The end of Disney heroes

There been a few things really strange happening of late starving people of gold disk power, awful stamina deals, lack of memories deals, or consumables we all need. Now no guild contest due to laziness. It would appear this games going to be over soon. Possibly in next 6 months. I had high hopes this would last longer but all the recent indications are its trying to get players to quit. Ask around older servers who’s fed up and the answer is alot. Whats scary and that most people forget is its nice to be f2p. However without spenders its all going to be over soon if PB carry on in this manner. They seem to be alienating there spenders and badly. So many you talk to are done nearly done or refusing to spend. Can i blame them no. The truth is these non spenders half do not seem to accept or realise once top spenders stop spending. The game stops turning a profit and the game doesn’t exist. The games creativity in recent times leaves alot to be desired. Not much since invasion. That in itself is tiredsome and boring. Red skills practically giving them away was another indicator. I hate to say this @Loutre ts all very well taking the stance you do about we dont make you play. But without us people like yourself are put of a job. I have on many occasions felt that the community on this game are ignored. I also feel given certain responses that you have your favourites. Now I challenge you to prove me wrong. If you care for us as players prove it. Because I can tell you this when pb had dragon souls the game sages support and forums gave proper answers not wishy washy ones. Its come to I cant say anything. When we want answers. Sorry loutre I dont know if its you or pb thats says you can’t say this that the other. I suggest you realise this games going downhill and fast. Is per blues intention to force its players to quit as its ran out of ideas or has stopped making good money? Because the numbers on s1 have dropped around 3000 players in the last 2 months. Now only 6600 players remain. Top spenders down substantially. Yet you say your merging 5 surely 1 needs more attention than 5? Also you gave them a choice? No other merger got a choice? The whole things backwards!!! If it needs merging merge it!!!


Relax, it’s not ending. There was a thread like this before. PB is just short on staff at the moment. I’m sure once they get enough staff, it’ll pick back up


Totally disagree this was exactly the way it went before dragon souls died. Per blues original game.


People felt ignored before even loutre was hired, so even if true they short staff now I’m sure wouldn’t change people’s minds.
I know spenders who are appauled by what they spent on the game but they continue to play Becuase they scared to leave all they invested in.

There are people like myself who been begging for what seems like a year and half to expand/create new guild perks with suggestions spelled out. There are people who simply want a tappers root beer emoji.

I get it takes a lot of work to prepare such a game, but I think his point is to prioritize better. If they got the time to make new badges for monthly cap increases, well slow it down to levels monthly and ranks bimonthly so can concentrate on more what the majority players’ want. The only people I’ve seen want cap increases monthly are trolls on the server.

There are people on my server who use to play dragons souls and see similiar patters of dh to that game dwindling.

Just need to change priorities if low on staff is all I think he saying. Most of the work world is low on staff, but doesn’t stop them from trying to put their best foot foward, is all saying. Don’t embrace excuses, embrace solutions as John Taffer of Bar Rescue would say.


Again disagree 3000 players 2 biggish guilds and an array of top spenders have quit s1. A guy ranked nowhere near top 200 is now 103rd in the rankings. I mean its crazy to suggest its not dying again cant speak for lower servers but 1s in a sorry state again.

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Didn’t say all spenders… just know some from my server is why they continue to play because of it.

That’s not why there’s no guild contest…
Sure there may have been better alternatives than switching it entirely but it’s not due to laziness.

Besides Loutre already gave you a response on the contest change:

I don’t know why you have such a hard time trusting them.

It’s not that F2P players don’t realise this it’s that we know there are better ways to go about change than constantly berating employees and other players. No one’s denying that spenders help to keep the game alive :man_shrugging:

I don’t think anyone is without favourites but when people only come here to complain and attack rather than offer genuine criticism it’s hard to favour certain groups. Loutre has been, for the most part, impartial in most discussions, they never favour one particular group.

The difference here is that a merge for server 5 has far more repercussions than other servers due to the timezone differences.


Yeah but the no 1 spender on s1 quit maybe 6 months ago and never returned. Now 3000 players 2 biggish guilds gone on s1. Its not a good sign. The patterns are v v similar to DS I should know I was a long term ds player. So ty for recognising that.

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To add on what Slink said about Guild Contests. It wasn’t due to laziness. It was due to the fact that some players were caught cheating by switching guilds to gain their rewards.


Ok not you slinky I wont mention names but certain f2p players are always supposedly in the right on here. And whenever they are challenged by people who are needed to.keep the game alive they bash them.down for being spenders. Its ridiculous!!!

Personally I would say that shouldn’t have changed Becuase of it… if people were caught doing it again, should have just permanently banned those individual accounts. All shouldn’t have to be “punished” if you will Becuase of a few. Or should have changed it to a co-op as they review more the cheat, then if people changed guilds it would have not mattered.

They had sufficient time to fix it. Tbh. I know a coder and a programmer its not hard to do. Tbh

They were given warnings they are hardly going to do it again. Seems stupid to me sorry.

I think we saying the same thing…. I don’t think they should have changed from a guild contest to individual Becuase of this jumping guilds thing by a few.


[quote=“Slinky-Dog, post:7, topic:1783904”]
I don’t think anyone is without favourites but when people only come here to complain and attack rather than offer genuine criticism it’s hard to favour certain groups. Loutre has been, for the most part, impartial in most discussions, they never favour one particular. I have seen at least 2 or three i know get reported reguarly for certain reasons. They instigate trouble on the forums and wind people up including me. Yet they never get banned ever. Only reason I do is because I am blunt. Fair enough maybe a lil to blunt. But better than someone that always thinks they are right there’s at least 2 on here constantly at it. They say everything per blue does is Fair. They are practically f2p and seem to want to punish spenders. Which im sorry kills the game and its economy.

How do I get the quote to act properly?

At least you understand why there seems to be a divide. It’s all a matter of how you voice an opinion so although someone else may start an argument it is possible for them to fly under the radar by remaining just polite enough. It’s when someone comes along with a blunt response that things start to get heated.

I agree that there are some F2Ps who seem to think that they are always right but it’s best not to engage with them and instead voice your own opinion in a polite manner.
I guess this is all part of why heavy spenders seem to feel ignored as their genuine criticisms are often overshadowed by snide remarks and attacks on others.


Is this of endgame please don’t end it please

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I made a thread about this a few months back.

Don’t so quickly convince yourself of either possibility. After I made my thread and got a response @Loutre, I am cautiously optimistic but, I do recognize the signs that DHBM may be beginning die off.


You get more out of loutre than I do never answers me!!!

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