The Imagineering Vault (Imagineer_V Concept Collection + Requests)

Hey everyone! I gave my Mary Poppins concept series a refresh and added red skills. I also went back and made formatting consistent. I have at least 2 more concepts before I start Hamilton. Hope everyone is enjoying my concepts!


Beetlejuice the Musical is done! Vote for the first Hamilton character here! I am currently taking concept requests as well.

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I do not know what that is. And even if I did, I am not familiar with it. I have to know it to do it.

Hmmmm then could you do a phineas and ferb concept I even have an idea for there green and blue skills
Green skill. Could be called coolest coaster the start of each wave phineas and ferb blast threw enemies with there rollercoaster dealing fantastic damage
For there blue skill it could be them playing there guitars and blinding enemies for 4 seconds dealing fantastic damage

Sure. But it could be a little while before I make it.

Thanks for the ideas. I will take those suggestions under advisement. I usually like to be original and create things on my own. Then, if I get stuck, I ask for help.

In case you guys did not know, I am doing a concept contest right now! It starts soon. Here is the link to the announcement where you can ask questions and submit your entry. Please read all rules and guidelines!!!


Added George Washington. My surprise anniversary concept will be released tomorrow.


Added King George III and my concept making guide!


When will this release?

I already did. It was Wendy from Peter Pan.

Can you do a toy story character?

I am busy right now with 2 Coco characters and my Hamilton stuff but maybe in the future I will.


Added Thomas Jefferson
I am now taking requests (I have to know the character)

Do Tarzan!

Nice idea! I will do that.


Do Brandy and Mr Whiskers as a duo

I am sorry but who are those?

They are from The Disney channel show calle Brandy and Mr Whiskers

Yeah I have no idea who they are, but you can request something else.

How’s the Tarzan concept going?

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