The "Real" State of the Game 2020

Hello everybody,

the game goes into a new year. We heard the state of the game from PB’s point of view.
So it’s time to see this for sure the player.
Here you have my impression of how the game is currently doing. I tried to briefly address and highlight all areas of the game.

A request, I look forward to any feedback, but if you have nothing constructive to contribute, I ask you not to post a comment.
This is only my point of view and that of many players, but not all players.
A fundamental discussion is of course very welcome.
I would also be happy if PB @Polaris
Would give feedback on this after your vacation.

And now enjoy reading.



Arena & Colosseum

Normal mode (ascent)
This mode has existed since the beginning of the game. So far it has worked without any problems and after a lot of time and patience you can move up to the Challenger.
No changes are currently necessary there.

All start at the beginning of the season (4 weeks) in the same eighth league.
Depending on the placement, you can climb 1-2 couches, if you step up two couches each time, you can fight in the fourth week in the top league (1) against everyone else for the championship of the season.
In every second division there are new restrictive rules.

The rules could be much better coordinated. Currently they seem to be sitting together randomly. Therefore it is often hardly possible to beat opponents.
The rewards are basically well balanced. There could be minor increases in gold here.
In addition, the point calculation in the Colosseum should be adjusted.
For each of the three fights, there should be 1000 points for each fight won.
Bonus points will continue to be calculated as usual.
This would reduce the imbalance of small and medium players versus large players a little.


There are currently 37 chapters, so the standard map is almost exhausted.
The drop rate is currently scaled to 25% probability per badge

Normal (mode)
The strength of the opponents in the chapters now scales with the strength of your own team. So a challenge is to be provided for the player. The newest chapter costs 12 energy per node, the second (10) and third, newest 8 energy and all older 6 energy.

Hard (mode)
As in normal mode, the strength scales with that of your own team.
The newest chapter costs 24 energy per node, the second (20) and third the newest 16 energy and all older 12 energy.

The story is still one of the best parts of the campaign.
The scaling was certainly a good step to make the campaign more exciting. Unfortunately, in both modes, there was not enough consideration given to the broad mass of players who now have more and more problems to complete the chapters (or to finish with 3 stars).
The costs of the individual chapters also determine which player gets how far in the game.
Here it would certainly make sense to adjust all chapters in normal mode to 6 energy and all in hard mode to 12 energy. This would increase access for significantly more players to the higher rarities.
Alternatively, an increase in the drop rate could also be discussed here, but from my point of view this would only lead to the top players bringing even more heroes to an adequate level. This would be offered especially in hard fashion because the highly sought-after hero fragments are not justified for these high energy costs.


The war takes place every two days, the first day of sabotage, followed by the second day of attacks. Other heroes are always blocked for combat (not for defense).

There are currently many different ways to sabotage individual heroes on the opposing team.
The costs (different types of tokens) increase with every single sabotage.

The fight takes place like in the Colosseum, with the said restrictions of the heroes.
There are no changes here.

While the battle is spanning as usual, the sabotage and guild bonuses need an urgent overhaul.
The simplest solutions would be there

Guild Bonuses:
Adapt to the maximum level. As happened in other areas of the game.
This would make regular maintenance unnecessary. And would ensure that it makes sense to buy the bonuses in the guild in order to use them, currently all guild advantages are useless in war.

The cost of sabotage should always stay the same (e.g. 30 tokens each), this would ensure that all players can sabotage and would increase the tension in the fight, as it would allow more fights to be won.
In addition, it is essential to provide a more detailed description of the types of sabotage, which indicate how this affects the opponent.

In the raid, 5 players gather in order to catch the thief in various difficulties. Depending on the difficulty, they have to overcome various obstacles.

This mode also requires an urgent overhaul, as it is still in the original state of the game.
The simplest changes would be here

  • New difficulties
  • Update rewards
  • New opponents
  • New obstacles (currently only guards)
  • A final boss

In the invasion, the player faces interrupter battles with which he can earn tickets to attack the boss. This must be fought in cooperation with the guild in order to receive as many rewards as possible.

The rewards have already been adjusted, this has been done relatively well, there is only a need for improvement in the area of ​​mod upgrading.
The interrupter fights are also well done after the revision (including reward).
Gizmoduck’s nerve still depends on many players, which makes it impossible for some to reach the Max reward level, but here, too, some alternatives are gradually emerging.
However, the long-term motivation falls by the wayside here. Due to the large discrepancy between top guilds and top players, many players don’t have fun sacrificing hours for this mode every week.
The new boss (Rob), who was teased last year, would certainly provide a remedy and encourage new motivation. Unfortunately, PB failed to implement this in the game and lost a lot of trust with many players.

In the rush, the players have different areas that can be fought.
You can use mercenaries from other players and many guild bonuses.

Unfortunately, this year’s update to the onslaught only brought temporary relief.
The costs of the mercenaries are immensely too high, despite halving, and immensely detract from the reward received. The strength of the opponents, as well as the almost exclusive meta teams that have to be fought, could not be brought under control through the update.
These turn out to be much too high and reduce the fun of the game and promote frustration.
Here, too, should be improved in order to increase the fun for medium to small players again.

City Watch
In the city guard there are 5 different modes in which the player must compete against other teams of players. Depending on the difficulty, players will receive various rewards and keys that grant access to the epic city guard.

As in the onslaught, the same problems apply here, the opponents are too strong and the rewards are out of date, so that the fun of the game suffers massively. (RS are considered separately)

With the challenges, the player has 2 tasks each week, for which he receives an icon and 500 challenge tokens on completion.

The only thing that should be increased here is the amount of the rewards, as there is currently not much that can be bought on the market.

Missions (& friendships)
In the mission area, paired two heroes can earn different rewards over time in three modes.

The player receives 100 disc strength for each completed mission
For memories, the player must invest hero fragments.
Friendship Boost
After completing the mission, the chosen hero will receive a boost for the friendship missions
Unfortunately, the adaptation was only partially successful.
The maintenance of the average slice thickness has decreased. The cost of memories (shards) has increased.
The friendship boost is generally good, only the duration of the missions could have been shorter here (over 24 hours)

Port & Trail
In the port, players can receive XP potions and gold as a reward for winning a fight against an NPC.
During the exams, the players have to put together their team from the respective examination teams (red, blue, yellow). As a reward, they receive fragments of badges.
Various difficulties can be selected in both modes, which are added with each new Max level.

While the test fights are very challenging, the harbor fights are usually easy to manage.
However, an urgent reward update is required.
The rewards in the port should better scale with the player level, unfortunately this does not happen and the rewards (XP and gold) are massively too low to cover any costs.
The exam rewards are good, but unfortunately not accurate. Since they only provide a small, not always necessary type of badge. More different badges would have to be given out as rewards. So the players of some, not thousands and of others would have zero.

Different types of markets are available to the player.
The costs can be reduced minimally through guild bonuses.

Only offers white - purple badge fragments, as well as hero splinters for gold or diamonds.
An update is urgently needed here. The number of items received must be increased and the new rarities (orange & red) must be available.

Arena / Antrum / City Guard / Coliseum / Raid / War
Badges (fragments), hero shards and XP / gold are available here.
The costs for badges and XP / Gold are massively overpriced and in need of an overhaul.
Badges usually cost over 5000 tokens. Gold and EP are only available in a minimal amount (smallest units). These must also be raised.
No sensible player will buy this one.

Reminders are also available in this market.
Again, the cost of badges is not proportionate. The rest is well done.

Mega / black
These markets have been revised, the selection is broad and the prices are fair.

Only badges are available. The prices are well hit by the increase in invasion rewards.


Items & Co

The bag
Is relatively clear due to the filter options and shows all objects of the player. Further filters could possibly be stored here.


The video boxes are unfortunately very out of date because they are exactly the same as when the game started.
Except for the energy received, the contents (gold / EP) are not worth mentioning.
The values ​​for Godl and EP would have to be increased accordingly.

The guild crates have become useless except for the hero shards received, as they only contain minor badges and gold / XP.
A revision urgently needs to take place here (include new rarities, as well as increase gold and EP)

No player needs them, these are currently only useful to complete the daily quest.
The items contained are useless, like the guild chest (with the exception of newly starting players). The same adjustments are necessary here as in the guild box.

Can be obtained free of charge every 2 days. The costs (diamonds) are for the box itself with the event (reduction) not in accordance with the value and overpriced.
Here, too, there is a need for improvement
The upgrades for the boxes are well thought out, unfortunately limited and offer only marginal advantages.
These could also be revised / expanded.

Offer ability shards and are a great alternative to the Epic City Guard.
However, the random factor is great.

The content is determined at the time of receipt. Features equippable whole badges for existing heroes.
This could only increase the likelihood of red badges.

A relatively unnecessary box, offers the opportunity to increase the level of your collection a little and contains random icons and smileys.
A feature for everyone who enjoys something like that, but is not relevant to the game.

Team (Red Yellow Blue) / Role (Tactics Tank Support Damage)
Just buying it offers all sorts of possible improvements for heroes.
There are many different works of Exclusive Crates. Which heroes (against tokens), gold and other items can contain. This will not be discussed further.

Smaller itens and individual boosters are not discussed in detail here. These are mostly for sale or available through a variety of rewards.



Offers the opportunity to receive a range of free rewards when logging in daily.
The hero shards and diamonds are well hit, the amount of gold and XP are very out of date and should be increased.

As mentioned earlier, cosmetic items can be acquired through boxes and challenges.
In hero mastery, certain hero groups can be improved by using them in onslaught / city guard / invasion.
There is no further need for improvement here.

There are offers that can be purchased in a wide variety of designs and price ranges.
Some seem relatively nonsensical, but some are very well taken.
Here, as usual, the market determines the price.
However, it is to be criticized that the offers do not scale with the increasing costs on the servers. The elimination of exclusive and stackable offers was also not a good decision by PB and is based solely on monetary reasons.

Video (area)
Offers the opportunity to unlock port raids & trials, as well as multi raids in the campaign for the day by watching advertising.
No comments on that.

Up to 10 mercenaries (through guild bonuses) can be made available to other guild members every day.
As already selected, the costs are unfortunately not in proportion even after the halving and reduce any praise immensely.
These should ideally cost a fixed amount depending on the player level (e.g. player level x500 - player level 1 = 500 gold / player level 200 = 100,000 gold).

The competitions offer the opportunity to receive different rewards over the weekend for completing tasks alone, in the guild or together on the server.
The player-related rewards can be regularly achieved with a lot of skill and a little know-how, whereas the rank rewards are almost exclusively available to paying players.
There is a strong imbalance here. Even if it is certainly correct that this money has to be generated, it would certainly also be nice if there were at least one competition, the winner of which would not be determined by the most paid money.



The heroes of Disney Heroes Battle Mode provide the heart of the game. Collect, upgrade, improve is the motto here. This can be done in a number of ways.

Hero release
Several heroes are released in the game every month.
Keeping all heroes up to date is therefore not possible in this game, and keeping a top selection up to date seems almost impossible without making purchases. This is exactly what PB wanted.

EP (Level Up)
The EP costs increase with each new player level. Since other heroes also have to be increased in order to further increase the current hero (friendship), the costs are immensely high and can hardly be borne. Most heroes disappear so quickly into oblivion.
Here either the costs would have to be adjusted or the increases already mentioned in the other areas would have to take place in order to at least keep his top selection up to date. This must also remain possible for non-paying players.

fragment (Star Up)
Hero shards are the rarest commodity in the game. They are needed in many improvements of the hero (mods / stars / red skills / missions etc.)
To bring the hero to 6 stars right from the start 540 fragements are necessary. This seems to be a good one if one does not consider the splitting costs for the other areas.

Items (badges)
In the game there are different rarities of the badges which are needed for upgrading. The newest rarity is red 14. Energy and gold are required to create a badge.
To be able to rise to a rarity 6 complete badges are required.

The cost of gold and energy is probably the most criticized criterion in this game. These increase from rarity to rarity and can cost up to 20,000 stamina and 2 million gold per badge.
The proportionality of these costs is not given in comparison to the preservation of these resources.
These should be reduced urgently in order to continue to ensure long-term fun in the game.
PB could repay most of the fun players for their loyalty by making corrections there. Unfortunately, this topic has been consistently ignored by PB almost completely in the last two years despite massive criticism, so that no improvements are to be expected here.
All that has been done is to introduce a new energy system, which means that players receive more energy every day. But even this was not fully thought out, e.g. the size of the energy batteries not adjusted. The energy costs continue to massively exceed the amount required.

Up to four mods of three different types can be equipped for each hero.
These can be increased and improved in various ways.
The level increase of the mods, the improvement of the invasion reward (stardust) benefited. This is now relatively easy to trade.
However, the leveling of the individual mods is necessary, which requires the hero fragments and other materials from the invasion.
These costs would have to be reduced more than urgently, since this number of splinters are available to a player in the smallest possible way. Even taking over the mods from other heroes does not bring the desired success here.
Improving the mods is difficult, but entirely possible if you can master the invasion on a weekly basis.

Each hero has four normal skills and a special red skill.
The normal skills can be unlocked with increasing rarities and level with gold.
For the Redskills skill shards from the Epic City Guard are required, as well as 10 million gold and 25 hero shards to unlock them.
Activation is relatively easy after a while.
The leveling of this ability in turn devours vast amounts of resources. The costs increase significantly with the level. Hero shards, ability shards and gold are still required.
An adjustment would also be useful here. Hero splinters could be completely deleted after unlocking, so that leveling only costs skill splinters and gold (which should also be reduced), so it would be possible to keep at least your top selection up to date.

To upgrade the friendship disc, you need to update the friendship campaign. A disc can be upgraded to 5 stars by means of its disc thickness.
It has already been mentioned here that the corresponding friend also needs a high level for this.
Memories can only be obtained through missions or in the market, but are also available in larger quantities over time.
The cost of the slice thickness could be reduced a bit with increasing level, as these increase immensely.
In addition, the level requirement for the necessary friend should be completely lifted.
This would also make an upgrade possible for a large number of players.

In the improvement area, the individual badges of a hero can be improved against materials and gold. This improvement only lasts until you move on to the next rarity. Roof they have to be leveled again, 50% of the materials are returned in the form of SD cards.
Here, too, gold is again a decisive factor, which makes it impossible for most players to use these improvements, the costs by far exceed the benefits, since the player has to start over after 4 weeks.
It would certainly make sense to completely recalculate the costs.
Gold costs should be eliminated altogether; instead, the SD cards and badges that are no longer needed should be the main factor behind this type of improvement.


What’s new in the game?

The game has seen some QoL improvements in the last year (e.g. Energy, Friendship, Challenger, Mark).
There is no trace of innovations, however, the new invasion boss came just as little as a completely new mode in the game.
We got the last new mode with the invasion in mid-2019.
Here, too, PB urgently needs to make improvements. And not only let new heroes flow into the game, but also bring diversity into the game.

For example a training center for heroes to level them over time.
See also my old post:



I would like to thank everyone who has read this far.
Sure, I haven’t been able to shed light on every aspect of the game, but in general I hope I’ve covered everything briefly.
If I have forgotten something again, please write me a PM.

I would like to point out once again that this is my view and not the view of everyone in the game. I look forward to a constructive discussion here.

Please note that I had to translate this text with Google, the source language was German (if you want the original in German, please contact me).
I apologize for any translation errors. Unfortunately, the size of the text exceeds my time to enter it directly in English.

Many greetings, owl


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