A Twice as Terrifying Concept - Terry & Terri(Likely Concept)

I realized that I never made a Damage Scare Concept, so this Idea came to my mind! Feel free to leave any feedback!

(Terry is the one with 2 horns, Terri is the one with 1)

Terry & Terri are a 2 Star a Midline Damage Duo, whose Trial Team is Yellow.

Two heads are better than one! The brothers Terry & Terri are great Scarers that will cause double trouble to their enemies!

Terry: Hi. I’m Terry with a Y…
Terri: And I’m Terri with an I! I’m a dance major!
Terry: And I’m not.

Mastery Collections: Damage
Entrance: Terry & Terri walk into position. Terri tries to walk rhythmically, but Terry resists.
Victory: Terry finally gives in and they start dancing together.
Defeat: They give each other concerned looks.
Basic Attack: Terry does a magic trick with cards, damaging nearby enemies.


:white_circle: Twice as Terrifying :stars: Fantastic Damage



  • Passive: While Terry does his basic attack, Terri dances, doubling the value of any buff they might have. If they don’t have any buff when Terri uses this passive, they gain a +25% attack speed buff for 10 seconds. Buffs can have their value doubled up to 2 times by this passive.

  • Active: Terry and Terri both scream, Scaring all enemies for 10 seconds and dealing X Damage to them. Already Scared enemies receive double damage from this skill and will be Scared for more 10 seconds.

:green_circle: Double Trouble :stars: Fantastic Damage
Terry & Terri have double Reality Negation while there is a Scared enemy on the battlefield. Terry’s basic attack now also deals an extra X Fantastic Damage to Scared enemies.

:large_blue_circle: Problem Sharing :stars: Fantastic Damage
The lenght of any debuffs in Terry & Terri is halved. Terri’s basic attack can now halve the lenght of any debuffs they have. Enemies that applied debuffs on Terry & Terri are dealt X Damage every time this skill halves their lenght.

:purple_circle: Better than one!
Terry & Terri deal double damage to Scared enemies. Whenever an enemy is dealt Fantastic Damage by Terry & Terri, they are Scared for 5 seconds.
The Scare Might Fail In Enemies Above Level Z

:red_circle: Working as One
Whenever an enemy is Scared, Terry & Terri gain Z Skill Power.
Terry’s Basic Attack now always deals a Super Crit to Scared Enemies.
Terri’s Basic Attack can now double the lenght of Buffs in them.

Additional Stat Boosts:

  • +Z Skill Power
  • +Z Damage to Twice as Terrifying
  • Double Trouble now also doubles Terry & Terri’s Skill Power

X= Skill Power Dependant; Y= Basic Damage Dependant; Z= Level Cap Dependant

Battle Badge

Is Charged in Battle When: Enemies are Scared 5 times.

  • Stat Buff: + X Skill Power
  • Lineup Buff: + X Skill Power Per Yellow Team Hero
  • Effect Buff: + 50 Reality Negation


Terry & Terri + Squishy
Campaign: Oozma Kappa Foundation: The Oozma Kappa members decide to create a foundation that helps students in need of help, not only financial help but help to find their way in life. Dr. Hardscrabble loved the Idea, and decided to fund it.
Allies: Sulley & Boo, Mike Wazowski, Dean Hardscrabble.
Disk Name: Oozma Kappa Headquarters
Level Effect: +X Skill Power to Terry & Terri and their Yellow Team allies
Star Effect:

  • Terri’s Basic Attack can now double the value and lenght of buffs from allies as well. Whenever he tries to double the Value of a Buff that can’t have its value doubled, The ally(or Terry & Terri) that would have their buff doubled receives 1(+1 per Star) Stack of Hardy.
  • Terry’s Basic Attack now deals +20%(+20% per star) damage while there is Stack of Hardy on the ally battlefield.

Terry & Terri + Professor Knight
Campaign: Double A’s: Professor Knight is proud of Terry & Terri’s growth as Scarers, and wants to use them as an example for his new students.
Allies: Mr. Big & Koslov; LSB, Emperor Zurg
Disk Name: Twice as Applauded
Level Effect: +X Skill Power; +50 Reality Negation
Star Effect: Whenever Terry & Terri Scare an already Scared enemy, they gain +20%(+20% Per Star) Skill Power and apply “Taught” to themselves and their allies for 10 Seconds. Taught Allies have a 50% chance of dodging attacks from enemies that area either Scared, Studied or Researched, and deal 50% more damage to them.


  • In their Professor Knight Campaign, even though there are 3 alllies, they are actually 6 people, that’s why the disk name is Twice as Applauded.
  • This is my first Duo Concept, and also the first that only has a skill animation in their White Skill, which also means I’m doing a new thing twice in one concept!
  • The Percentages in the disk effects are meant to become 100% because 100% + 100% equals 200%.

Which Disk Would You Use?
  • Squishy
  • Professor Knight

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Just realized that my Unlikely Concept for Jobin Higashikata meets the requirements, but barely, since his Scare is pretty secondary to his skillset, because it’s only a Disk effect.
My Dio Concept does the same, I’m really not paying attention.

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