Terry & Terri/Professor Knight Campaign - Contest Submission

Here’s my submission to @RinoxeRONnte’s contest! It isn’t what I planned first, but I think it went out pretty well.

Campaign Info

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Campaign Name: Double A’s
Main Hero: Terry & Terri.
Partner: Professor Knight.
Allies: Mr. Big & Koslov; Lock, Shock & Barrel; Emperor Zurg.


Terry & Terri enter in a Cafe while arguing about Terri’s taste in food.

  • Terry: No, you will not try the Double Chocolate Coffee Milk Shake, I don’t don’t want to have diarrhea again! I already told you, as we share the same body, one cannot do something that the other completely disagrees with!
  • Terri: But Terry, we only have one life! We have to enjoy it a little bit!
    Before Terry could answer, a familiar voice interrupts them.
  • ???: Terry with an Y and Terry with an I! It’s a pleasure to meet you again!
    They both look behind them and see the proud look of Professor Knight, their Scaring 101 Professor.
  • Terry & Terri: Professor! What a pleasant surprise!
  • Knight: Indeed! When I heard two young and similar voices arguing like an old couple, I had to check to see if it wasn’t my favorite Scare Duo!
  • Terri, whispering to Terry: I told you that people think that about that us!
    After that, they start to talk about their experiences in The City while the brothers buy their coffee, then they go out for a walk. After walking for a while, a group of creeps surrounds them while saying their classic motto: ELIMINATE THE ERRORS!
  • Knight: Well, now is a good time to show why you guys are called Terrifying Terry & Terri!

End of Prologue.

Chapter 1: Lead By Example

The fight ends rather quickly, with the brothers using their misdirections techniques and a resounding roar to defeat the brutes, and Professor Knight using his notes about the other creeps weaknessess to easily defeat them.

  • Knight: I must say, you guys are astounding on the battlefield! Even if you fight sometimes, you work together perfectly to the point it almost seems you are only one, and you weren’t even doing the same thing!
  • Terry: Well, after all these years together…
  • Terri: You start loving it!
  • Terry: Yeah, that as well, hehe.
  • Knight: Listen, I need to tell you something. Since I arrived here, I was baffled by how underdeveloped the Scaring capacities of some citizens are, so I decided to create a School for Battle Scaring. Basically, I teach my Students the most efficient ways to Scare, and we also Study and Research the creeps’ fears, weaknesses and other Crucial Information that could help in battle.
  • Terry: Wow, that’s interesting.
  • Terri: And amazing! I can’t wait to know it!
  • Knight: And you soon will. I want you guys to be the example of a great Scarer to my students. They are talented, but lack the technique to become great. So what do you guys think?
  • Terry & Terri: We would be honored, Professor!
  • Knight: Alright, we shall go now, if you guys have spare time. By the way, you aren’t my students anymore, so outside of school, you can call me Derek.
  • Terry: I don’t know Professor, it just feels righ-
  • Terri: Alright Mr. Derek, lets go!

End of Chapter 1. Twice as Applauded is now unlocked.

Chapter 2: Knowing the Students

They soon arrive at the school, which is a relatively small, but cozy place. Professor Knight presents the Terrifying duo to his students, and they try to interact.

  • Terri, pointing to Koslov: So you must be Mr. Big! No wonder why you are called this way.
  • Koslov: Actually, Mr. Big is my boss. He usually comes with me, but I’m the one that’s taking classes. He couldn’t come today, because he is solving some… business. Still, he wants to see your demonstration through video conference.
    Koslov picks a Z-pad to call Mr. Big. The little opossum answers and greets the brothers and Professor Knight.
  • Terri, whispering to Terry: He doesn’t look like a Mr. Big would…
  • Terry, also whispering: Shhh, didn’t you hear the way Koslov said business and the exaggerated Italian accent? There is clearly some sketchy stuff going on!
  • Mr. Big: What are you two commenting right there? It’s unpolite to whisper when someone is talking to you.
  • Terri, nervously: Nothing, Mr. Big! Just some personal brother stuff.
    Before anyone could say anything, Lock, Shock and Barrel come out of nowhere, trying to Scare the guests.
  • Terry, after almost screaming: Wow, these kids are…
  • Terri: Terrifying! Are you sure that they need classes?
  • Knight: Their Scares are too reliant on the gruesome and surprise. In an open place however, and against creeps, these elements aren’t quite as efficient. I’m sure they would love to learn your misdirection tricks!
    The trio nods in exciment. Meanwhile, a caped figure that maintains an eternally angry expression starts to talk in a really loud, robotic manner. It’s almost like he is a toy.
  • Emperor Zurg: Lets quit the cheap talk for I, Emperor Zurg, need to acquire such knowledge immediatly!
  • Terri: I already see what’s his problem, no need to talk.
  • Terry: Yup. Anyway, we are going to teach you guys our misdirection techniques… he then looks at Terri
  • Terri: by showing you a magic trick!
    All the students raise their eyebrows in confusion(except for Zurg, who keeps his angry expression). Knight, on the other hand, already knows what’s going to happen.

End of Chapter 2

Chapter 3: The Demonstration

Terry & Terri start doing their magic trick. They direct the spectators’ attention to the cards while doing it. Then, they porpusefully throw one of the cards to the other side of the room, to make it seem like they made a mistake and redirect the attention to a point that’s far from them. When the students look back at them, they’ve already disappeared.

  • Emperor: I bet they couldn’t stand to fail in front of the almighty Emperor and ran-
    Before Zurg could finish his sentence, the brothers appear behind them with a subtle scream, Scaring all of them.
  • Mr. Big, from the Z-pad: Well, I wasn’t able to see the full demonstration, but it seems that they scared all of you.
  • Terri: We’re sorry, Mr. Big, but it was necessary to make them understand the concept of misdirection.
  • Mr. Big: Oh, there’s no problem with that. I suggest that we all applaud the two gentlemen.
    The students and Mr. Big applaud them, while Knight gives a proud look at them.
  • Knight: Alright, alright. What did you learn today?
  • Zurg: That if I misdirect the enemies attention, they will tremble even more before the almighty Emperor Zurg! The brothers shall be compensated for their service!
  • Koslov: I say that we need to create an expectation on the targets to have a more efficient Scare.
  • Barrel: Boogie told us about this! But we were not listening at the time… we were throwing poisonous Scorpions at the citi…
  • Shock: At the creeps! That’s what he meant.
  • Lock: We’re sorry, he’s says dumb things from time to time.
  • Barrel: Hey! Barrel protests as the other two laugh
  • Knight: What did I say about arguing?
  • The three of them say, almost sighing: Not inside the school…
  • Knight: Good. Anyway, I and the the Perry brothers are now going to give personal advice to each one of you.
    The students form a queue to receive the advices, with Koslov being the first(along with Mr. Big in the Z-pad), The Trio in the second spot of the line and Zurg being the last.

End of chapter 3

Chapter 4: Personal Advice: Koslov
  • Koslov: Well, I’ve already understood the lesson, but I need advice as to how I put it in practice.
  • Knight: You see, Creeps have a lot of focus in their mission to “Eliminate the errors”, so distracting them like they did with you isn’t that easy.
  • Terry: Exactly! The best way to distract them would be with the peripheral parts of your body, or by causing some damage to a nearby area…
  • Terri: Damaging another creep or throwing them back also helps a lot!
  • Koslov: So using brute force to knock them back also works?
  • Terri: Yes! Your intimidating looks and freezing also help a lot!
  • Terry: But you go too much directly to the point and usually forget to build expectation, right?
  • Koslov: Yes, how did you know that?
  • Terry & Terri: We have a friend that used to do same!
  • Terri: He’s also big and intimidating…
  • Knight: And used to rely 100% on that.
  • Koslov: Alright, I think I got the point. I’ll try that next time.
  • Mr. Big, from the Z-pad: Thank you for your services. This will also help my other subordinates with our… business. Farewell my good gentlemen, I shall be back to solve my personal matters. He then left the Call
    Koslov makes way for the next in line: Lock, Shock & Barrel.

End of Chapter 4.

Chapter 5: Personal Advice: Lock, Shock & Barrel
  • Knight: I must say that you already have a natural talent for Scaring…
    The trio laughs in excitement
  • Knight: But your excitement sometimes ruins your Scares.
    Barrel: But how? I thought that if it’s something that we really wanna do, it would be done the best way!
  • Lock, to Shock: He’s finally thinking something hehe
  • Terri: You’re right, but if are too eager about it, you are going to scare the target in the wrong time and in the end will not get the desired result.
  • Lock: So everything that we need to do is be patient?
  • Knight: That and stop fighting, specially for minor things.
  • Terry: Believe me, if you keep fighting with your partners, you’ll never get a good result.
  • Terri: Believe us, we have a whole life experience on that matter.
    They all laugh a little bit, and the trio kinda promises that they’ll follow their advices. Then, they make way for the galactic emperor.

End of Chapter 5

Chapter 6: Personal Advice: Emperor Zurg
  • Zurg: So, how can the great Emperor Zurg be an even bigger threat to those pathetic creeps?
  • Knight: To be fair, you are one of the most prepared to Combat Scaring. Your Energy Absorbing Gun is an astounding machine!
  • Terry: You are saying that he uses the scream/energy principle in the fights?
  • Terri: That’s amazing, I’ve never seen something like that!
  • Zurg: This technology is really similar to your cylinders, however, it also has the capability of shooting the energy and continously overwhelm the enemies!
  • Terry: So I guess that the only thing you need to do is… stop announcing yourself?
  • Zurg: But how will my enemies know that they are being destroyed by the great Emperor Zurg?
  • Terri: Well, you can announce yourself after the fight…
  • Zurg: Great Idea! Now, my enemies will feel an even greater terror after being destroyed by me! How can I compensate you?
  • Terri: How about a Double Chocolate Coffee Milk Shake?
  • Terry: Wait, n-
  • Zurg: Deal! You shall have as many Shaken Milks as you want!
  • Terri: A medium sized one is enough, thank you!
  • Knight: Alright, now that everyone received their advices, we shall test your knowledge in the Battlefied! The Arena has some creeps that we can use to test your skills, and the admnistrator gave us a pass to use them!
    They went to the restricted zone of the Arena, where they would improve their skills and teamwork, while also having some fun.

End of Chapter 6

Chapter 7: Knowledge Testing

The creeps couldn’t stand the Scarers that Koslov, Lock, Shock, Barrel and Zurg had become. Their tactics had improved along with their Scare related skills, and they were very happy with the results.

  • Koslov, to his teachers: I must thank you for sharing your knowledge. Now, my job will be much more efficiently done.
  • Lock, Shock & Barrel: The life of the creeps will be like hell! hahhahaha They all say, in perfect unison.
  • Zurg: I am grateful of your efforts, and shall remeber you when I conquer the Univese! Emperor Zurg must now leave!
    They all head off to their destinations, leaving only the brothers and Professor Knight behind.
  • Knight: You guys could be great teachers as well, I gotta say.
    They go for a walk to discuss the future of Scaring in The City.

End of Chapter 7.

Chapter 8: A Bright Future for The City's Scarers
  • Terry: Even though some of them have a concerning behavior… -Actually, all of them, wow- …they seem to have their hearts in the right place… for now.
  • Knight: Well, we all need to work together to end creep menace, because if we don’t they are going to win.
  • Terri: I really like the lack of conflict among the citizens, maybe we could all be friends after it all ends!
  • Terry: I don’t see that happening, but that’s a great wish!
  • Knight: It surely is. I really need to thank you guys for what you did today. My students might not be perfect right now, but you helped them to improve a lot. Scaring is a really important combat technique here, and having the citizens execute it the best way possible is really important! It has become a more traditional fighting style as the people from our universe come here.
  • Terry & Terri: We and the Oozma Kappa Foundation will always be happy to help, Professor Derek!
  • Knight: Wait, you guys made a foundation?
  • Terri: Yeah! It helps students that are in financial need and in need of career advice!
  • Terry: Like we used to be! Dr. Hardscrabble is helping with the fundings!
  • Knight: Well, now I’m even more sure that this City’s future is in the right hands! Please, send my regards to Michael, Sullyvan and the others! Bye!
  • Terry: Bye, Professor…
  • Terri: Derek!
  • Both: Be sure we will!
    Then, they both go on their respective ways in life. They’ll meet each other soon.

End Chapter 8. Campaign Completed.

So, what do you think? It surely isn’t great writing, but I tried my best! Feel free to correct any mistake and leave feedback!


Haven´t read it yet but I´m sure it is great!
At least it can´t be worse than my campaign


Mine is going to be awful compared to yours :upside_down_face:


Thank you! But you don’t need to insult your own work to compliment mine. I think you can do a great job!

Edit: Corrected some spelling/grammatical mistakes and made the format more consistent. I hope this doesn’t affect its performance in the contest in a bad way.

Eh, as long as they were small changes, it´s fine

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