The hecklers from the balcony (likely concept)

Statler and Waldorf

2 star, backline control

“Why do we always come here? I guess we’ll never know.”

Statler and Waldorf heckle foes from their beloved balcony


Entrance: their balcony appears and then both Statler and Waldorf run in and take their seats (they will remain stationary in the backline)

Victory: the two laugh at the foes

Defeat: they duck underneath the balcony as they then raise white flags from beneath their seats

Basic attack: they throw tomatoes at a target enemy, dealing x damage


White: heckled fools

Statler and Waldorf heckle the most wanted enemy which inflicts “heckle” to the enemy. when the target enemy is inflicted with “heckle” their white and blue skills will be 100% less powerful against the duo.

Green: the evil eye

Waldorf gives the nearest enemy the evil eye, scaring the enemy for 10 seconds and also slows the enemy for 50% for 10 seconds. if performed again to the scared enemy, it will instead deal x damage to the enemy.

Blue: out of it’s misery (TRUE DAMAGE)

Statler and Waldorf both take out pistols and shoot them at two nearby enemies, dealing x damage to the two foes but instantly defeating one of the two enemies when they are under X amount of their max HP.

Purple: critical commentary

All attacks done to “heckled” enemies now have a 50% chance to crit against the enemy.

Red: The OG trolls

“Out of it’s misery” now halves the shields of the two target enemies when they get shielded by any source.

Statler and Waldorf as well as all other allies are immune to disables dealt by “heckled” enemies.
+X damage to “out of its misery”
+X armor
+X skill power


Statler and Waldorf/Fozzie
Origin of the heckle
more “heckled” inflicted

  • +X armor
  • +X attack power

“Heckled fools” now inflicts a 30% less powerful “heckled” to two other foes next to the original targeted foe.

Statler and Waldorf/Mushu
Fire the crew
crit chance increased

  • more debuffs dealt to enemies equals more crit chances

All crit chances dealt to “heckled” enemies are now increased by 20%


Statler: Why should we come?

Waldorf: Yeah, this game is already terrible.

Statler: It could be worse.

Waldorf: How?

Statler: That bear could be in it.

(Both laugh)

#StatlerandWaldorfforDHBM :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


heckle (Description and white skill)

  • Make the first comma a period [.] and remove the second comma
  • Variable?
  • Also the skill seems very weak if it only makes the skills less powerful against them and not the whole team.
  • ‘scares’ should be ‘scaring’
  • ‘slows’ should be ‘slowing’
    • How long is the slow?
  • Way too OP, make it below 20% or below X HP for the instant K.O
  • ‘has’ should be ‘have’
  • The description doesn’t need to continue past ‘against the enemy’.
  • Needs a second (disk power) variable
  • ‘is’ should be ‘are’
  • Needs a second (disk power) variable
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Got any requests?

Yeah, that was me who wanted Cruz.

SOMEONE, (Who I shall not name) deleted them all and I added them back and added my request.

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