The Awesome Grandma


Grandma Fa
:star: Front-line Tank
Team: Yellow

“Whoo! Sign me up for the next war!”

Armed with her lucky crickets and honorable items, Grandma Fa damages her foes.


Entrance: Walks in and pulls out Cri-Kee

Victory: Smiles at Cri-Kee

Defeat: Looks sad


Basic Attack: See Passive

White Skill: A Lucky One


Normal Damage :fist:
Passive: Instead of having a basic attack, Cri-Kee strums a tune with his legs, healing Grandma Fa and all allies for X Hp.

Active: Grandma Fa holds up Cri-Kee and covers her eyes with her hand. She then walks between enemies, bumping into them which deals X damage. This also gives all allies X Reality. Grandma Fa does this until her energy runs out.

Green Skill: Beads Of Jade


Normal Damage :fist:
Grandma Fa puts on her jade necklace, healing her for X HP and charming the closest enemy for 6 seconds. She then throws the necklace at the charmed enemy, dealing X Damage.

Blue Skill: Pendant For Balance


Grandma Fa puts on her Pendant healing herself for X HP. This also changes Grandma Fa’s Skill Power and Basic Damage to be equal to the stats of the allies with the highest Basic Damage and Skill Power.

Purple Skill: Praise The Ancestors


Grandma Fa is invincible for the duration of A Lucky One. Grandma Fa gains X Armor each time she is healed from any source.

The armor gain is less effective if Grandma Fa is above level X.

Red Skill: Watching Over


Whenever Grandma Fa would gain a a shield from any source, she instead becomes invincible for the same duration as the shield. Grandma Fa is immune to all crits.

Crit immunity can fail if the enemy is above level X

+X Armor
+Y Max HP
+Z Reality


Grandma Fa and Merida
Campaign: Match Made In Heaven
Disk: Playing Matchmaker- Grandma Fa gains X armor plus 5% per star for each Tank role ally.
Description: Grandma Fa tries to find a match for Merida
Allies: Hiro, Peter Pan, Miguel Rivera

Grandma Fa and Mad Hatter
Campaign: A Real Mad Tea Party
Disk: Everyone’s Mad- For every X HP minus Y HP that Grandma Fa is missing,Beads Of Jade heals for X more HP.
Description: Grandma Fa shows the Mad Hatter how to properly have a Tea Party.
Allies: Alice, Mulan, Merlin

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Feedback is appreciated

First off, i Looove this concept. I think it could be cool if the cricket gives immunity to crits like T&P or when she uses her white skill she walks across thw screen through the enemy and their projectiles either fail or redirect back at enemy lines. But that may make her quite op. Just some thoughts. I really enjoyed your concept!

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I’m glad you enjoyed it.

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This is very good, but the red skill is just op.


Red skills should be op tho

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Not necessarily.

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