elf: You don’t even know the half of it.

Campaign Story: Mysteriously, heroes around began developing a fear of creeps. Stealth Elf and Slinky suspect some foul play.

Woody: Slink. I wasn’t expecting to see you today.

Slinky: Our patrol was today Woody.

Jessie: Patrol? Do we really have to?

Slinky: Yeah, we need to protect the City from creeps.

Buzz: That’s exactly why we’re hiding here.

Slinky: Wait, what?

Chapter 1: Mystery Fear

Chapter 1-1: Slinky is really confused. His friends are never usually scared of creeps.

Chapter 1-2: But then, a thought struck him. What if other heroes are scared of creeps as well?

Chapter 1-3: To test his theory, he does out to the Covered Market and begins to chant “Purge the errors!”

Chapter 1-4: Sure enough, civilians and even heroes ran away in fear. But his chanting even got the attention of creeps.

Chapter 1-5: Luckily, Stealth Elf arrives in and assists Slinky with the battle.

Slinky: Stealth Elf! Boy howdy am I glad to see you.

Stealth Elf: Yeah, it would seem I’m not the only one who isn’t scared of creeps.

Slinky: You’ve noticed this too, huh?

Stealth Elf: This strange fear has affected all the Skylanders, except me.

Chapter 2: Sleepless Nights

Chapter 2-1: Curious, Slinky Dog asks her why she hasn’t been developing the fear of creeps.

Chapter 2-2: Stealth Elf explains that ever since that Chief Bogo wanted her to give a Hero Talk about protecting the City, she hasn’t gotten any sleep the past three days.

Chapter 2-3: Slinky realizes his case might be similar too. He’s been protecting the City from creeps that he hasn’t gotten any sleep lately.

Chapter 2-4: Knowing that if any of the villains find out about this fear; they could use it to their advantage. They need to stop this fear soon.

Chapter 2-5: But before they could brainstorm more. They see Clawhauser being chased by creeps, they rush in to help him.

Clawhauser: Thanks for the help, you guys! Those creeps really got the jump on me.

Stealth Elf: Have you started fearing creeps too, Officer Clawhauser?

Clawhauser: Yes, as a matter of fact.

Slinky: First our friends and now the City PD?

Clawhauser: I wasn’t the only one! Judy and Nick were also afraid of creeps since this morning!

Stealth Elf: They have? Where are they now?

Chapter 3: Nightmare Officer

Chapter 3-1: Clawhauser tells them that Judy and Nick are still at the precint.

Chapter 3-2: Stealth Elf and Slinky head there to find out how Judy and Nick developed creep-phobia.

Chapter 3-3: Along the way, they run into a group of creeps, but they quickly dispose of them.

Chapter 3-4: When they ask the two officers questions, their answers were odd.

Chapter 3-5: They said that they started developing creep-phobia after waking up the previous day.

Judy: I’m sorry there’s not much for us to explain. It just happened so suddenly.

Slinky: This doesn’t make any sense to me. How can anyone start having a fear the next day from a dream?

Stealth Elf: Unless… someone else has been invading their mind. As in messing with their head on the inside!

Nick: Um… what’re you even talking about?

Chapter 4: The Dreamcatcher

Chapter 4-1: Stealth Elf explains that only one person she knows who could do something like this, Dreamcatcher!

Chapter 4-2: Stealth Elf reveals that she faced her in her own dream when she used to be a cadet at the Skylander Academy.

Chapter 4-3: Dreamcatcher tried to make other Skylanders afraid of sheep the first time.

Chapter 4-4: This gives Slinky an idea. If they can all sleep together, they can face the Dreamcatcher in the Dream Realm.

Chapter 4-5: Stealth Elf likes the idea, but ponders. How are they going to share the same dream?

Slinky: Now that we know who’s behind it. How are we going to get in the Dream Realm?

Stealth Elf: We simply have to sleep. But for sharing the same dream, my friend Sprocket has something that we could use to share the same dream.

Friend Dialogue Level 7

Slinky: You know, Stealth Elf. I think I saw you before on Andy’s tv.

Stealth Elf: Really? As in my figurine form?

Slinky: Yeah, though I imagined you being able to move off your pedestal.

Stealth Elf: Now I’m beginning to see why how you compare us Skylanders to toys like you.

Chapter 5: Dream Team

Chapter 5-1: Stealth comes back from Skylander Academy with Sprocket’s dream machine.

Chapter 5-2: After hooking up, and getting comfy. The heroes begin to fall asleep.

Chapter 5-3: They soon find themselves in what looks like the City. But it’s a replica in the Dream Realm.

Chapter 5-4: But quickly, they find themselves face to face with a Mama Creep Bot.

Chapter 5-5: It begins to belittle the heroes into how small and fearful they are. But Stealth Elf quickly snaps out of it.

Stealth Elf: Come out, Dreamcatcher. We know it’s you!

Dreamcatcher: * poofs into her true form * Ha Ha Ha Ha!

Slinky: So you’re the one behind everyone’s creep-phobia?

Dreamcatcher: Yay for you. You figured it out.

Stealth Elf: But why? As if scaring the students with sheep wasn’t enough.

Dreamcatcher: Let me break it down for you and your pets. Sometimes, you just gotta do you. And I’m super evil AND a Doomraider!

Dreamcatcher: Watching you run away from sheep was fun. But watching heroes run away from creeps. Even better!

Judy: Well, your fun stops now!

Dreamcatcher: Nah, since you guys figured out it was me. I’m just gonna have to keep you here forever. I can’t have any of you running my fun!

Chapter 6: The Dream Realm

Chapter 6-1: Dreamcatcher tells them how she has ultimate power over them as she leaves some of her dream minions to deal with the heroes.

Chapter 6-2: Stealth Elf tries her best to explain how the Dream Realm really works to Slinky, Judy, and Nick. But the minions keep on interrupting her.

Chapter 6-3: After defeating the minions, they chase after Dreamcatcher.

Chapter 6-4: Dreamcatcher makes some rising platforms appear to slow them down.

Chapter 6-5: But before Judy can land a hit on Dreamcatcher. She summons a sheep for a shield.

Nick: Carrots, you alright?

Judy: I’m fine, Nick.

Dreamcatcher: Did any of you seriously not hear the part about me; being the ultimate power in the Dream Realm?

Slinky: Oh, we heard you! But we have some friends to save.

Stealth Elf: And I have a Hero Talk to give. None of us are giving up.

Dreamcatcher: Goody! More fun for me.

Chapter 7: Catching a Dreamcatcher

Chapter 7-1: Dreamcatcher begins to send out dream tornados at the heroes, pushing them back.

Chapter 7-2: But suddenly, they see multiple clones of Stealth Elf.

Chapter 7-3: Stealth Elf was trying to explain that this is their dream. Making everything their property.

Chapter 7-4: Soon enough, the others were able to turn the tables on Dreamcatcher, defeating her in the Dream Realm.

Chapter 7-5: When they woke up, they find the Dreamcatcher right in front of them.

Dreamcatcher: Oh… hey girl, doggie, officers. I hope you all got your beauty sleep.

Nick: You know. After all that, it’s kind of ironic that you’re here.

Slinky: Yeah, it makes it easier for me to do this.

Slinky: * wraps himself around Dreamcatcher *

Dreamcatcher: Oh, come on!

Friend Dialogue Level 10

Slinky: What does Kaos think he’s gonna get out of the other villains?

Stealth Elf: Nothing good, that’s for certain.

Chapter 8: Hero Talk

Chapter 8-1: Stealth Elf and Slinky then help Judy and Nick book Dreamcatcher for her mind manipulating scheme.

Chapter 8-2: Wasting no time, Stealth Elf gets ready for her Hero Talk.

Chapter 8-3: At City Hall, Stealth Elf gives a talk of how each and everyone can play a part in keeping the CIty safe.

Chapter 8-4: She also notes that she, Slinky Dog, Judy, and Nick caught Dreamcatcher who’s been crashing their dreams, making them scared of creeps.

Chapter 8-5: After her talk, Slinky, Judy, and Nick meet up with Stealth Elf.

Slinky: Stealth Elf, that was great!

Stealth Elf: Well, the creep-phobia and Dreamcatcher being involved added a nice touch. So you guys helped.

Judy: And thank you for helping us stop Dreamcatcher.

Nick: Yeah, we would still be scared of creeps if it wasn’t for you guys.

Slinky: Well it did help that Stealth Elf and I haven’t slept in a while.

Stealth Elf: Don’t know about you guys. But after all that, I could use a nap.

Slinky: Likewise, Stealth Elf. Likewise.

Campaign “Dream Heroes” complete.

“Toying Around” unlocked.

I hope you enjoy!

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Did you made 2 campaigns in a day? :sweat_smile: :flushed:

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I had to. When the contest was announced, I wanted to use this one for my entry. I also planned this campaign for some time now.

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But… If you make a campaign in a day it is most likely to not be very good :confused:

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