The Epitome of Jersey (UNLIKELY CONCEPT)


“I’m a bad Italian girl. I do not like wine. I’m more of a beer and shots type of girl… But the wine I made was its own species. It’s called Jersey Juice, so I’m selling it in every fricking bodega in Jersey. $5.99 a bottle!”


Team: Red
Position: Front
Role: Control


Entrance: Jackie walks in with her sunglasses, then takes them off and clenches her fists.

Victory: Jackie takes a cigar out and smokes it, then laughs.

Defeat: Jackie scoffs and looks away.

Basic Attack: Jackie jabs a nearby enemy, dealing X damage.


White Skill: Put Your Hands on Me

Jackie takes out an ashtray and pours the ash on a random enemy, dealing X damage, and silencing, stunning, and sapping them for a random duration from 2-6 seconds.

Green Skill: The F’ing List

Jackie writes down “The F***ing List” on a piece of paper and gives it to an enemy, giving them a random disable, and debuffing their armor. Then, Jackie laughs maniacally, healing her by X HP and giving her increased armor.

Blue Skill: Loud-Mouthed
Jackie argues back and forth with a random enemy, dealing X damage, silencing, and it has a chance to apply a random disable.

Purple Skill: Jersey Juice
When Jackie reaches 0 HP, she takes out a bottle of her “Jersey Juice” and drinks it, healing her back to 25% of her max HP. She also gains a shield for 4 seconds.

Red Skill: Outspoken
“Loud-Mouthed” can now affect 2 enemies. It also has a chance to give Jackie upgraded armor if an enemy is disabled.


Damsels in Distress
Allies: Rapunzel, Mary Lou (COMING SOON), Cinderella
“Jersey Juice” now heals Jackie up to 50% of her max HP.

Jackie/Jared (COMING SOON)
Hot Heads
Allies: Anger, Yzma, Frollo
“The F’ing List” now can give Jackie a shield when she laughs.


I watched Season 15 of Hell’s Kitchen recently, and let me just say, Jackie is one heck of a lunatic. I saw potential in a moveset and I took it. I hope you enjoyed my first Hell’s Kitchen chef concept! Please visit my Four & X concept to vote on my next concept.

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