The old chess playing codger (contest entry)

This is my entry for @Imagineer_V’s Disney/Pixar Short Concept Contest!, enjoy!!!

Geri hero concept

geri and his other personality are ready to aid his team in battle
Quote: “You can’t rush art”.

Role: control
Position: midline
Team: yellow

Basic attack: throws chess piece
Entrance: sits down and takes out his chess pieces
Defeat: checks his pulse
Victory: puts in dentures, crosses his arms and laughs


White skill: switching the board

Geri will spin the chess board and pieces will fly off and hit the creeps each dealing x, and charms all creeps for 12 seconds

Green skill: split personality

Geri will go under the table and get on the other side, he will then be unable to be attacked, and deals 2x more basic damage

Blue skill: chess player

Geri will gain a shield when he kills an enemy, when he has the shield he will deal 5x more normal damage

Purple skill: false death

Geri fakes a heart attack, he then pops up from under the table and spins the board, the pieces go flying and hit a creep (each chess piece deals x), so he pretty much revives and attacks.

Red skill: Geri’s game

Geri will gain a health buff that lasts 10 seconds
+x damage to switching the board
+x speed
+x health


woody needs to learn to play chess and goes to Geri to learn
Disk name: chess playing toy
geri will now gain energy faster whenever he gets half his health gone
Allies: Cheshire Cat, Pete, scar

gaston hears of a old man who is the best at chess and challenges him to play chess, Geri wins (as usual)
Disk name: muscular chess
geri will gain a damage boost when he kills two enemies
Allies: Sulley and boo, hiro, chip and dale

I hope you enjoyed this :+1::+1::+1:

And please post all feedback


Sorry video didn’t work, maybe just google it

Thank you for submitting! WOW these concepts are really cool and fun.

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Thank you, also is it okay if I change the quote to something he said in toy story 2?

Sure since it is only a change for that.

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Huh, never thought this would be as popular as my roger rabbit concept, but thank you for the likes and support

Also I am looking to find a video of the short so you can watch it but none work so I may leave it out

I want to play chess with Geri now

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He plays with himself, he is a true genius, I want to be like him when I am an old man

So do I, maybe I’ll change the name of the chess computer to Geri now…


Fun fact about this old man, he is in toy story 4 and in toy story 2

Where was he in Toy Story 4?

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Never mind

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He was in the background of a scene, it is the same picture I used


Maybe… the woman who owns the store is his wife!


I think it is

Hm, maybe the cleaner in toy story 2 is geri

Maybe… before he got into chess!

The one who fixes Woody


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