The First JoJo - Jonathan Joestar Unlikely Concept

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Hero Name: Jonathan Joestar or JoJo(Nickname)
Source: Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Phantom Blood
Position and Role: Frontline Tank
Trial Team: Red
Stars: 2
Entrance: See Purple Skill
Victory: Gently smiles
Defeat: Falls on his knees
Quote: “A true gentleman has to be brave enough to go into a fight he knows he will lose.”
Basic Attack: See Passive
Description: Jonathan Joestar protects his allies like a true gentleman using his Hamon skills and incredible strength.
Collections: Tank, Healing


:white_circle: Sunlight Yellow Overdrive :fist: Normal Damage
Sunlight Yellow Overdrive
Passive: While punching with his basic attack, Jonathan breathes, granting himself a stack of Hamon. Each stack of Hamon gives him +2% Improved Healing and X Armor.

Active: Jonathan punches the enemies 10 times, dealing X damage per punch + Y damage per stack of Hamon he has. If he has 10 or more stacks of Hamon, he can punch 5 more times. The damage of this attack is also boosted by Jonathan’s Armor

:green_circle: Concentrated Breathing

Each 3 basic attacks, Jonathan does a concentrated breathing, granting himself 3 stacks of Hamon and X Reality.

:large_blue_circle:: Hamon Healing
Jonathan consumes 5 stacks of Hamon, healing himself and his allies for X HP, and granting to all allies and himself a +50% attack and movement speed buff for 6 seconds. This ability has a cooldown of 8 seconds.

:purple_circle: Sunlight Martial Art
At the start of each wave, Jonathan warms up, granting himself 3 stacks of Hamon and 2 stacks of Hardy.
The applying of Hardy might fail if Jonathan is above level X

:red_circle: Noble Sacrifice
For the first 15 seconds of each wave, all enemies will target Jonathan with their single target attacks. For each 5% of Jonathan’s hp that he loses in this period he grants W armor and W reality to himself and his allies. “Hamon Healing” now grants 1 stack of Hardy to Jonathan and his allies each.
Other Stat Boosts:
+X Armor
+Y Reality


Jonathan Joestar + The Beast
Campaign: The Path of a Gentleman: Jonathan and The Beast protect the city against creeps, while also helping the citizens with minor problems and learning with each other about the behavior of a gentleman.
Allies: Maui, Sully & Boo, Mr. Big & Koslov
Disk Name: Scary, yet Noble
+X Armor
Star Ability:“Concentrated Breathing” now grants Jonathan 100 energy(+50 energy per Star)

Jonathan Joestar + Rapunzel
Campaign: Sunny Similarities: Jonathan Joestar and Rapunzel discuss the events that granted them their sun powers.
Allies: Maximus, Flynn Rider, WALL-E
Disk Name: Praise The Sun!
+X Skill Power +10% Improved Healing to all Allies
Star Ability:“Sunlight Martial Art” Will now grant 1 extra stack of Hamon and Hardy to Jonathan(+1 per star)

Any constructive criticism is welcome

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This is fantastic! The moveset really suits Jonathan and his Friendships make a lot of sense. Only thing I would have done differently would be to work in the Sword of Luck and Pluck somewhere

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I thought about putting it, but then I remembered he only used it once, so I decided to focus on his general abilities

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