The acrobatic primate (unlikely concept)

Diddy kong


1 star, mid-line damage

“Come on!”

Diddy kong flips into battle with his peanut popguns locked and loaded


Entrance: diddy kong flys down into the battlefield with his rocket barrel pack

Victory: diddy kong tips his hat and puts his hand on his hip while smiling

Defeat: diddy kong tries to fire his peanut popgun but it backfires and explodes leaving his face covered in soot.

Basic attack: diddy kong shoots a peanut from his peanut popgun at the nearest enemy, dealing X damage


White: Rocketbarrel Rush

Passive: Each basic attack now heals diddy kong for X amount.

Active: Diddy kong straps his rocketbarrel pack to himself and flys through the enemy team 5 times, dealing X damage to all enemies each time he passes through the enemy team, knocking each enemy back he passes through and blinding each enemy for 10 seconds.

Green: Banana peel

Diddy kong eats a banana which heals himself for X amount then he tosses the peel near the enemy team, a foe will be stunned for 5 seconds whenever he steps on the banana peel.

Blue: Monkey flip

Diddy front-flips to the enemy who has dealt the most damage to him and kicks that enemy before hopping back to his position, this skill deals X damage to the foe as well as knocks them back.

Purple: Hyper rocket

“Rocketbarrel rush” now steals 1 random buff from any random enemy he passes through on each trip and gives it to a random ally with it’s duration refreshed.

Red: Come on

Diddy kong now inflicts fatigue onto all enemies during the 5th fly-through of “rocketbarrel rush”

If an enemy is blinded by diddy or another ally, they become 100% weaker against crits and supercrits until the blind wears off.
+X damage to “Monkey flip”
+X skill power
+X max HP


Diddy kong/Donkey kong
Big buddies
stunned enemies take more damage

Enemies stunned by any source now takes X more damage from allies.

Diddy kong/Rocketeer
Rippin’ rockets
healing when “Rocketbarrel Rush” crits

Diddy kong now heals himself for X amount whenever “Rocketbarrel Rush” crits against an enemy.


You forgot to specify the type of damage in the attacks, and that friendship disks have 2 effects. Other than that, looks like a pretty solid concept to me

Normal Damage -:fist:
Fantastic Damage - :sparkles:
True Damage - :shield:

These are the emojis most use for the types of damage skills have. Disk Power is a simple X, Y or Z level upgradeable effect. But yes, good concept. I would use brackets in between the skill descriptions also. To make it look more organized.

Impressive donkey and didy in the same day

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