Tessa and Whiskers/Pleakley Friendship Campaign Concept

Here’s the second friendship campaign for Tessa!

Campaign name: Hero Film

Tessa and Whiskers/Pleakley


Allies: Fairy Godmother, Shego, Jumba

Friend Dialogue Level 1

Tessa and Whiskers and Pleakley are now friends!

Pleakley: It’s always a pleasure to meet a traveler from the stars, Tessa.

Tessa: Likewise, Pleakley. Although I’m not from the stars, I come from Skylands.

Pleakley: Skylands? Never heard of it. What’s it like?

Tessa: Well… it lives up to its name. But the best part of it is that Skylands is protected by the greatest heroes I’ve known. The Skylanders.

Campaign Story: Pleakley and Tessa enter a City Film Competition.

Pleakley: Tessa! Figured I’d find you here.

Whiskers: * squawks *

Tessa: Hey Pleakley! What’s up?

Pleakley: Well you see, I was hoping you could help me with one of my projects.

Tessa: This doesn’t involve mosquitos, does it?

Chapter 1: Film Finder

Chapter 1-1: Pleakley explains that he just entered the City Film Competition.

Chapter 1-2: The last time he entered, his film about mosquitos, ended up in last place.

Chapter 1-3: This time, he wants to try some adventure and drama.

Chapter 1-4: Tessa likes the idea and agrees to help.

Chapter 1-5: She even knows some friends who can help with the cast.

Tessa: You know, seeing as we’ll need a cast. I can see if some of my Skylander friends can help.

Pleakley: I was thinking the same thing. You and the Skylanders seem to know more about this type of genre.

Tessa: I don’t exactly know a lot about movie-making. But I do know how to actually have an adventure.

Chapter 2: Cast Call

Chapter 2-1: First things first, Tessa and Pleakley head to the Skylander Academy for a cast.

Chapter 2-2: But just as they arrived, they see Spyro, Sprocket, and Gill Grunt ambushed by creeps.

Chapter 2-3: Whiskers screeches, getting the enemies’ attention as Pleakley sends in a swarm of mosquitos.

Chapter 2-4: With the creeps distracted Gill Grunt destroys them all with his power hose.

Chapter 2-5: After the battle, Tessa and Pleakley explain the situation.

Spyro: So… basically you need our help with a film for a contest you guys are joining?

Tessa: Yeah. Pleakley’s last film didn’t go too well.

Pleakley: I personally think my mosquito documentary was smashing! They don’t understand the finer things!

Spyro: Well you happen to be in luck. I know just how to gain their attention.

Chapter 3: Set the Point

Chapter 3-1: Spyro explains that they need to find a situation someone needs help with for an adventure.

Chapter 3-2: Pleakley suggests helping mosquitos, but Tessa and Spyro quickly veto the idea.

Chapter 3-3: But as luck would have it, the trio spots Lilo and Stitch wandering around.

Chapter 3-4: When they confront them, Lilo explains that they could use their help.

Chapter 3-5: Seeing an opportunity for a film entry, Pleakley asks the problem.

Lilo: Stitch just told me that he an experiment around the City.

Stitch: Cousin.

Tessa: So you want us to help find it? But what kind of an experiment was it?

Chapter 4: Out of Sight

Chapter 4-1: Lilo tells them that she and Stitch saw Phantasmo (aka Experiment 375) lurking around the Covered Market.

Chapter 4-2: She also notes that the experiment can morph inside any object and can take control of it.

Chapter 4-3: Realizing this could be the plotline Pleakley could need, gets his camera ready.

Chapter 4-4: Tessa and Spyro tag along to help catch the experiment and with Pleakley’s film entry.

Chapter 4-5: Wasting no time, they head to the Covered Market.

Pleakley: This could be my big break. I might actually be noticed in the Film Contest!

Pleakley: Got your wigs ready?

Tessa: Wigs? I don’t think Spyro and I need any.

Friend Dialogue level 7

Tessa: Have you ever considered trying to save a real endangered species, Pleakley?

Pleakley: Why is everyone got to be against mosquitos? They’re endangered!

Tessa: With the amount of standing water at the Park, I doubt that.

Chapter 5: Hats to You

Chapter 5-1: While he understands wigs aren’t everyone’s thing. He still wants Tessa and Spyro to at least have a hat.

Chapter 5-2: So the trio does a quick stop to the Fashion District.

Chapter 5-3: Pleakley goes a bit overboard with the hat shopping, but Tessa reminds him about the experiment they need to catch.

Chapter 5-4: Pleakley eventually settles on a flower crown for Tessa and a visor for Spyro.

Chapter 5-5: They hurry back to meet up with Lilo and Stitch.

Tessa: I sure hope these hats will be worth it in the end.

Pleakley: Trust me, once I get this on film, it’ll be a hit.

Stitch: Hit?

Pleakley: No! Not THAT kind of hit!

Chapter 6: On Film

Chapter 6-1: Stitch realizes that they’re filming for the contest and tries to break Pleakley’s camera, mostly for fun.

Chapter 6-2: Luckily, Tessa stops him from breaking it. But not before they see a horde of creeps come their way.

Chapter 6-3: Tessa jumps onto Whiskers and Stitch pulls out his blasters as they get ready to battle.

Chapter 6-4: Stitch leaps and tussles with some bots. Tessa and Whiskers peck and throw acorns at Ninjas.

Chapter 6-5: As they battle the creeps, neither took notice that Pleakley has filmed the entire battle.

Tessa: Alright. That should be the last of them.

Pleakley: And cut. That was a great battle!

Tessa: Wait a second. Pleakley, did you film us during the battle?

Pleakley: Well, Yeah.

Stitch: * growls *

Chapter 7: Final Cut

Chapter 7-1: The heroes meet up with Lilo at the Covered Market.

Chapter 7-2: There, they see Phantasmo possessing a car.

Chapter 7-3: Quickly thinking, Spyro and Tessa battle the possessed car.

Chapter 7-4: Pleakley makes sure the whole thing was filmed. And that Stitch doesn’t destroy the recording.

Chapter 7-5: After exposing the experiment, Lilo traps it in an experiment container.

Tessa: Phew, that was harder than I thought.

Spyro: You could say that again.

Lilo: Thanks for your help, guys. Stitch and I will make sure he finds his one true place.

Tessa: No prob, kid. Pleakley, did you get all that?

Pleakley: Ready for the contest!

Friend Dialogue Level 10

Pleakley: Well, did you find a place for Stitch at the Academy?

Tessa: I did, actually. He’s really taking a liking to the training grounds and some of the Skylanders.

Pleakley: Good. It at least keeps him occupied while Lilo is not around.

Chapter 8: The Film Festival

Chapter 8-1: Tessa and Pleakley head to the Film Contest to submit their entry.

Chapter 8-2: During the contest, they viewed all the entries, including Tessa and Plaekley’s.

Chapter 8-3: After the last entry, the winners were being announced.

Chapter 8-4: Much to their surprise, Tessa and Pleakley’s entry got 1st place!

Chapter 8-5: Ecstatic with their victory, they head up to claim their reward.

Pleakley: Wow we did it! Second best day ever!

Tessa: I’m glad that I could help. It actually felt good to be featured in a film.

Pleakley: Say, would you like to be in my next mosquito documentary?

Tessa: Uh, thanks. But I’ll have to pass on that.

Pleakley: Oh, well it was worth a shot.

Campaign “Hero Film” complete.

“Buzz Joy” unlocked.

I hope you enjoy!

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