The hero of the briar patch (1/3)

Br’er Rabbit Concept

with his bee hive in hand he hops on to the battlefield ready for a zip a Dee doo dah day

“Zip a Dee do dah”
Role: Damage
Position: Mid
Trials Team: Red

Basic Attack: throws item out of his sack on a stick dealing x
Entrance: hops in
Victory: does a small dance
Defeat: Mickey’s defeat


White Skill: bee hive barrage
Br’er Rabbit throws a bee hive at an enemy and bees surround the enemy and stings them, dealing Z

Green Skill: log flume fight
:star: True
A log from splash mountain comes in and hits and enemy moves them to the farthest side of the enemy which also deals Y

Blue Skill: mr. Bluebird on my shoulder
Mr. Bluebird flies on br’er rabbit’s shoulder and sings which heals him Y health

Purple Skill: born and breed in the briar patch
Br’er rabbit revives himself

Red Skill: a zip a Dee do dah day
Br’er rabbit gains a damage buff
+X mr. Bluebird on my shoulder
+X health
+X damage


Br’er rabbit and Winnie the Pooh
More overall health
+X bee hive barrage
Allies - tigger, ducky and bunny,br’er bear

Br’er rabbit and Br’er bear
more overall damage
+X log flume fight
Allies - Br’er fox, eeyore, Donald Duck


Post all suggestions for a zip a Dee doo dah day

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Still really good!


Controversial movie, good thing you used this under the ride’s name 9/10


What is this movie? He looks like he is from bambi.

He is from song of the south, a very controversial film. It isn’t even shown in the us and it is one of the only Disney movies that will never make it on Disney plus. Disney made a ride out of it called splash mountain

people are petitioning for Disney to redo the Splash Mountain ride which is sad. they removed the controversy out of it and the ride is too iconic so there is really no reason to change it. Good concept! 9/10 looking forward to the other 2!!

That is why I made the series, I figured if the ride would close and be re-themed to princess and the frog his would be the best and possibly last chance to make a series about this

it would be cool to have princess and the frog, but i do not think Disney will listen to a petition online. changing it would be expensive. i love Splash Mountain!

That is based on that movie? No way… Thanks for telling me that.

they took out the controversy and it is the animated characters only

EA won’t do it with battlefront 2, and also the princess and the frog would only work in Disneyland

EA doesn’t really care.

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It is just a rabbit looking for a new adventure while a hungry bear and fox chase him, the rabbit tricks the fox into returning him home and then the fox and bear get their commupence

Outside of the us?

Yes it is. But I think you can find it on a sketchy website

What is so controversy about it?

google it. it has popped up due to recent events

“This Film Has Been Rated G” :+1: good disney.

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