The richest adventurer (Scrooge McDuck character concept)

Name: Scrooge McDuck

He can either be in the classic

Or the modern

Quote: “I made me fortune by being smarter than the smarties and tougher than the toughies.”

Role: Damage

Position: Mid

Team: Red

Normal Attack: He hits the enemies with his cane

White Skill: Lucky Dime
Scrooge will flip his Number One Dime to give his team luck. Luck increase their energy gained when taking damage

Green Skill: Pogo Jump
Scrooge uses his cane as a pogo stick to leap to the enemies, stunning and damaging them

Blue Skill: Golden Swimmer
A puddle of coins will appear for Scrooge to jump into, making him hard to target as he swims to the enemies. And when he reaches to the enemies, Scrooge will leap out and swing his cane at the nearby enemies, which damages the enemies over time

Purple Skill: Mother of Industry
Scrooge’s luck from his Number One Dime in “Lucky Dime” will increase the amount of gold earned per wave, attack speed, and damage dealing

Entrance: His dime appears bouncing away as Scrooge catches it then gets to position

Defeat: He stomps his foot on the ground angrily

Victory: A puddle of gold will appear as Scrooge jumps to it, then he spits out the gold out of his mouth as his head comes out of the gold and raised his hands in the air happily

Friends: Darkwing Duck, Merida, and/or the Mad Hatter

Scrooge seems very likely to join the game since there is some references in DHBM related to the show he’s in called DuckTales. Is there any improvements in this concept, tell me in the comments so I could edit it to make it better. And more character concepts are soon come.


Rich ducks :money_mouth_face:
OK how do you see a tiny little penny in a screen?

Okay… let’s start this out top to bottom

  • I have heard better quotes
  • I do not think his Number One Dime will be useful for a skillset and Scrooge doesn’t seem as much of a healer to me
  • How would you know if Scrooge flipped heads/tails? I mean there has to be an animation
  • Isn’t the Pogo Jump a move he only does in “DuckTales: Remastered” because that is a game and the skills should be based on the movie/series
  • I do not think a pool of golden coins can appear out of nowhere so maybe change that skill
  • Maybe the Purple Skill can be just a boost to earned gold instead of part of his active? (That is a suggestion)
  • Again I do not think the pool of gold coins will be suitable for the game and how to expect he change into a swimsuit?

If you want see my version of him sure. But do not revive it please. Here he is

Thanks for your feedback. But sometimes I do see Scrooge flips his coin and he swims in gold without his swimsuit

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All is great except for the purple skill. He sounds like Woody but more damage oriented, less comtrol oriented & less uesful.

Amazing concept.

Waiting for this duck to join this game over 400 days. Still nothing :frowning:

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I’ve been waiting forever too

But I don’t think it was worth it to revive this topic

I would actually say I would like the comic version of Scrooge as that’s his original version and were he came from original :-). I assume the Ducktales version is more likely, but I do hope at least there can be references to beloved comic stories with Scrooge in story missions ^^.

But yeah, I would say an interesting looking concept and I can say that I do think money spawning could technically just come us as a part of his attack or at least could have some device from Gyro to help him :-).

While not sure if fitting, it would be fun if one of the attacks referenced Klondike Scrooge or to say the adventurous part of himself :-). But yeah still all good choices and fitting for Scrooge ^^.


Yea I drew Scrooge if he was in the game


I prefer the classic version btw he was in a binder folder so that’s where the creases and scratches come from

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Not bad drawing… but the scratches and creases ruin it

I prefer the reboot version

that’s him outside the binder


“Bah! Humbug!” That’s my quote lol for scrooge

But that is from the Christmas special

Its still not from a video game also it’s still a movie Christmas special

But it doesn’t count

:exploding_head::exploding_head::exploding_head::exploding_head::exploding_head::exploding_head::exploding_head::exploding_head::exploding_head:wow makes perfect since lol kidding

Also I think they would do the classic version btw since Disney Kingdoms also did Classics for their last update man There’s only 2 game I saw with both Scrooge and DarkWing Emoji Blitz And Crossy Roads weird

Both of those were already used

Yeah but their better quotes then "Bah! humbug

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