Tessa and Whiskers (unlikely Skylanders concept) Request from Bruiser

Those Greebles are gonna get it!

Role: Control

Position: Front

Stars: :star2: :star2:

Trial Team: Red

Entrance: Tessa and Whiskers fly into the battlefield

Victory: Tessa cheers while Whiskers squawks

Defeat: Whiskers lumps down tired

Basic attack: Whiskers bites the enemy with his beak


White Skill: Bird Screech
:sparkles: Fantastic Damage

Whiskers screeches, doing X damage to all enemies and lowering their Fantastic Crit by 50 for 14 seconds.

Green Skill: Acorn Sprout
:fist: Normal Damage

Tessa throws an acorn sprout at the furthest enemy dealing X damage, the acorn then sprouts into a vine carrying the enemy up for 7 seconds. When the enemy returns, they are stunned for 6 seconds.

Tessa can use this skill once every 12 seconds.

Blue Skill: Beak Snatch
:fist: Normal Damage

Whiskers bites the closest enemy doing X damage and removes 500 energy. Whiskers then gives the energy to the ally with the lowest current energy.

Purple Skill: Fly High

When Tessa and Whiskers damage an enemy with “Bird Screech”, all disables duration are increased by 4 seconds.

Disables include charm, stun, freeze, silence, and blind.

This skill has a chance to fail if enemies are above level X.

Red Skill: Woodburrow’s New Chieftess

“Beak Snatch” now steals 2 buffs with the longest duration and gives them to 2 random allies.

Tessa also prefers to target the furthest Damage Role enemy with “Acorn Sprout”.

Stealing buffs has a chance to fail if the enemy is above level X.

Additional stat boosts

  • +Z damage to “Acorn Sprout”
  • +Z basic damage
  • +Z reality



Tessa and Whiskers - Russell and Kevin
Birds of a Feather
Enemies lose more Fantastic Crit

  • max hp to Tessa and Whiskers and allies
  • Support role enemies lose X skill power

Start of each wave enemies lose 10 Fantastic Crit.
Enemies damaged by “Bird Screech” have their skill power reduced by 15%.

  • -10 Fantastic Crit per star
  • +15% per star


Tessa and Whiskers - Pleakley
Buzz Joy
Shatter on “Bird Screech”

  • basic damage
  • skill power

“Bird Screech” applies Shattered to all enemies for 3 seconds.
Shattered enemies take 8% of their max hp as True Damage each time they are dealt Fantastic Damage.

  • +3 seconds per star

Tessa and Whiskers/Russell and Kevin Friendship Campaign Concept

Tessa and Whiskers/Pleakley Friendship Campaign Concept

I hope you enjoy!

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In my opinion, Tessa and Whiskers’ skillset keeps Fantastic damage-dealing attackers, such as Tigger, from scoring critical hits, and they support their allies by stealing energy and buffs from enemies. Also, “Fly High” synergize well with disable-related heroes, like Elsa, Honey Lemon, and Syndrome. Though, I’m confused about “Acorn Sprout” because I wonder that what effect does the vine do to the enemy. Does it stun them? Anyway, I’d appreciate your concept, which is overall great.

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For “Acorn Sprout”, it’s sorta like Mr. Big’s blue skill, but in this case, with stuns.

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