The new yarn in the office (contest entry)

this is my entry for the Disney/Pixar Short Concept Contest!


2 star, frontline support

“I have a really good feeling about this”

Purl is a optimistic ball of yarn who makes her team more productive


Entrance: purl walks into the battlefield carrying her box of belongings

Victory: purl puts her box down and then laughs while holding a mug

Defeat: purl drops her box and then looks down sadly

Basic attack: purl throws stuff from her box of belongings, dealing x damage to the target enemy


White: B.R.O capital

Purl types something onto her yarn computer then a bunch of office workers walk in and they stampede all over the enemy team, dealing x damage to each enemy they pass through while also decreasing their movement speed for 10 seconds.

Green: jokes around the cooler

Purl tells a joke to herself and then laughs at it, healing herself for x amount and also turning 1 disable she has into a buff.

Blue: tight-knitted

When under a percentage of his health, purl knits herself into her formal appearance which heals herself for x amount while also increasing her attack and skill powers for 7 seconds.

Purple: acceptance

Purl gains x max health for every ally that is on the battlefield if she has not been defeated herself, purl gains x armor for every ally that gets defeated while she is in her normal form.

Red: make a change

“Jokes around the cooler” now heals all allies when purl is in her normal form.

“B.R.O Capital” now steals x armor and 2 random buffs for every enemy that the business workers hit.
+X armor
+X max HP
+X damage to basic attack


A little creativity
*healing powers buffs"

Rapunzel shows purl around the city and in return…purl tries to find herself a job.

“Jokes around the cooler” now powers up all buffs that are already on allies.

The greatest treasure
Business form gains a shield

wall.e mistakes purl for a normal ball of yarn and stores her into his trailer…and so they get to know each other.

“Tight-knitted” now gives purl a shield for x amount which also makes purl immune to all disables while she is shielded.


Thank you for submitting! I keep being amazed!

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