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honest john and gideon


2 star, frontline control duo

“That shows you how low honest john will stoop!”


Entrance:honest john walks in merrily then uses his cane to pull in gideon.

Victory:they march in place with their canes as they whistle a merry tune

Defeat:gideon walks on honest johns back to try and hit a enemy with his mallet but he accidentally bonks honest john on the head as he gets a worried look on his face.

basic attack: honest john whacks a enemy with his cane which deals x damage


white:sneaky smash

honest John and gideon sneak behind the most wanted enemy and then gideon pulls out his mallet and slams the mallet down onto the head of the enemy which deals x damage and stuns the enemy for 7 seconds.

Green:trip em up

they dodge a close ranged attack and then honest john trips up the enemy that tried to attack them with his cane which knocks that enemy backwards and stuns him for 4 seconds.

Blue:unnoticed con

Honest john tricks the enemy with the highest HP to fight for him for 7 seconds.

The enemy becomes charmed for 7 seconds and has their attack power increased until the charm wears off.


“Sneaky smash” now decreases the armor of the enemy hit and slows down the enemy when the stun ends.

Red:reap the benefits

“Double con” now gives honest john and gideon x energy and 60% armor for themselves when the charm wears off.

Stunned enemies now have their movement speed decreased by 100% for 5 seconds when the stun wears off


honest john and gideon/oogie
casino scam
more armor per control hero

honest john and gideon now gain more armor per the amount of control heroes in the field

Honest john and gideon/Gaston
five dozen golden eggs
buffed charms

“unnoticed con” charm now lasts 3 seconds longer and now increases the skill power of the charmed enemy until the charm wears off

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