The comedian bear (Requested by @Prince-Aamir)

(This concept was requested by @Prince-Aamir)

Fozzie bear


1 star, frontline tank

“I see your all in a great mood tonight”

Fozzie tells jokes to the enemies and protects his team from hecklers.


Entrance: fozzie drives into the battlefield in his uncles Studebaker then hops out when he reaches his position as the Studebaker dissapears

Victory: fozzie poses as a text box appears saying “wocka wocka wocka”

Defeat: a tomato flys into fozzies face as he then facepalms

Basic attack: fozzie throws a pie into the face of the target enemy, dealing x damage.


White: comedian bear

Fozzie tells one of his puns to the enemies which deals x damage to all enemies but if the enemy is below a percentage of their health, they will have “wocka” inflicted to them which decreases the amount of damage they can do to fozzie.

Green: funny features

Fozzie tugs his tie and wiggles his ears, giving himself a shield for x amount and also giving himself a attack speed boost for 6 seconds when the shield dissapears

Blue: moving right along

At the start of each wave, fozzie drives through the enemy team in his Studebaker, dealing x damage to each enemy that the car drives through and also deals knockback as well.

Purple: wocka wocka

The shield from “funny features” now gives fozzie X% energy for every hit that the shield takes from all attacks.

Red: travel by map

“Comedian bear” now decreases X armor from each enemy if they already have stacks of “wocka” inflicted to them

Fozzie is now immune to being disabled by enemies who have stacks of “wocka” on them, it also increases the HP of the shield from “funny features”.
+X Hp to shields
+X armor
+X damage to “comedian bear”


Golden microphone
Shared shielding

fozzie and gonzo team up to create the most amazing comedy/daredevil act in all the city…with disastrous results

“Funny features” now gives shields to the two weakest aliies.

Fozzie/Winnie the pooh
Sticky situation
Slower jokes

fozzie attempts to teach pooh about the art of perfect comedy. Unfortunately for that, Statler and Waldorf are up to their usual heckling

“Comedian bear” now has a 50% chance to slow down enemies for 5 seconds.

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