Super Smash Bros

Let’s talk about Super Smash Bros
Since @Thorn_The_Evil_Cat_Overlord and I mentioned more Toy Story characters are like swords characters and Mario characters from Super Smash Bros in Shego’s patch notes, I decided to come up with this

You mean Disney Heroes relation to Smash Bros or more so just Smash talk in general?

But yeah, up for either :-).

I mean more smash talk

I see and yeah, up for that :-).

I guess we can start off with our main characters maybe.
My main type of characters would light characters and swordfighters so like Kirby and the Links.

Isabelle forever :grin:


I play as Mr Game and Watch and Lucario

Nice and cool to hear what are your two’s main in Smash :-).

Yeah ever since I played Brawl but when I played as Greninja in Smash 4 I was good so I continued to play as him in Ultimate

Ah I see and cool :-).

I also played Brawl and I got to say I liked the story mode a fair amount, as in like having something interesting PvE wise for us players to play with.

I wish Nintendo would add Smash Run from the 3DS version of Smash to the Switch, but oh well I suppose. If not knowing, Smash Run is a pretty good and fun PvE mode, more so than Classic Mode in my view.

This is my favorite mode across all Smash games

Completely understand you on that :-). I am not sure if I like Subspace Emissary(Brawl’s story mode) or Smash Run better, but definitely the two best/most interesting modes.

If I find my 3DS again I think I would like to try and play Smash Run again.

Well I like the Subspace Emissary but it sucks that Toon Link Wolf and jigglypuff weren’t in it

I am not sure, but they might have been unlockables.

Too long since and don’t remember such details, overall I remember the actual story better.

Well if you unlock anyone from the Subspace Emissary that wasn’t unlocked to play then that person will be unlocked

Who else wants rayman and crash for smash? I do.

Ozi_Swag@ Found the unlock information :-).

PepsiFan25@ Not characters I am that interested in myself, but yeah wouldn’t mind them :-).

I probably hope the most for Sora from Kingdom Hearts, but unlikely to happen I think.

Actually, found my 3DS or to say New 2DS, so yeah can try to play Smash Run :-).

There are a few spots left

There’s only one spot left. It’s been stated the last DLC of this fighter pass will be the last one.

The characters I want the most are Agumon, Prinny, and a Tales series rep. But we got a Lloyd Mii costume so I’m content with that. But my other two have zero chances of making it.

I’m surprised there hasn’t been a new Pokemon added. I could still see being the last character being one though. I just don’t know which Pokemon they’d use.

But I also have an annoying suspicion that it’s Waluigi. Not because I’m annoyed he’s in, but the thought itself is annoying cuz I always think it. But I feel like 6 is such a weird ugly number to use in a fighter pass so I feel like the 6th character is a last minute tacked on character that people were verbally upset about not making it. So Nintendo decided to add him.

He really should come

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