Tessa and Whiskers/Russell and Kevin Friendship Campaign Concept

Here is Tessa’s first friendship campaign!

Campaign name: Bird Caper

Tessa and Whiskers/ Russell and Kevin


Allies: Kermit, Esmeralda, Simba and Nala

Friend Dialogue Level 1

Tessa and Whiskers and Russell and Kevin are now friends!

Tessa: Whoa, that’s a cool bird you got there, kiddo.

Russell: Thanks, I should be saying the same thing about yours. What’s its name?

Tessa: Well, I’m Tessa, and this is Whiskers.

Whiskers: * squawks *

Russell: My name’s Russell, and this is Kevin.

Kevin: * taps her beak on Tessa *

Russell: I think she likes you.

Tessa: Yep, I can see that.

Campaign Story: Russell seeks Tessa’s help to find Kevin’s babies.

Russell: Tessa! I’m glad to see you! Kevin has lost her babies, and I promised I’d help her find them!

Tessa: She lost her babies?! That’s awful! Where’d she see them last?

Chapter 1: Lost Birds

Chapter 1-1: Russell explains that they saw them at the Park.

Chapter 1-2: Earlier Kevin was protecting them from a horde of creeps.

Chapter 1-3: But after they finished fighting them, the babies were gone.

Chapter 1-4: Tessa suggests that they return to the Park to find any tracks.

Chapter 1-5: As they search the Park, Whiskers notices some bright colored feathers.

Whiskers: * squawks *

Tessa: What is it Whiskers?

Russell: It looks like some feathers that look like Kevin’s!

Tessa: It looks like they’re leading somewhere.

Chapter 2: Feather Finder

Chapter 2-1: Tessa and Russell follow the feathers to the Covered Market.

Chapter 2-2: But it doesn’t help that the Covered Market is busy today.

Chapter 2-3: As they try to make their way through, Russell realizes Kevin is gone.

Chapter 2-4: Luckily, Kevin was easy to spot, she was interested in a chocolate stand.

Chapter 2-5: Russell runs to Kevin before she could even reach her beak to the chocolate.

Tessa: That was close. Better keep an eye on her, Russell.

Russell: I’m just glad no one here wanted to hurt or take Kevin.

Tessa: You know, Russell. It occurred to me, you don’t think that maybe a hunter took Kevin’s babies?

Chapter 3: Hunting Hunters

Chapter 3-1: Russell is scared to admit it, but Tessa might be right.

Chapter 3-2: They both learn that most hunters hang around a tavern in the Downtown District.

Chapter 3-3: Tessa suggests they come up with a plan first. But Kevin already has stormed in the tavern.

Chapter 3-4: The hunters are mesmerized by Kevin’s feathers and try to attack her.

Chapter 3-5: That’s when Russell and Tessa step in. They didn’t come to show off Kevin, they came to find her babies.

Russell: Stop! Stay away from Kevin!

Gaston: Step aside, boy. And see how a real hunter deals with beasts like this.

Kevin: * screeches *

Tessa: Besides, we didn’t come to show her off. We came to find her babies.

Randall: Baby birds that look like her? I see that numskull LeFou try to get one of them, but failed.

Russell: Did you see where they ran off to?

Randall: Nah, lost interest after LeFou failed to capture them.

Tessa: Well, thank you, Randall. Come on Russell, maybe if we report this, we might get someone to help us.

Chapter 4: Missing Birds Report

Chapter 4-1: Tessa and Russell head to the ZPD to file a missing person or rather a missing birds report.

Chapter 4-2: Judy is surprised to hear this and tells them they weren’t the only ones to report a missing bird today.

Chapter 4-3: She points them to the Genie who just reported his parrot friend Iago missing.

Chapter 4-4: Genie explains that he and Aladdin were fighting a horde of creeps when Iago was gone after the battle.

Chapter 4-5: Tessa and Russell realize their case is similar, they have a lead!

Tessa: Excuse me, Genie. Would you say your bird friend disappeared when you finished fighting the creeps?

Genie: No, after that, he left without a trace, along with three other birds.

Russell: Did the birds have feathers similar to hers?

Kevin: * chirps *

Genie: They were as a matter of fact! Sadly I didn’t see where they went. But I did hear some lady mentioning them.

Tessa: If you can describe the lady, we might be able to identify our bird thief!

Friend Dialogue Level 7

Russell: Thanks for helping me save Kevin from those trolls, Tessa.

Tessa: No problem, kid. But you did look surprised there.

Russell: Well I didn’t think you were friends with a troll. Kevin almost tried to throw him and peck him.

Tessa: Yeah, sorry about that. Should’ve told you about Boomer sooner.

Chapter 5: Lady Luck

Chapter 5-1: Fortunately, Tessa learned from some of her Skylander friends, that Miss Piggy knows most of the ladies in the City.

Chapter 5-2: They head to the Theater District, where Miss Piggy resides. She’s ecstatic to have such company but Judy reminds her that they’re here on business.

Chapter 5-3: When Tessa explains the situation, Miss Piggy dives into her dress closet.

Chapter 5-4: This left the heroes confused before Judy could talk. Miss Piggy came out with a big fur coat.

Chapter 5-5: Genie’s jaw drops as her appearance.

Miss Piggy: Tell me, was your lady wearing a luxurious fur coat?

Genie: Yes! She was!

Russell: Do you know her?

Miss Piggy: Why oui. She goes by Cruella De Vil. But if you want my personal opinion, her fashion sense is questionable. I even know Fozzie isn’t safe around her.

Tessa: Thank you, Miss Piggy. Come on Russell, let’s go confront this birdnapper.

Chapter 6: Search of De Vil

Chapter 6-1: Genie and Judy head back to the station, while Tessa, Russell, Whiskers, and Kevin search for Cruella De Vil.

Chapter 6-2: Getting to De Vil Manor isn’t easy. The bird duos run into creep territory, hordes come at them from every side!

Chapter 6-3: Tessa, Russell, Whiskers, and Kevin fight them to the best of their abilities. They barely managed to get out alive.

Chapter 6-4: As they recover, Whiskers spots a strange truck up a hill to an old house.

Chapter 6-5: When they reach the top, Kevin can hear her babies from inside.

Kevin: * calls to her babies *

Russell: Kevin’s babies must be in there!

Tessa: We better be careful. Who knows what’s inside this place.

Whiskers: * whimpers *

Chapter 7: Bird Breakout

Chapter 7-1: Tessa and Russell burst into the manor with their bird companions. They see Cruella De Vil, with Jasper and Horace with Kevin’s babies, Iago, and more missing birds.

Chapter 7-2: Kevin and Whiskers squawk so loud at Cruella as they gain threatening height over her.

Chapter 7-3: Not wanting to lose to a bunch of birds, Cruella orders Jasper and Horace to knock Kevin and Whiskers out.

Chapter 7-4: While Cruella and her henchmen are distracted, Tessa and Russell sneak around to free the birds.

Chapter 7-5: Once they freed the birds, Kevin and Whiskers grabbed their respective friends.

Russell: Be free birdies! Caw Caw Rawr!

Tessa: You can do your wilderness call later. Let’s get these birds out of here!

Friend Dialogue Level 10

Tessa: So how did it go with some of my Life Skylander friends?

Russell: It was great! Stump Smash and Camo showed us different types of trees and plants.

Russell: Stealth Elf even taught us how to defend ourselves!

Tessa: I guess I didn’t have to ask.

Chapter 8: Free Birds

Chapter 8-1: Cruells’s not letting them get away so easily. She and Jasper, and Horace chase after them.

Chapter 8-2: Tessa and Russell now have to fend off Cruella as well as some creeps that joined in.

Chapter 8-3: Luckily, the heroes prevailed, leaving Cruella, Jasper, and Horace in a creep horde.

Chapter 8-4: But Russell didn’t want to leave them to the creeps. So he and Tessa decide to rid of the creeps.

Chapter 8-5: After defeating the creeps. Tessa, Russell, Whiskers, and Kevin return to the Park.

Kevin: * nuzzles her babies *

Russell: I sure am glad we saved her babies. What was that lady going to do with them?

Tessa: It’s probably best you don’t know if you want to keep Kevin alive.

Rusell: O.k, thanks for your help, Tessa.

Tessa: Anytime, kid! You know, this adventure also made it feel like I was also a Skylander.

Campaign “Bird Caper” complete.

“Birds of a Feather” unlocked.

I hope you enjoy!

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