The "honorable" sheriff

The sheriff of Nottingham


1 star, frontline damage

“Well Greetings From Your Friendly Neighbourhood Tax Collector”

The “honorable” sheriff of nottingham uses cruel tactics to catch enemies off guard


Entrance: the sheriff walks in while whistling a merry tune

Victory: the sheriff takes a bow

Defeat: the sheriff looks back but then an arrow flys towards him in which the sheriff then ducks to dodge the arrow and looks at the camera with a confused look on his face.

Defeat(nutsy and trigger): the vultures drop their weapons in shock and fly away

Basic attack: the sheriff swings his sword at the nearest enemy, dealing x damage

Basic attack(nutsy): slashes enemies with his axe, dealing x damage

Basic attack(trigger): fires an arrow at the farthest enemy, dealing x damage


White: doing my duty

The sheriff calls one of his henchmen to fight alongside him. the player can choose between either nutsy(a close ranged fighter) or trigger(a long ranged fighter)

Either vulture has x health and can be buffed and healed by allies.

Green: flaming honor

The sheriff throws a torch in the middle of the enemies which hits the ground and creates a big flame which lasts for 6 seconds.

The flame deals x damage to any enemy who is standing in the spot when the sheriff throws the torch or any enemy who is stupid enough to walk into the fire before it goes out.

Blue: tax collector

Each time that an ally gains a buff, the sheriff gains 30% of that buff’s effect for 5 seconds which also increases his attack power by 50%

Only one ally who gains a buff can trigger the skill but other buffs can power up the move as well

Purple: something funny

“Tax Collector” now makes crits 40% less effective towards the sheriff and the ally who gained the buff that triggered “tax collector”

Red: not-so honorable

Every third basic attack from the sheriff now steals x energy from enemies.

The sheriff now takes 40% less damage from enemies who got debuffed by an ally
+X max HP
+X armor
+X damage to “Flaming honor”


Sherrif of Nottingham/Robin hood
Revenge for the prince
more powerful flames

+X armor
“Flaming honor” now deals continuous damage overtime on enemies that have a debuff.

Sheriff of nottingham/Captain hook
Seaside sheriff
boosts vultures

+X basic damage
Nutsy and trigger now has x more health and x more power per star.


Nice concept, I like it

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