The Princess of Heart (Raya Character Concept) (Likely Contest Submission)


Source: Raya and the Last Dragon

The warrior princess of Kumandra slashes enemies to ribbons with her sword to help fix a broken city.

“Note to self: Don’t die.”


Trial Team: Blue

Role: Damage

Position: Front

Stars: :star::star:


Entrance: See Tuk and Roll

Basic Attack: Swipes her sword

Victory: kneels and makes an O with her hands.

Defeat: Turns into a statue


White Skill: Kumandra Karnage (Normal Damage :facepunch:): Raya unleashes a flurry of slashes to multiple enemies on a dealing X damage with each slash.

Green Skill: Tuk and Roll (Normal Damage :facepunch:): At the beginning of each wave, Raya rolls into battle on Tuk Tuk, ramming into enemies dealing X damage and knocking back the front most enemies.

The knockback is more effective towards enemies with a level above Y.

Blue Skill: Sword Snag (Normal Damage :facepunch:): Raya uses her sword to grabs the backmost enemy and pull it near her sliceing through enemy dealing X damage.

Raya then roundhouse kicks the enemy she grabbed dealing X damage.

This has a chance of missing it’s target against enemies with a level above Y

Purple Skill: Taking the First Step: Tuk and Roll grants Raya an attack speed increase while giving enemies she hits an attack speed decrease.

The attack speed decrease is more effective towards enemies with a level above Y.

Red Skill: Trust: Each time Raya lands Sword Snag, her allies receive Z energy and saps the enemy she snagged

The sap has a chance of failing against enemies with a level above Y.

Z Energy Regen
Z Max Energy
X damage in Sword Snag



Allies: The Manticore, Goliath, Maui

Campaign: Friend Like Me: Genie comes along with Raya on patrol to get her open up to someone other than Sisu.

Disk: A Whole New World

Disk Level Powers: Z Skill Powers, Z Reality

Disk Star Power: Sword Snag steal Z buffs from enemies that Raya grabs


Allies: Scrooge McDuck, The Beast, Aladdin

Campaign: All that Glitters: When a theif steals valuables (included the Heart of Ti Fiti and the Dragon Gem), Raya and Moana team up to find the culprit.

Disk: The Heart of the Dragon

Disk Level Power: Z HP regen Z max HP

Disk Stars Power: Whenever Raya receives a shield, the shield heals her for a span of Z seconds

X= Damage
Y= Level
Z= Miscellaneous


I have never seen Raya and the Last Dragon (I want to),But this Concept was well done I do like the Genie and Moana friendships. (I also looked at your friendship campaign and I loved it!)

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